LNK564GN PI bg5
AC/DC Switching Converters 85-265V 2.9W, SOP7 Power Integrations.
7,00 RON
LM1085IS / LD1085 / LT1085 ad2
Low Dropout Adjustable Positive Regulators, V IN 30V, I OUT 3A V OUT 1,25V ÷28,5V TO263. Cross Reference: 1085CS AMS1085CS LD1085-ADJ LM1085IS-ADJ LT1085CS LV1085-ADJ.
7,00 RON
LM336 Z5.0 Fairchild sdt
Precision Voltage Reference 5V, Wide Operating Current of 600uA ÷ 10mA, TO92. Cross Reference: KA336Z5 LM336Z5.
2,50 RON
S-1212BXX-E6T1U Seiko
LDO Voltage Regulator, Input voltage: 3V ÷ 36V / Output voltage: 3.3V / 5V sau 12V ±2.0% / 250mA, HSOP6. Ablic / Seiko Sony Cross Reference: 4WH0 VK7 2038 6-723-083-01 672308301 VK7. Specificati la...
10,00 RON
AP2191DWG-7 / JF0QA eq
1.5A Single Channel Current-Limited Power Switch optimized for Universal Serial Bus (USB) and other Hot-swap Applications SOT23-5. Operating Supply Voltage: 2,7V to 5,5V. Cross Reference: AP2191D...
3,50 RON
LNK606DG PI eq
AC/DC Switching Converters 5,5W 85-265 VAC SOIC7 Power Integrations.
12,00 RON
Q0265R / FSQ0265R ONS dh1
Green Mode Offline PWM Switch High Efficiency Converter, 650V 1,34A 67kHz Switching Freq. DIP8. Cross Reference: DH0265R DM0265R FSDH0265R FSDM0265R FSQ0265RNFS-ND.
14,00 RON
1A60 / FA1A60 Fuji ed1
PWM DC/DC Buck (Step-Down) Regulator, Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller / SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: FA1A60N-C6-L3
12,00 RON
TDA8922BJ Philips di1
High efficiency class-D Audio Power Amplifier with very low dissipation 2x 50W 4R DBS23P. Cross Reference: TDA8922 TDA8922J.
50,00 RON
YD1028 Youda de5
18W Car Radio Audio Power Amplifier TO220/9. Cross Reference: 1028 YD102B YD1Q28 Wuxi Youda Electronics.
7,00 RON
TA8270HQ Toshiba da1
4x 43W BTL POWER AUDIO AMPLIFIER HZIP25. Cross Reference: TA8270H TA8270HA-ZS TA8270HS.
44,00 RON
DRV632 Texas tq
Stereo Audio Line Driver, Low THD+N 90dB 600Ω Output, TSSOP14. Cross Reference: DRW632PW DRV632PWR RV632.
7,00 RON
LC72137 Sanyo lb1
High Performance AM/FM PLL Frequency Synthesizer for Electronic Tuning 10-160MHz, MFP20 / SOP20. Cross Reference: LC72137D LC72137MTLM LC72137S.
18,00 RON
ICE 3B0565JG Infineon fc5
SMPS Current Mode Contr. 650V 67kHz 22W, SOP12 / SOP16. Cross Reference: 3B0565JG ICE3B0565JG.
14,00 RON
MIP391 Matsushita df5
Off-Line SMPS Power Switch, DIP7, Panasonic. Cross Reference: MIP3910MSSCF.
7,00 RON
6751MR / FAN6751 Fairchild db4
Highly-integrated Green-mode PWM Controller / High-Voltage Startup Low Operating Current: 4mA Linearly Decreasing 65KHz SOIC8. Cross Reference: 6751M FA6751B FAN6751MRMY .
6,00 RON
47C443N-4RE8 Toshiba fb4
CMOS 4-BIT MicroController 4Kbit NVRAM / 32kbit (4096x8bit) EEPROM / 1Mbit (256x4bit) RAM, SDIP28. The memory core is not pre-programmed with the specific functions of different Saeco models coffee...
34,00 RON
SC56F8034V 1M67E Freescale jj
Ariston, Bosch, Candy, Hotpoint, Indesit, Siemens - Washing Machines MicroController for: Arcadia, Logixx, VarioPerfect, EcoSilence, Drive IQ700 Series Module, 128kB Blank Flash Memory for firmware &...
30,00 RON
6A20 / FA6A20 Fuji cb
LCD / LED Display Power Controller, IC SOP16. Cross Reference: F6A20 FE6A20.
14,00 RON
ICE 2QR2280Z Infineon bi1
AC/DC Converter SMPS Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller with integrated 800V 2,26Ω 30-53W CoolMOS®, PG-DSO12/16 DIP7 / DIP8. Cross Reference: 2QR2280 CE2QR2280Z E2QR2280Z ICE2QR2280Z ICE2QR2280Z-1...
16,00 RON
LTA806N LeadTrend cd1
Highly-Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage, Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OCP Delay Time, SO8. Cross Reference: 806N LTA806D LTA806N LTA806NT/N1 LTA806/N1/DG.
7,00 RON
903T63 / G903T63UF GMT
Low Dropout Regulator 3,3V 0,6A Uin 4V ÷ 6.5V SOT223. Made by Global Mixed-mode Technology.
5,00 RON
SSC9527S Sanken be5
Half bridge topology LLC Off-Line Switching Regulators. IC Controller for half-bridge resonant Power Supply, incorporating a floating Drive Circuit for the high-side Power MOSFET. SOP18 package.
16,00 RON
Memorie EEPROM 4KBit 256x16 or 512x8 2Mhz 4,5V ÷ 5,5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 93C66A-10PU 93C66AP 93C66BP.
5,00 RON
OB3362HP On-Bright bg4
High Performance CCFL Controller Optimized for LCD Backlighting Application HSSOPM28.
9,00 RON
OB3362RP On-Bright ab3
High Performance CCFL Controller Optimized for LCD Backlighting Application DIP16.
9,00 RON
25LV512 / Pm25LV512 tq
CMOS Serial Flash Memory 100MHz SPI Bus Interface. Chip Memory 512kBit 64k x 8 bit, SOP8. Cross Reference: 25LV512 Pm25LV512A-100SCE.
14,00 RON
LM2575T-5.0 NSC tq
Step-down Switching Regulator 5V 1A // Uin: 4÷40V 42÷63kHz TO220/5. Cross Reference: LM1575-5 LM2575-5 LM2575T5 LM2575T50 P3596L50.
10,00 RON
CAP004DG PI ai1
Power Management Specialized IC, CapZero™ from block current flow in the safety capacitor, SOP8. Cross Reference: CAP004DG-TM CAP00406
9,00 RON
16N65F / STF16N65 STW®
N-FET 650V 13A 31W 0R29 TO220F. Cross Reference: 16N65M5 F16N65 P16N65 STP16N65 W16N65 WML16N65C2 Wayon.
9,00 RON
SEM2107 Samsung ge2
LCD TV Backlight Driver Chip Controller, SMD SOP28.
20,00 RON
MIP2M2 Matsushita ea3
High-Performance IPD / PWM Controller 700V 15W 70kHz, Over Load Protection, DIP7. Panasonic Sharp Yamaha Service Cross Reference: MIP2M20MS YH099A00
14,00 RON
FNB41060B2 Fairchild kt
IGBT Power Driver Module / Intelligent Power Management Fan Motor Controller 3 Phase 600V 10A 26-PowerDIP / SPM26-AAC Package. Cross Reference: FNB41060 FNB41060-ND FNE41060.
68,00 RON
TA7900S Toshiba ef4
5V Voltage Regulator with Watchdog timer incorporated, SIP9. Wide operating voltage range : 40V max. Output voltage adjusting pin attached: 5V ±0,25V. Sony Cross Reference: 875923416.
18,00 RON
LM13700M National tq
Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers each having differential inputs and a push-pull output 2Mhz 36V SOP16.
9,00 RON
LM13700N JRC dc2
2Mhz Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers, DIP16.
7,00 RON
IRS21814 IR eq
High voltage - High speed Power MOSFET and IGBT Driver with independent output reference. 600V High and Low Side Driver IC with typical 1.9 A source and 2.3 A sink current. DIP14 package.
9,00 RON
543352 / TPS54335-2 Texas eq
3A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC High Power Boost Converter with Eco-mode. 4.5V ÷ 28V Input, QFN10. Grundig Cross Reference: 450441R 450572R 450063R 54335-2 54335A 710047 S43352 SN1710047DRCR...
14,00 RON
UC3846DW Texas pg5
DC/DC SMPS PWM Controller and Converter. Supply Voltage 40V / 500KHz Frequency operation. SOIC16 case. Cross Reference: KA3846D KA3847D SG3846 TL3846 UC3846/7 UC3846AD UC3846B UC3846BD UC3846DWTR.
32,00 RON
SD6834 Silan ai1
Current mode PWM + PFM Converter with Built-in High Voltage MOSFET SMPS integrated, DIP8 package.
14,00 RON