Modul Bluetooth Wi-Fi 17WFM07
Wi-Fi Module Board for Smart LED TV Made by Vestel brands: Akai Alba Altex Allview Arena Bush Digihome Dual Everest Everline Finlux Grandprix Grundig Hitachi Horizon Luxor OKI Finlux JVC Orion...
200W Power Amplifier - VM100 Velleman
Specifications 200W Music Power 4Ω load 100W RMS Power 4Ω load 70W RMS Power 8Ω load Distortion: 0.02% 1KHz/10W Damping factor: >800 Frequency response: 3Hz ÷ 20KHz (-3dB) Sensitivity: 0.6Vrms...
Modul LFM110922 Philips
Modul Digital HiFi Soundbar Philips Home Music System Bluetooth NFC 320W: HTL5140B/12 HTL5145B/12. Dimensiuni: 48mm x 82mm. Cross Reference: 867000110792 867000118672 996580003436 LFM110922-0001. IC...
Modul AF 830W Philips
Modul Digital HiFi Audio Power Amplifier Philips Home Music System HTB5570 HTB5570D/12. Audio Power Out: 1000W (RMS) 30% THD / 4Ω impedance . Cross Reference: 01U000AMP-AU501 40-T102K6-AMD2G...
Main Unit Chassis Board for Brandt Sharp LED 32-50". Cross Reference: FSC320001 XFCB02B006030X Display / Panel type: TPT315B3-OTU3A.Q TPV. Dimensiuni: 95x 110mm. Intrare în meniul / modul service:...
Blu Ray Main Board X78 Philips
Main Unit Chassis Board Blu-Ray Player / Recorder / Tuner Philips & Sony model: BDP3100/12 BDP1300X BDP3100/X78 HTS3510/55 HTS3510/78 HTS3520/05 HTS3520/12 HTS3520/98 HTS3530/05 HTS3530/12 HTS3540/12...
890.JRA-9203LA-3H / CV2903L-A
Main Unit Chassis Board for LCD/LED TV: Qilive Lazer Selecline TCL VisionTouch, Chassis model CV2903L CV9203L-X for panel: V236BJ1-P03 T1509-121. Cross Reference: CX236DLEDM M/O: 7.T9203LA2000.0007...
BT2110 40W SMPS Board
Power Supply Board Philips, Micro Music Audio System. UOUT: -5V / 400mA +6V / 500mA +8V / 600mA +18V / 2A. Cross Reference: 1.30.9.BT21003RR.
Display T315XW02VR AUO
TFT LCD 32" Display Panel T315XW02-V-R04-WXGA AU Optronics for LCD TV 32 inch: Akai Arena Bush Digihome Dual Finlux Grandprix Grundig Finlux Hitachi Horizon JVC OVP Orava Orion Panasonic Philips...
17IPS12 40-50" Vestel
LCD Power Supply Board Inverter 17IPS12 40" 43" 48" 50" for Bush Finlux Hitachi Medion Luxor Neo Princeton Sharp Telefunken Toshiba PR48FHD17B PR48FHD18B. Cross Reference: 23248880 23269638 23281031...
MP118FL-T Megmeet
Power Supply Board for LED TV 42-46": Blaupunk 42/188N, Bravis LED-EH3920BF, Bush 50/211F, Coby LEDTV4026, Seiki SE401GS SE461TS SE50UY04. U OUT 5VSby/1.0A 5V/2.5A 12V/2.0A 24V/4.0A // 140W. Size:...
Lampa videoproiector 120V 300W Osram
Lampa cu reflector dicroic ELH Xenophot xenon quartz pentru videoproiector si aplicatii medicale. Soclu GY5.3 Lungime: 45mm, diametru: 51mm. Tensiune nominala: 120V, Curent nominal: 2,5A. Temperatura...
Lampa videoproiector 36V 400W Osram
Lampa HLX Xenophot cu xenon pentru videoproiector si alte aplicatii. Soclu G6.35. Lungime: 60mm, grosime:15mm. Tensiune nominala: 36V, Curent nominal: 11,5A. Temperatura de culoare: 3250K, Flux...
17CON07-2 Vestel
LED Driver Board LCD TV: Akai Arena Bush Digihome Dual Finlux Grandprix Grundig Hitachi Luxor OKI Finlux JVC Orion Polaroid Saba Sanyo Sharp SilverCrest Techwood Telefunken Toshiba Wellington Vestel...
Lampa HQI-TS / RX7S-24 150W Osram
Lampa HID cu Halogen Metalic pentru videoproiector si alte aplicatii. Lungime: 135mm, Diametru: 23mm, Tensiune nominala: 93V, Curent nominal: 1A PFC capacitor at 50Hz 12µF. Temperatura de culoare:...
LCD Display ET043003DH6 4,3"
LCD Panel Module TFT-LCD Touchscreen Farbe Display for industrial applications, medical and GPS. Tensiune de operare: 2,25÷3,6V Dimensiune afișaj: 1092mm (4,3 ") Numărul de pixeli: 480 x 272 pixeli...
LCD Display VLGEM1182-02 Varitronix
LCD Display Panel 70mm / 2,76" ( L x l: 61mm x 34,5mm x 2mm ). Afișaj LCD cu caractere alfanumerice, afișaje barografice laterale si diverse simboluri. Conectare prin conductor argintat imprimat pe...
17CON08-2 Vestel
LED Driver Board Sharp Toshiba Vestel 17MB62 Chassis. Cross Reference: 23023981 23025587 23025588 23042863 26912823 TPS61199. Pentru a elimina eventuale nepotriviri specificati la "comentarii...
DCM3160 Philips - Oferta limitata
Power Supply Board for Philips 120W Hi-Fi Dual Dock System DCM3160/12. Cross Reference: 867000113698 996580002207 DCM31602RR.
BN44-00645A Samsung
Power Supply Main Board Samsung LCD-LED UE40F5500 UE40F5300 UN40F6300AF UN40H6350 UE42F5300 UE42F5500, chassis HS01 / U85A 40-42". Cross Reference: 121S25_DSM P001A PSLF121S05.
CIU11-T0037 LG - Oferta Limitata
Backlight Inverter Board for Acer-Insignia Alba Ferguson Goodmans LG Pacific Seg Toko Westinghouse LCD 32" 16 Lamps. Cross Reference: 37-5449E021 QD32HL01 QD32HL02. Dimensiuni: 120mm x 320mm.
6632L-0324A / 6632L-0325A LG - Oferta limitata
Backlight Inverter Master-Slave Kit Board LC320WX1 for:Hisense LG-Philips model: 32LB4D 32LC7D. Panel LC320WX1-SLA1-F1. Pentru a elimina eventuale nepotriviri specificati la "comentarii comanda"...
19.LH101.006 LG - Oferta limitata
Main Power Board with CCFL Inverter for LCD Monitor 25"-27.9": Acer Goldstar LG Philips P235H P235HA P235HB P235HC P235HD P235HL. Cross Reference: 19LH101006 B00IUNNMPO Pentru a elimina eventuale...
Diverse module LCD - Oferta limitata
19LH101.006 D340550 6632L-0324A / 6632L-0325A 9960294 / LC320WX1 MASTER/SLAVE 6632L0441A 6632L-0441A 26" 677128 6870R8720AA – 20060703-2 2998508 AI0068A 9205188 CIU11-T0037 PT32"995932...
17PW03 ÷ 17PW82 - Oferta limitata
17PW03-5-37" 20546186 17PW07-32" 23034698 17PW07-55" 23101951 17PW25-4-26-32" 20578514 17PW46-6-65" 23102259 17PW82-3-26-32" 23027777 Main Power Board for LCD / LED TV: Acoustic...
17MB82 ÷ 17MB90 - Oferta limitata
17MB82 23119742 Tip Panel: FC+LCM (WNEB01_62) 32185 17MB82 23119765 Tip Panel: FC+LCM (WNDS01_95) 32185 17MB82 23119578 Tip Panel: VES315WNDB01MT32165MB95BLK 17MB82 23103573 Tip Panel: V236BJ1-LE1...
17MB60 ÷ 17MB65 - Oferta limitata
17MB60 20547651 Tip Panel: LC215EUN-SCA1 17MB60 23068365 Tip Panel: HT156WXB-100 17MB60 20595437 Tip Panel: LTA260AP05-L05 17MB60 20574208 Tip Panel: V215H1-LE1 (CN) 17MB61 20576475 Tip Panel:...
17MB35 ÷ 17MB45 - Oferta limitata
17MB12 20381084 Tip Panel: T260XW03 V2 (TN) (CN) 17MB25 20421158 Tip Panel: 190WX105TB (CN) 17MB35 20485323 Tip Panel: LTA320AP02 (SL) 17MB35 20472480 Tip Panel: LC320WUN-SAB1 17MB35 20451551...
Lichidare stoc 17IPS60 ÷ 17IPS61
17IPS60-3-21.5" 23023143 17IPS60-3-22" 23039248 17IPS61-19" 23164747 17IPS61-21.5" 23050314 17IPS61-3 22" 23196054 23402054 17IPS61-3-19.5" 23124404 17IPS61-3-19" LG 23124453 17IPS60-3-21.5"...
17IPS19-4 ÷ 17IPS19-5 - Oferta limitata
17IPS19-4-32" 23113057 17IPS19-4-40" 23044536 17IPS19-5-32" 23104378 17IPS19-5-39" 40" 23104626 17IPS19-5-40" 23120448 Power Supply Inverter Board for LCD TV: Acoustic Aeg Akai Arena...
Display C2105 Sony Xperia®
TFT LCD Display Capacitive Touchscreen for Sony Xperia Frame L White. Resolution: 480 x 854 pixels. Colors: 16M. Size: 85mm x 55mm. Cross Reference: 78P5320002N LC2105 U50010211 Original Sony.
Display QLD0538-001 JVC
LCD Display Panel for Digital Camcorder Portable Camera. Size: 70mm 2,8" 16:9. Resolution: Full HD 1080p 640 Х 480. Cross Reference: GZHD620BUS GZHD500BUS GZHM300BUS GZMS230AUS GZMS230BUS GZMS230RUS...
CIU11-T0003A LG Oferta Limitata
Backlight Inverter Board for Acer Insignia Ferguson LG Westinghouse model: AL2671W Saisho SX26G1 FL26WX1 LTV-32W6 LCD 26" 7 Lamps, Toko. Cross Reference: 5000147 49-9-0108-000 75.BB206.002...
17IPS19-3 Vestel
LCD Power Supply Board Inverter 17IPS19-3-32" (200x185mm) for Alba Bush Digihome Finlux Hitachi JVC Oki Philips Sharp Toshiba 32H8S02 L32VB-PHTUV LT-32DA42J T32X130LCD VES315WNES-02-A chassis 17MB62...
17IPS61-4 22-28" Vestel
Power Supply Board LCD/LED Bush Digihome Finlux Hitachi JVC Linsar Philips Sharp Toshiba Vestel 24LED3000 24HBJ45U chassis 17MB95M 17MB97. Vestel. Cross Reference: 171115 23286252 2303257 23280455...
Invertor INV6L-V14
CCFL Universal Inverter LCD 20" - 24" 6 lamps 38W, Supply Voltage: 12 - 24V DC, Input Current: 2.8A - 3.2A, Output Voltage: 1350V/lamp. Standby, Brightness and Dimming Control 0-5V. Dimension: 48mm...
17MB82-2 Vestel 23119764 32"
Main Unit Chassis Modul for: Akai Bush Digihome Edison Finlux Oki Hitachi Horizon Sharp Techwood Telefunken Vestel model: 32HXC01 32FLYR160D, Chassis 17MB82-1A 17MB82-P2L1211119212115152V5 MB95_BLK...
17IPS70-5 28” Vestel
LCD/LED Power Supply Board Inverter for Alba Bush Digihome Finlux Hitachi JVC Luxor Medion Sharp Teletech Techwood 28HXJ15U 28HXT15U Chassis 17MB95 17MB95M 26”-28" Service Cross Reference: 23118283...
IPB-6015NV02 Daewoo
Power Supply Invertor Netzteil Module for Daewoo Panasonic DLP-20J1S chassis SL130P, equivalent: IPB601NV02 IPB6015NV02DP 485AS005PL. Inverter trafo FT-1820D, IC PWSP STRW6253.
17IPS61-3 28" Vestel
Power Supply Board LCD/LED Digihome Finlux JMB Kendo Sharp Techwood Vestel LED28HD141 JTC0128001/01 chassis 17MB55 17MB95. Vestel. Cross Reference: 160913 23154322 17IPS61-3-28" BMS. Pentru a...