PCF85176H Philips eq
40× 4-bit RAM for Display Data Storage / Universal LCD Driver for Low Multiplex rates: 20 Digit / 40 Segment, Clock Frequency: 2640Hz, Supply Voltage: 1.8V ÷ 5.5V. TQFP64. Cross Reference:...
20,00 RON
R5F10WLEA Renesas tq
Low Power Platform 16 Bit Microcontroller 49I/Os, 64KB ROM / 4KB Flash Memory (+4KB Program size) 48MHz 1.6V/5V, RL78/L13 CISC architecture, LFQFP64. Cross Reference: R5F10WLEAFA CPU Core Family,...
16,00 RON
LM317HP National
High Precision, Linear Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator 1,2V ÷ 37V 1,5A TO39. Cross Reference: KA317H LM317HK LM317H/NOPB LM317HP+ LM317N SH38AF UA317H.
10,00 RON
PIC16F77-I/PT Microchip eq
8 Bit Microcontroller - MCU 14KB Program size, 368Bit ROM CMOS (RISC CPU) High Speed Microcontroller. Operating Supply Voltage: 2V - 5.5V. Clock Frequency: 20MHz. Interface Type: I2C, SPI, USART,...
40,00 RON
R5F212BC SNFP Renesas tdm
CPU / MCU 16 / 32 Bit 128KB Flash Memory (7,5KB Program size) 128KB ROM Memory, 20MHz 3.3V / 5V, R8C CISC architecture, LQFP64. Cross Reference: C2BCSNFP R5F212BCSDFP R5F212BCSNFP R8C/2B R8C/2BC CPU...
30,00 RON
R5F2135CCN Renesas tdm
CPU / MCU 16 Bit 32KB Flash Memory (4KB Program size) 128KB ROM Memory, 20MHz 2.7V/5.5V, R8C CISC architecture, LQFP52. Cross Reference: R5F2135CCDFP R5F2135CMN R5F2135CNFP R8C/35 R8C/35C CPU Core...
20,00 RON
CAP002DG PI df1
Power Management Specialized IC, CapZero™ from block current flow in the safety capacitor, SOP8. Maximum Total X Capacitance ≤500nF (0,5uF) Cross Reference: CAP002DG-TM CAP00206
10,00 RON
4565 / NJM4565 JRC eq
Dual low noise amplifier ±18V SOP8. Cross Reference: 4565E 4565M NJM4565M NJM4565M-D NJM4565E. Equivalent / Similar / Replacement: 5218 BA5218 JRC4565 M5218.
4,00 RON
TEA5712T Philips bh1
Radio AM/FM Stereo DTS & MPX Decoder, SOP32 / SOT287-1.
18,00 RON
36R / LD7536RG LeadTrend lb2
AC/DC Power Switch Green Mode Controller & Open Frame Switching Power Supply Management OCP/OPP/OVP IC SOT23-6. Cross Reference: LD5536R LD5536RGL LD7536R LD7536RGL KRP 36R KzP 36R NoP 36R OUP 36R...
7,00 RON
TDA7563A ST® ce
42,00 RON
TDA7563B ST® ce
42,00 RON
LC7815 Sanyo ma1
2-Pole x 4-Position Analog Function Switch source select of amplifier and tape monitor control, SDIP28. Denon / Marantz Cross Reference: 2620524003 LC7815MG.
12,00 RON
YDA147 Yamaha bb4
2x 15W Digital Stereo Audio Power Amplifier / Pure Pulse Direct Speaker Drive Circuit, TQFP48. Cross Reference: YDA147-SZE2 VHIYDA147SZ-1Y X8969A00.
68,00 RON
HT46R004 Holtek di
A/D 8-Bit 8MHz MCU, RISC arhitecture 1kB x14 bit PROM and 64x8 RAM , OTP High Performance Microcontroller, SOP8. CPU Features: Operating voltage : f SYS =8MHz: 2.3V~5.5V Up to 0.5us...
10,00 RON
HT46R002 Holtek cs
A/D 8-Bit 8MHz MCU, RISC arhitecture 1kB x14 bit PROM and 64x8 RAM , OTP High Performance Microcontroller, SOP8. CPU Features: Operating voltage : f SYS =8MHz: 2.3V~5.5V Up to 0.5us...
10,00 RON
TH58NVG2S3HTA00 Toshiba rj1
4GB (512 MB x 8 Bit) 3.3V 25nS SLC NAND Flash / Norflash Firmware Storage Parallel Interfaces TSOP48. Grundig / Vestel Cross Reference: 454347R4 759551861300.
36,00 RON
U18 / US1881 Hall Sensor UTC
Bipolar Latch type Hall Effect Sensor / Magnetic Detector / High Temperature Operation, SIP3 / TO92 case. Operating in Alternative Magnetic Field. Supply Voltage Range VCC=2.5 to 20V. Wide...
4,00 RON
FSL117 / L117MRI FSC jg2
Green Mode Offline Power Switch (FPS™) 700V 800mA 4App 67KHz 10W, DIP8. Equivalent / Similar / Replacement: B117 FSB117H FSL117 FSL117M FSL117MRIN L117MR L117MRN.
9,00 RON
LM19 CIZ Temp Sensor mf1
Precision Temperature Sensor Analog and Digital Output TO92. Operating temperature range −55°C to +130°C / Resolution: 11.77mV/°C. Cross Reference: LM19CIZ/LFT4 QN171369.
8,00 RON
STA350BW ST® bb4
2.1 Channels High Efficiency Digital Audio System. Power Terminal Output Stage: 2x 50W 6Ω 25V or 2.1 mode 2x 18W + 1x 40W into 2x 4Ω 1x 8Ω at 25V or 1x 90W 3Ω 25V. I 2 C Input Data Interface SSOP36....
60,00 RON
TDF8546J Philips bh2
Audio Power Amplifier I2C-Bus Controlled 4x 45W, ZIP27. LG Cross Reference: EAN62086801 TDF8546 J/N2 ,112
56,00 RON
CXA1124 Sony ba5
Audio Multiplexing Decoder MTS Decoding Systems a SAP (Second Audio Program) DBX-TV noise reduction IC SDIP42. Sony Cross Reference: 875203571 875205358 875205359 CXA1124AS CXA1124BS CXA1124S.
8,00 RON
CXA1782 Sony dh1
RF Signal Processing Servo Amplifier for CD player with I²C BUS Controll, QFP48. LG Onkyo Philips Sony Cross Reference: 875207434 482220933616 CXA1782BQ CXA1782CQ. Applications RF I-V...
8,00 RON
56528 / TPS56528 Texas tq
5A Synchronous Step Down Converter / Voltage Switching Regulator 4,5V ÷ 18V, SOIC8. Cross Reference: 450080R TPS56528DDAR
10,00 RON
Power-22D XinKe da4
Low Power Management Off-line Switching Supply Controller, 10 ÷ 18W DIP8. Cross Reference: Power22D.
6,00 RON
STK411-230 PMC/SYO
Dual Power Amplifier 2x 100W SDIP-22 Sanyo Wafers. Cross Reference: 0ISA411230A STK411-230A.
40,00 RON
BIT3267 BiTek cb1
High Performance PWM Controller. Integrating required functions for boost conversion, SOP8.
8,00 RON
1A50 / FA1A50 Fuji eh1
CMOS DC/DC Buck (Step-Down) Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller / Converter, Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) / SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: FA1A50N.
18,00 RON
AC10 / 74AC10D Texas tq
Logic Gates Triple 3-Input Positive-NAND Gates IC SOIC14 . Cross Reference: 74AC10 AC10D MC74AC10 MC74AC10D SN74AC10D AC10D SMD code / Texas Instruments or Motorola.
9,00 RON
AC10 / 74AC10P Texas eq
Logic Gates Triple 3-Input Positive-NAND Gates IC TSSOP14 . Cross Reference: 74AC10 AC10P MC74AC10 MC74AC10P SN74AC10PW SN74AC10PWR SMD code / Texas Instruments or Mototola.
6,00 RON
TCA0372DP2 MOT/ONS kg3
1A Output Current, Dual Power Operational Amplifier, Wide Bandwidth of 1MHz, DIP16. Denon / Marantz Cross Reference: 482220972587 932200518682 80CD6312B TCA0372D2.
12,00 RON
7912CD / MC7912 SMD ONS
Negative Linear Voltage Regulator 12V 1A 4% 15W D2PAK / TO263. Cross Reference: 7912CD 7912CD2T βA7912D KA7912CD LM7912D L7912KD MC7912CD2TG MC7912CD2TR4G uA7912 uA7912UC.
3,50 RON
TDA8954J Philips kg3
1x 420W / 2x 210W / 4Ω Class-D Audio Power Amplifier, DBS23P / SIP23. Supply voltage 12V ÷ 42V. Cross Reference: TDA8954J/N1.
60,00 RON 120,00 RON
54232 / TPS54232D Texas eq
2A Step-Down DC-DC Converter With Eco-Mode™. 3,5V to 28V Input Voltage Range.
26,00 RON
3121 / BA3121F Rohm bh1
Dual Channel Ground Isolation Audio Amplifier, 18V 900mW 1,5dB SOIC8. Denon / Marantz / Sony Cross Reference: 875904867 BA3121F-E2.
7,00 RON
EAN64408501 / IAQT - LG rg3
High Efficiency Fast Response Buck Regulator Synchronous DC-DC Converters 2A Step-Down Adjustable Regulator, SOT23-6 package. Cross Reference: 85423100 EAN64408501 EAX67276303 EBU64024908 EBU64026801...
30,00 RON
LA4505 Sanyo jh3
Audio Power Amplifier 2x 8,5W/3E 15-24V 3A, DIP20+TAB.
10,00 RON
AC11 / 74AC11 Texas eq
Triple Input and Gate Positive Edge Triggered D-type flip-flop IC SO14. Cross Reference: 74AC11 (74AC11D AC11D 74AC11074 74AC11074DR 74AC11074DE4 Dual Input) SNJ54AC11 SNJ54AC11W (SN74AC11074D Dual...
18,00 RON
79M12 / MC79M12 ONS sdt
IC LDO Negative Voltage Regulator 12V 500mA 4% TO252. Cross Reference: 9M12 MC79MA12 MC79M12BDTG.
7,00 RON