TOP244GN PI md2
20W Offline PWM AC/DC Switcher, SMPS Controller. Frequency 62 ÷ 140kHz SO8
16,00 RON
BU257 / X7743A00 Texas cc
4-Bit 2-Quad FET Encoder & Decoder / Multiplexers & Demultiplexers, TSSOP16. Yamaha Cross Reference: 74CB3Q3257 SN74CB3Q3257PWR RX-V461G.
40,00 RON
STA381BW ST® tq
2.1 Channel High-Efficiency Digital Audio Processing, FFXTM (Fully Flexible Amplification) Power Output Stage, VQFN48. Cross Reference: STA3818W STA381BWTR-5HUF
30,00 RON
OB3363QP On-Bright cb
4 Channels CCFL Controller LCD Boost Driver Optimized for LCD backlight application SOP16. Cross Reference: OB3363 OB33630P OB3363OP
14,00 RON
LV4924 Sanyo dh1
2x 10W Class-D Full Bridge Driver for Digital Power Amplifier 20Hz ÷ 20KHz. Cross Reference: C1AB00003705 TH-L19X3PS. Specification: Output 15W (VD=16V, RL=8Ω, f IN =1kHz, AES17, THD+N=10%) ...
32,00 RON
MC3361BD Motorola di1
Low-Power Narrow-band FM Receiver with Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator, Active Filter, Squelch, Scan Control and Mute Switch. SOP16 package. Cross Reference: 3361AD...
9,00 RON
TA1101B Tripath fh2
2x 10W / 4Ω, Class T Digital Audio Amplifier for Digital Power Processing DIY Home Sound Theater, HSSOP30
120,00 RON
1406035 / SN1406035 Texas dh1
DC/DC Converter Multi-Level Smart Multi-Voltage Detector with Supervising Power Supply Voltage Levels, QFN24. LG Cross Reference: EAN63530601 SN1406035RGER.
70,00 RON
DPA424GN PI da3
Flyback Forward DC-DC Switching Converter / Voltage Regulator for PoE & Telecom, SOP8L. 425kHz 16 ÷ 75VDC Inputs and Power 24W ÷ 100W. Cross Reference: YA092A00 Yamaha
9,00 RON
PCM1796 BB Texas rj
24 Bit Digital to Analogue Converter 192kHz Stereo Audio Sampling Rate, I 2 C or SPI / Serial 3-4 Wire. THD Noise 0.0005%. SSOP28 Case. Cross Reference: PCM1796DB PCM1796DBR Burr-Brown Texas...
60,00 RON
R5F100LLA Renesas tq
MCU Low Power Platform 16 Bit 512KB Flash Memory (38KB Program size) 32MHz 3.3V/5V, RL78/G14 CISC architecture, LFQFP64. Cross Reference: R5F100LA R5F100LLAFB CPU Core Family, Blank Microcontroller. ...
26,00 RON
LA6242H Sanyo fg2
4 Channels Bridge (BTL) Motor Driver Monolithic Linear IC for CD/DVD players, HSOP28 Original Sanyo. Cross Reference: LA6242HE LA6242HL LA6242TE.
30,00 RON
SM1628C / TM1628 SM-Micro® cs
LED Driver Controller on a 1/7 to 1/8 duty factor, three-line serial interface, 3.3V ÷ 5V, SOP28. Cross Reference: AIP1628 CMS1628 H1628 HT1628B SM1628 TM1628 TS1628 W1628 WT1628.
6,00 RON
TAS5747 Texas aa4
20W Class AB Stereo Digital Power Stage Amplifier I2S QFP48 Power-Pad. Cross Reference: TAS5747A TAS5747L TAS5747PH TAS5747PHPR.
26,00 RON
BA5927FM Rohm db1
6-Channel BTL Driver developed for CD players, HSOP36. Daewoo JVC Sony Cross Reference: BI118221X BA5927FP FXGW-52 FXGW-53X MX-GC5 MX-KC45E XG-522 XG-532 XW-522 XW-532 XG-524 XG-525 XG-526 XG-534...
30,00 RON
62L / TS4962M2 ST® cf1
Class D Audio Amplifier 3W / 4R 5V Ecopak WCSP9 case 1,6x 1,6mm. Cross Reference: TS4962M 62L / SMD Marking code.
12,00 RON
74VHCT541A / T541A Toshiba db4
Octal non-inverting buffer/line driver with 3-state outputs, HSSOP20 / TSSOP20 case. Cross Reference: 74HVCT541A 74HVCT541AF 74VHVT541AT 74VHCT541AFTBJ IN74VHCT541 AHC541 MC74VHCT541A SN74VHC541A...
3,50 RON
IR21064S IR gd4
High and Low Side Power Bridge Driver. Floating Channel designed for Bootstrap operation. Fully operational to +600V, SOIC14.
14,00 RON
79L06 Onkyo / Rohm
Negative Voltage Regulator 6V 100mA TO92. Cross Reference: uA7906 WS79L06.
1,50 RON
K962 / TS4962IQT ST® db1
Class D Audio Amplifier 3W / 4R 5V DFN8 3x3mm. Cross Reference: 996590009872 TS4962IQT.
14,00 RON
VIPer27HD ST® eq
Off-line High Voltage Converter 800V 60 ÷ 115Khz 3A 20W (50mW st-by) SMPS IC SO16. Cross Reference: VIPer27H VIPer27HDTR.
12,00 RON
SLC2013M1 MagnaChip mb1
LED String Boost Backlight Switch Controller Driver IC SOP26 / SOP28. Cross Reference: SLC2013CMX SLC2013M.
14,00 RON
200D6 / NCP1200D60 ONS tq
PWM Current-Mode Controller 60kHz 16V 250mA, SO8. Cross Reference: 200D6 1200D60 1200AD6 NCP1200D60R2G.
10,00 RON
VIPer27H ST® di1
Off-line High Voltage Converter 800V 115Khz 3A 20W (50mW st-by) SMPS IC DIP7. Cross Reference: VIPer27 VIPer27HN.
10,00 RON
200D1 / NCP1200D100 ONS eq
PWM Current-Mode Controller 100kHz 16V 250mA, SO8. Cross Reference: 200D1 1200D100 1200AD100 NCP1200D100R2G.
10,00 RON
CL2182 ST® db1
IC Switching Linear Voltage Regulator for PC ATX Power Supply Unit. DIP16 Package. Cross Reference: CL2182CN CL2182N
9,00 RON
CL2183 ST® fh2
IC Switching Linear Voltage Regulator for PC ATX Power Supply Unit. DIP16 Package. Cross Reference: CL2183CN CL2183N
18,00 RON
95256WP / M95256WP ST® tdm
Serial SPI EEPROM 256K (32 x 8 bit) 20MHz 2.5V ÷ 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 95256W6 ST95256WMN6
5,00 RON
MC9S08LC36LK Freescale tdm
MCU 8 Bit 36KB Flash Memory (RAM Memory Program Size: 2.5KB) 40MHz 1.8V/3.6V, HCS08 Series, S08LC CISC architecture. Embedded Interface Type: I2C SCI SPI. LQFP80 MCU Style Case . Cross Reference:...
24,00 RON
MP8670DN MPS dg4
6A 30V 420KHz Step Down DC-DC Converter with Synchronizable Gate Driver with Current Protection & Thermal Shutdown, SOIC8. LG Cross Reference: EAN60992901 MP8670DN-LF-Z 19LE3300-ZA
20,00 RON
DRV5023 A-B Texas eq
Latch Hall Effect Sensor/ Digital Unipolar Switch / Magnetic Sensor Interfacing, TO92s. Supply Voltage: 2.5V - 38V / Sensitivity: 3 - 6mT / Bandwidth up to 30kHz. Cross Reference: +PLAJ +PLBI +PLFA...
8,00 RON
BD7836 Rohm dc5
2x 1.9W / 1x 3.2W Class AB Audio Amplifier, HTSSOP20, Pioneer. Cross Reference: BD7836EFV-E2.
10,00 RON
DRV5023 Infineon tq
Board Mount Latch Hall Effect / Digital Unipolar Switch / Magnetic Sensor Interfacing, SC59 / SOT23. Supply Voltage: 2.5V - 38V / Sensitivity: 3 - 6mT / Bandwidth up to 30kHz. Cross Reference:...
6,00 RON
TPA3138D2 Texas eq
2x 10W Class D Audio Power Amplifier with Speaker Guard 5V ÷ 14V, HTSSOP28. Cross Reference: TPA3138D2PWPR.
9,00 RON
IR2111 IR da1
Dual Output Driver, High and Low Side Half Brdg Inv/Non-Inv for Power Mos-Fet and IGBT, V-offset 600V 420mA 650nS 1W, DIP8 package. Cross Reference: IR2111PBF IOR.
9,00 RON
MP2C6120 Fuji pg5
Power PWM Controller, Highly efficient Multi-oscillated Current resonant circuits for use in Panasonic Switching Power Supplies, ZIP13 case. Panasonic Cross Reference: C5HAZYY00014 MP2C6120-F238.
50,00 RON
TDA7343D Philips db1
Digitally Controlled Audio Processor. Low Distortion, Low Noise and DC Stepping, SOP28 IC.
26,00 RON
LD7591GS Leadtrend ee4
Transition Mode PFC Controller with Fault Condition Protection, SOP8.
7,00 RON
P1027P65 ONS dh1
High Voltage Switcher Offline / SMPS Featuring Low Current Mode PWM Controller, DIP7. Cross Reference: NCP1027P65G P1027P065
16,00 RON
TNY288KG PI tdm
AC/DC Switcher Converter 21.5W (85-265 VAC) 28W (230 VAC) 140kHz, eSOP11. Power Integrations Cross Reference: TNY288KG-TL.
9,00 RON