258 / LM258D ST® tdm
Dual Differential Input Operational Amplifier 1MHz ±16-32V SOP8. Equivalent / Similar Replacement: 258 258D 258DT BA10358D C1251D A258D CA258D DBL258D HA17258S LA6258D LA6258M LM258M.
2,00 RON
4,00 RON / pachet
VP3082 Texas tdm
Low-Power RS-485 Transceiver TIA/EIA−485A Standard, SOIC8. Cross Reference: SN65HVD3082ED 65HVD3082 VD3082ED Texas Instruments.
16,00 RON
12C508A / PIC12C508A Microchip tdm
8 Bit Microcontroller - MCU .75Kx25KB or 512x12 // 25RAM Flash CMOS (6I/O 4MHz) 3.3V/ 5V High Speed RISC Microcontroller. Clock Frequency: 4MHz. Interface Type: I2C, SPI. SOP8 case. Cross...
8,00 RON
TOP259EG / EN PI eq
AC/DC Switching Converters with EcoSmart Technology for Highly Efficient Power Supplies, Uin 85-265V // Output Voltage 15V // 171W 30kHz, eSIP6 TOPSwitch® Power Integrations. Cross Reference: TOP259EN
18,00 RON
8563T / PCF8563T Philips tdm
Real Time Binary Clock / Calendar (Format HH:MM:SS / YY-MM-DD ) 1.8V ÷ 5.5V, I²C BUS Interface, Surface Mount SOIC8. Cross Reference: PCF8563T/5,518
5,00 RON
R5F2136C CNFP Renesas tdm
MCU 16 Bit 128KB Flash Memory (3KB Program size) 20MHz 3.3V/5V, R8C CISC architecture, LQFP64. Cross Reference: R5F2136CCNFP R8C/36A CPU Core Family, Blank Microcontroller. AEG Aldo Ansa Ariston...
30,00 RON
95020W / ST95020WP ST® tdm
Serial SPI EEPROM 2K (256 x 8 bit) 20MHz 2.5V ÷ 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 95020W6 M95020
2,00 RON
4,00 RON / pachet
PIC16F73-I/SO Microchip eq
8 Bit Microcontroller - MCU 4Kx14 7KB 192 RAM Flash CMOS (RISC CPU) High Speed Microcontroller. Clock Frequency: 20MHz. Interface Type: I2C, SPI, USART, SOP28 case. Cross Reference: 16F73-I/SO.
18,00 RON
M62427FP Mitsubishi cs
Digital Sound Controller IC with Serial Data for Home Audio System: Kenwood, Panasonic-Technics and Sony Device, QFP80. Contains Graphic Equalizer, Master Volume, Digital Surround and Sound Field...
58,00 RON
STK4311 Sanyo
Hybrid 2x 28W Stereo Power Amplifier HYB18, Sanyo Wafers. 50kHz V CC 35V ÷ 52,5V Dual Power Supply. JVC / Philips / Sony Service Cross Reference: 874994311.
56,00 RON
MT1379BE Mediatek cs
CMC Servo Processor & Progressive Scan DVD Player Combo, Chip QFP-216. Philips Cross Reference: 314101851771 314101851831 MT1379BE-0421-CRS3.
88,00 RON
TPA3136D2 Texas eq
20W Class D Audio Power Amplifier with Speaker Guard 5V ÷ 14V, HTSSOP28. Cross Reference: TPA3136D2PWPR.
12,00 RON
TC9273F-004 Toshiba dd5
2 x 10 Analog Switch Array, I 2 C BUS Interfaces Controlled, SOP28. Onkyo / Pioneer / Sony Cross Reference: 22241619R2 TC9273CFG-004.
34,00 RON
2936M / LM2936H M5.0 ST® cb1
Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO Voltage Regulator 5V 50mA SOIC8. Cross Reference: LM2936HVMA-5.0/NOPB LM2936HVBMA-5.0/NOPB National Semiconductor.
9,00 RON
FSQ321 / Q321 Fairchild tq
Green Mode Power Switch Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) 650V 0,5A. Offline Flyback Controller / Sense FET High Performance Quasi-Resonant Converter, LSOP8 case.
6,00 RON
TLE4913 Infineon tq
Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Monopolar Sensor IC, SC59 / SOT23. Supply Voltage: 2.4V - 5.5V. Cross Reference: TLE4913HTSA1, 013 SMD Marking Code.
6,00 RON
MC34067DW ONS ag3
DC/DC Switching Controllers High Performance Resonant Mode, SOIC16. Cross Reference: MC33067D MC34067DWR2G.
16,00 RON
PCF8562TT Philips tq
16 Digit Dot Matrix Display 32 Segment LCD Driver for Low Multiplex Rate, 2.5V / 3.3V / 5V, I²C BUS Interface, Surface Mount TSSOP48. Cross Reference: PCF8562TT/2,118
6,00 RON
BA4580RFV / 80Y tq
Dual High Slew Rate, Low Noise Operational Amplifier (THD Noise 0,0005%). Gain Bandwidth 10MHz. Supply Voltage ±16V or 32V, SMD TSSOP8. Rohm JRC Cross Reference: 80YFVM 4580 4580YF 4580YFVM 4580YM...
3,50 RON
BA4580F / NJM4580M eq
Dual High Slew Rate, Low Noise Operational Amplifier & Fix Equalizer. Gain Bandwidth 10MHz. Supply Voltage ±16V or 32V, SMD SOP8. Rohm JRC Cross Reference: 80YM 33078 4580 4580F 4580YF 4580YM 4580R...
3,50 RON
S21531D / IRS21531 eq
600V Half-bridge Gate Driver IC with oscillator, integrated bootstrap FET, programmable frequency and programmable shutdown, IC SOIC8.
12,00 RON
L7805C2T TO263 tdm
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 1,5A 20W Input Voltage 35V D2PAK / TO-263 Case. Cross Reference: 7805C2T L7805C2T L7805CD2T-TR L780SC2T LM7805 UA7805CDT.
2,50 RON
5,00 RON / pachet
CY62146EV30LL-45ZSXI Cypress tq
SRAM 4MBit 256K x 16bit 45nS 2.2V÷3.6V TSOP44-II.
22,00 RON
PIC16F887-I/PT MicroChip tq
8 Bit Microcontroller / MCU (8KB Program size) 368Bit RAM 36 I/O 20MHz (256B EEPROM) 14K Flash Memory. 32KHz to 8MHz internal oscillator, TQFP44. This device operates at a maximum frequency of 20MHz...
20,00 RON
R5F21258SN / R8C Renesas tdm
MCU 16 Bit 64KB Flash Memory (3KB Program size) 20MHz 3.3V/5V, R8C CISC architecture, QFP52. Cross Reference: R5F21258SNFP R8C/24 R8C/25 CPU Core Family, Blank Microcontroller.
18,00 RON
PIC18F2320-I/SO MicroChip tq
8 Bit Microcontroller / MCU 8KB 512 RAM 25 I/O 40MHz (4K x 16) Flash. 32KHz to 8MHz internal oscillator, SOIC28. This device operates at a maximum frequency of 40MHz wide operating voltage of 2 to...
30,00 RON
R5F104MJA / RL78G14 Renesas tq
MCU 16 Bit 512KB Flash Memory (38KB Program size) 32MHz 3.3V/5V, RL78/G14 CISC architecture, LQFP80. Cross Reference: R5F104MJAFB#50 RL78 CPU Core Family, Blank Microcontroller. Denon Marantz CPU...
26,00 RON
F321AR9T6 / ST72F321 ST® tq
MCU 8 Bit 60Kb High Density Flash (HD Flash), SCI / SPI synchronous serial interface / I 2 C Bus multimaster interface, TQFP64. Cross Reference: ST72F321AR9T ST72F321AR9T6 ST72321 _990_BW_Automotive...
44,00 RON
12F675 / PIC12F675-I/SN MicroChip eq
8 Bit CPU Microcontroller 1Kx14 FLASH 6I/O 128Bit EEPROM 20MHz PIC12 SOIC8
7,00 RON
BU7481G-TR Rohm hb3
CMOS Operational Amplifier High Speed Low Voltage Operation. Bandwidth: 2,8MHz Slew Rate: 3,2V/uS 105dB Supply Voltage Range:1,8V ÷ 5,5V SOT23-5 / SSOP5. Cross Reference: BU7481SG A37293 A79323 SMD...
5,00 RON
TOP260EN PI eh1
AC/DC Converter, Off-Line Switcher with EcoSmart Technology for Highly Efficient Power Supplies, SW/PWM 85V-265V, 200W, 60 ÷ 145kHz e-SIP6 case. Cross Reference: TOP260EG Power Integrations.
18,00 RON
AH5012CN National ph1
Quad Analog / Digital Current Switch // Monolithic High Speed Switching IC DIP16. Interfaces with CMOS and TTL standards. Cross Reference: M39006.
14,00 RON
LM336 M2.5 Fairchild sdt
Precision Voltage Reference 2.5V, Wide Operating Current of 600 uA to 10 mA, SO8. Cross Reference: KA336M25 LM336M25.
2,50 RON
TDA7256 ST® eg4
30W Class AB Power Bridge, Car Radio Audio Amplifier, Multiwatt SQL11.
12,00 RON
STR2A153D / 2A153D Sanken ab3
SMPS Current Mode / PWM Controller with Power MOSFET 650V 36W 67kHz DIP8. Cross Reference: 2A152 2A153 2A1530 ICE2A153D STR2A152 30W // STR2A155 43W. Use in UE46S7000 Samsung, YD188A00 Yamaha.
16,00 RON
V8141 / CS8141 ONS me1
Low-Drop Voltage Regulator LDO 5V 500mA D2PAK-7 / TO263-7. Cross Reference: NCV8141D2TR4G.
22,00 RON
LME49720MA National eq
Dual High Performance / High Fidelity, Low Noise Audio Operational Amplifier / Baxandall Tone Control, SOIC8. Cross Reference: 2604AU L49720 LM49720 LME49720MA OPA2604AU.
18,00 RON
LM2904P Texas tq
Low Power Dual Differential Operational Amplifier 1,1MHz 3V ÷ 30V DIP8. Cross Reference: LM2904N LM2904NG LM2904PN NJM2904 LM2904DG LM2904DT LM2904DR BA10358D CA258D CA358D DBL358D HA17358S...
2,50 RON
2134UA / OPA2134UA Burr-Brown tq
High Performance, High Fidelity, Ultra Low Noise & Distortion 0.00008%. Dual Audio Operational Amplifier, Bandwidth 8Mhz SO8.
18,00 RON
STK4040XI Sanyo
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier Split Power Supply, 70W THD 0.008% / 8Ω ±42V ÷ 62Vmax. 15P Sanyo Wafers.
50,00 RON