RT9026GFP / UR5517G Richtek / UTC eh2
3A Linear Fixed Voltage Regulators (LDO), 3,15V to 5,5V Input, 1,25V/3A Output. Built-In Soft-Start, DDR Termination Regulator Support: DDRI, DDRII, DDRIII, Low-Power DDRIII and DDRIV Requirement,...
9,00 RON
C1213C / uPC1213C NEC ec3
Audio Power Amplifier 2,4W 4,5V - 11V // Audio Driver 40W, DIP8TR+B. Cross Reference: 482220982474 875910089 AI0XDP12130 C1213 DP12130 uPC1213C2 IOXDP12130 Renesas Technology. Equivalent / Similar /...
5,00 RON
TL604CP Texas dd1
High-Performance Analog Switch, DIP8. Cross Reference: 875990604 TL604N.
10,00 RON
Octal D-type Transparent Latches with 3-state Outputs, DIP20. Cross Reference: 74LS373 LS373N SN74LS373N SN74LS373AN SN74LS373ANS Texas Instruments.
2,00 RON
4,00 RON / pachet
XL4201E XLSemi mf2
DC to DC Buck Converter with Constant Current Loop, 150KHz 40V 3A Operation Voltage, SOP8. Cross Reference: XL4201E1
6,00 RON
LA4112 Sanyo de5
2.7W Single Audio Amplifier, NOS Vintage IC DIP14+G. Sony Cross Reference: 875984112 8-759-841-12 LA4112AY LA4112K LA4112S
8,00 RON
S2153D / IRS2153 tq
Self Oscillating Half-bridge Driver with oscillator, integrated bootstrap FET 600V 5mA 1W 1uS, programmable frequency and programmable shutdown, IC SOIC8. IRS2153D
14,00 RON
SS94A2 Hall Sensor Honeywell eq
Hall Effect / Magnetic Angular and Linear Position Sensor, Noise Shielded Ratiometric Linear Output Hall-Effect Transducer Sensor. Operating Supply Voltage: 8VDC (6,6V ÷ 12,6V) 13 ÷ 30mA. Maximum...
120,00 RON
uPC1187V NEC ee1
PLL FM MPX Stereo Demodulator IC NOS, SQP15. Cross Reference: 180622011 8945900380002 C1187V UPC1187.
6,00 RON
MC33972DWB Freescale sf1
Multiple Switch Detection Interface with Suppressed Wake-Up IC SOICW32. Cross Reference: 33972 MC33972DWB/R2 MC33972EW/R2 Pb-Free Packaging / FreeScale Motorola or NXP.
28,00 RON
uPC1362C NEC ai1
12 Channels Electronic Selector, Output Buffer Direct Driving LED or Neon Lamp, 4 Bit up and down Counter, Bipolar Linear IC, DIP20. Hitachi Kenwood Pioneer Sony Thomson Cross Reference: 339575302...
6,00 RON
TDA8560Q Philips ac4
Stereo BTL Power Amplifier 2x 40W QILP13 / SOT141-6.
24,00 RON
5725F / G5725ADJT11U GMT gg3
High Efficiency 1MHz, 1A Synchronous Step Down Regulator. Input voltage range from 2.5V to 6V, SOT23-5 package. Philips Cross Reference: 996590040613 E7ADQ E7ADP Global Mixed Technology Inc.
4,00 RON
MT7990 Maxic Tech dd5
High Precision APFC Primary-Side-CV Switch Power Controller including over temperature protection (OTP), over voltage protection (OVP) and short circuit protection (SCP), SOP8 IC Maxic Technology...
12,00 RON
LN3C69 LiiSemi dd5
High Performance PWM Current Mode Controller, AC/DC Switching Power Supply 70W range, External Programmable PWM Switching Frequency and Over Temperature Protection (OTP), IC SOP8. JVC Kenwood Cross...
18,00 RON
6MBP30XSF-060-50 Fuji Electric tj
High voltage / High speed, 3 Phase DC/AC Power Inverter / Dual-In-Line Package, Intelligent Power Module IPM 6th generation IGBT Intellimod X Series Module 600V 30A 60App 56,8W. Supply Voltage...
140,00 RON
MIC4420YM / TC4420E Microchip tc4
MosFet Gate Driver 4,5V ÷ 18V 6A High-Peak Output Current, SOP8 package. Cross Reference: TC4420COA TC4420CPA TC4420EPA TC4420EOA Atmel Microchip. Equivalent / Similar / Replacement: 4420YM 4420YN...
12,00 RON
MIC4420 / TC4420 Microchip tc4
MosFet Gate Driver 4,5V ÷ 18V 6A High-Peak Output Current, DIP8 package. Cross Reference: TC4420CPA TC4420EPA Atmel Microchip. Equivalent / Similar / Replacement: 4420BN 4420YN MIC4420BN MIC4420CN.
12,00 RON
TD625004P Toshiba ee3
7 Channels Single Interface Driver Si-N NPN Array 35V 200mA Common emitter, IC DIP16. Cross Reference: 875920390 HC10052050 TD62504PA.
14,00 RON
uPC1342V NEC mf2
HI-FI Class Monolithic Circuit Driver 50 ÷ 110W, SQL14. Wide Power Band width 90kHz THD = 0,02% / 80W/8Ω. Power Audio Driver Amplifier for: Aiwa Blaupunkt Kenwood Philips Pioneer Sony Sound-United....
48,00 RON
WM8738 GED Wolfson cd
High Performance 24 Bit Stereo Analog to Digital Converter, ADC Sampling Frequency: 32kHz – 96kHz, CMOS IC SOIC14. Yamaha Cross Reference: MCX-2000 X6189A00 WM8738GED.
18,00 RON
LA4611 Sanyo ff4
Audio Power Amplifier 2x 7W/3Ω 15V SIP10H. Yamaha Cross Reference: Electone EL-900 GBR / XU793A00
12,00 RON
BU9543KV Rohm sj
Servo Controller & Signal Processor for Professional Compact Disc Player, CMOS LSI TQFP64. Original Service Parts for: Aiwa JVC Fisher Kenwood Marantz Philips Sanyo Sharp Yamaha Device. Cross...
26,00 RON
EM638165TS-6G EtronTech si3
Synchronous DRAM 4M x 16 Bit x 4 Banks > 64Mbit / 166MHz, TSOP54. LG JVC Philips Sharp Sony Toshiba Cross Reference: 0IMMREO001B 672080101 919246101230S 941246004790P 996510013621 9JDIG2J081656...
12,00 RON 18,00 RON
M5673 A1 Ali Philips sj
Chip MCU, HF Preamplifier, Digital Servo Processor, Audio DAC, LCD Decoder & Key Panel Control, Audio Processor, LQFP128. Hyundai Noblex Philips Cross Reference: 996510038607 996580004665 M5673-A1. ...
24,00 RON
SCA4720 Philips sj
CD Motor Driver HSOP28. Cross Reference: 996510061979. Compatibil cu Sisteme Audio / CD Playere: Philips AZ1837/12 Philips AZ1837/55 Philips AZ1837/73 Philips DCM3060/12 Philips DCM5090/10...
10,00 RON
PSS10S92F6-AG Mitsubishi tj
High voltage / High speed, 3 Phase DC/AC Power Inverter / Dual-In-Line Package Intelligent Module 5th generation IGBT Intellimod 600V 10A 21,3W. Supply Voltage (protection part): 20V. Applications:...
100,00 RON
PSS30S92F6-AG Mitsubishi tj
High voltage / High speed, 3 Phase DC/AC Power Inverter / Dual-In-Line Package Intelligent Module 5th generation IGBT Intellimod 600V 30A 47,6W. Supply Voltage (protection part): 20V. Applications:...
140,00 RON
PIC16CF745-04/P Microchip eq
8 Bit Microcontroller - MCU 4Kx14 7KB 192 RAM Flash CMOS (RISC CPU) High Speed Microcontroller. Clock Frequency: 20MHz. Interface Type: I2C, SPI, USART, DIP18 case. Cross Reference: 16CF745-04/P...
16,00 RON
TAS5162 DDV Texas se5
Digital Class AB Power Stage Amplifier 1x 400W or 2x 210W THD 0.2% HTSSOP44 . Cross Reference: 5162AD 5162D TAS5162DDV TAS5162DDVR. Logitech Z906 5.1
50,00 RON
SY8104ADC / JR Silergy sf2
High Efficiency Fast Response Buck Regulator, 18V Input Synchronous DC-DC Converters 4A Step-Down Adjustable Regulator, TSOT23-6 package. Cross Reference: 356GD563006600 996590020699 JR2XZ JR6Q8...
6,00 RON
TCA240 Philips se4
Double Balanced Mixer Modulator / FM Quadrature Demodulator and Phase Comparator, DIP16. Cross Reference: 482220970999 482220980737 830530221200 8945900821002 TCA240/N3/S2.
16,00 RON
41F / SS41F Hall Honeywell eq
Bipolar Board Mount Hall-effect magnetic position sensor, TO92s case. Operating Point: 40 Gauss ÷ 150 Gauss. Supply Voltage / Current Range 24V / 20mA. Cross Reference: 0H41 441F DH41 OH41F S41...
4,00 RON
43F / SS443F Hall Honeywell eq
Unipolar Board Mount Hall-effect magnetic position sensor, TO92s case. Temperature compensated, factory tested at 25°C. Operating in Alternative Magnetic Field medium Gauss operating characteristics....
4,00 RON
MP4420GJ / MPQ4420GJ MPS mb1
DC-DC Adjustable Switching Voltage Regulators Industrial Grade 36V 2A 410kHz, High Efficiency Synchronous Step Down Converter, SOT23-8 / TSOT23-8. Cross Reference: AFPG AFPE AFPF AFPG AFJH APJH APJN...
12,00 RON
911x / MM3571A11 Mitsumi si2
LDO Positive Regulator with ON/OFF control, Adjustable Output Voltage Ranges from 1,15V ÷ 5V ±1%, 300mA SOT23-5 / SOT89-5. Maxim Input Voltage: 6,5V / 25μA Standby Current in Shutdown Mode. Sony...
14,00 RON
BM1Q001 Rohm ef1
Offline Switch Flyback, Quasi-Resonant DC/DC Converter, SOP8. Philips Cross Reference: 10001 1Q00I 17IPS20 996595009297 BM1Q01 BM1Q001 BM1Q001FJ BM1Q002FJ BM1Q001FJ-E2. Articol asociat cu TV...
8,00 RON
BD9486F Rohm eq
Boost LED Lighting, High efficiency Driver for white LEDs and is designed for large LCDs, 30V 5,5A SOP16. Cross Reference: BD9486F-GE2.
12,00 RON
BD9D320 / D9D320 Rohm eq
MosFet Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter, HTSOP8. Switching Frequency: 700kHz. Input Voltage Range: 4,5V to 18V. Output Voltage Setting Range: 0,765V to 7V / 3A. Cross Reference: BD9D320EFJ-E2,...
8,00 RON
TDA1543T Philips cs
Dual 16-bit DAC I 2 S input format, TTL time multiplexed, SO16L / SOT162A. Cross Reference: TDA1543T4
14,00 RON