Circuite integrate

0133 / R2A20133D Renesas di1 50%
0133 / R2A20133D Renesas di1 Circuite integrate
High efficiency PFC Boost Converter Control with Critical Conduction Mode, SOP8. Cross Reference: 0133D 0133E 4K3 60R3 20113 R2A20133DSP
16,00 RON
8,00 RON
1001 / LT1001 SMD da1
1001 / LT1001 SMD da1 Circuite integrate
Precision Operational Amplifier for low level signal processing and high accuracy data acquisition, 800kHz Bandwidth, Open-loop gain 123dB, SOP8. Cross Reference: LT1001CS8-PBF Linear Technology
12,00 RON
1001DL Hitachi mg1
1001DL Hitachi mg1 Circuite integrate
AC-DC Power Switching Converter Controller for PWM Delta DPS200PP-74A DIP16. Cross Reference: 1001D 1001DLM A1001D A1001DL DNA1001D DNA1001DL DNA1001DLP-E.
14,00 RON
100GEA / R5F100GEAFB NXP fg3
100GEA / R5F100GEAFB NXP fg3 Circuite integrate
16-bit Microcontroller MCU 16Bit 32MHz 64KB Flash (64K x 8) RL78 CPU core CISC architecture LQFP48
18,00 RON
1014A / NCP1014A ONS cs
1014A / NCP1014A ONS cs Circuite integrate
SMPS Current Mode Control 65KHZ, SOT223. Cross Reference: 1014AP NCP1014ST65T3G RAP1014A RDB1014A RSL1014A RVB1014A RYK1014A.
8,00 RON
103IW / Z103WA Texas eq
103IW / Z103WA Texas eq Circuite integrate
Dual Operational Amplifiers with Internal Reference use in Switch-Mode / Power Supply Linear Voltage Regulation, Precision Adjustable (Programmable) Shunt Reference 900kHz 3÷32V SOP8. Sony Cross...
6,00 RON
1271A / NCP1271 ONS ra1
1271A / NCP1271 ONS ra1 Circuite integrate
Monolithic Switcher, Soft-Skip Mode Standby PWM Controller with Adjustable Skip Level and External Latch 65 ÷ 100KHz SOIC7 / SOIC8. Cross Reference: 1271 1271A 1271B NCP1271 NCP1271A NCP1271B...
6,00 RON
12C508A / PIC12C508A Microchip tdm
12C508A / PIC12C508A Microchip tdm Circuite integrate
8 Bit Microcontroller - MCU .75Kx25KB or 512x12 // 25RAM Flash CMOS (6I/O 4MHz) 3.3V/ 5V High Speed RISC Microcontroller. Clock Frequency: 4MHz. Interface Type: I2C, SPI. SOP8 case. Cross...
6,00 RON
12F675 / PIC12F675-I/SN MicroChip eq
12F675 / PIC12F675-I/SN MicroChip eq Circuite integrate
8 Bit CPU Microcontroller 1Kx14 FLASH 6I/O 128Bit EEPROM 20MHz PIC12 SOIC8
6,00 RON
1361T / UDA1361TS NXP na1 12%
1361T / UDA1361TS NXP na1 Circuite integrate
96 kHz sampling / 24-bit Stereo Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), employing bitstream conversion, SSOP16. Philips / Sony Cross Reference: 996500025468 988509643 UDA1361TSN1.
16,00 RON
14,00 RON
1380D / NCP1380 ONS me1
1380D / NCP1380 ONS me1 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Current-Mode Controller for High-Power Universal Off-Line Supplies SO8. Cross Reference: 1380A 1380B 1380D NCP1380A NCP1380B NCP1380BDR2G NCP1380D NCP1380DDR2G. Disponibil cu sufix B...
8,00 RON
14024B / MC14024 kh5
14024B / MC14024 kh5 Circuite integrate
7-Stage Binar Segment Ripple Counter 3 - 18V, SOP14. Cross Reference: CD4024 HEF4024 HEF4024BP MC14024BDG.
2,00 RON
14042BG / MC14042BG eq
14042BG / MC14042BG eq Circuite integrate
Latches Quad Transparent D Type Differential, 3 ÷ 18V 40ns 6, 8mA SO14. Cross Reference: CD4042 HEF4042 MC4042BDR2G
3,00 RON
14069UG / MC14069UG ONS eq
14069UG / MC14069UG ONS eq Circuite integrate
Schmitt Trigger Hex Inverter CMOS 3-18V with MOS P-channel and N-channel enhancement mode devices in a single monolithic structure, SO14, equivalent: 14069U 14069UB 14069UBDG BU4069 CD4069UB HEF4069U...
3,00 RON
14094B / CD4084 Motorola rg4
14094B / CD4084 Motorola rg4 Circuite integrate
CMOS 8-Bit Shift and Store Bus Register SOP16. Cross Reference: 14094 74HC4094BE AC1412009E CD4094 CD4094BDE CD14094BE MC4094B HCF4094BD HCF4094BD HEF4094 HEF4094B HEF4094BT MC4094BCP MC4094B...
2,00 RON
1678 / uPC1678G NEC rg3
1678 / uPC1678G NEC rg3 Circuite integrate
Medium Power Broadband Silicon MMIC Amplifier and V-Bias, 2Ghz Wideband 7, 5dB SO8. Kenwood Sony Cross Reference: 1678G 875909301 875909302 uPC1678 uPC1678GV-A
9,00 RON
16N65 / STP16N65 ST®
16N65 / STP16N65 ST® Circuite integrate
N-FET 650V 12A 90W 0R299 TO220AB. Cross Reference: 16N65M5 P16N65 STP16N65M5 W16N65.
12,00 RON
16N65F / STF16N65 STW®
16N65F / STF16N65 STW® Circuite integrate
N-FET 650V 13A 31W 0R29 TO220F. Cross Reference: 16N65M5 F16N65 P16N65 STP16N65 W16N65 WML16N65C2 Wayon.
8,00 RON
16N65M5 ST® hq 10%
16N65M5 ST® hq Circuite integrate
N-FET 650V 12A 48W 0R299 I2PAK. Cross Reference: 16N65 16N65M5 B16N65M5 STB16N65M5 STI16N65 STI16N65M5.
10,00 RON
9,00 RON
1710-01 / IW1710-01 IWatt rh5 50%
1710-01 / IW1710-01 IWatt rh5 Circuite integrate
LED Lighting Power Driver IC SOP8. Cross Reference: 1710-0I IW1710-0I.
12,00 RON
6,00 RON
18B20 Dallas nb4
18B20 Dallas nb4 Circuite integrate
Programmable Digital Thermometer TO92. Cross Reference: DS18B20.
10,00 RON
1A60 / FA1A60 Fuji ed1
1A60 / FA1A60 Fuji ed1 Circuite integrate
PWM DC/DC Buck (Step-Down) Regulator, Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller / SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: FA1A60N-C6-L3
10,00 RON
1CZ21H Sharp kb4
1CZ21H Sharp kb4 Circuite integrate
Low Dissipation Current at OFF-state Chopper Regulator Uin-40V 1, 5A 8W. Cross Reference: C00BCMG00003 PQ1CZ1T PQ-1CZ1-H PQ1CZ21H2ZZH PQ1CZ21H2ZPH.
4,00 RON
1Q001 / BM1Q001 ef1
1Q001 / BM1Q001 ef1 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant DC/DC Converter SO8. Philips Cross Reference: 10001 1Q00I BM1Q001 BM1Q001FJ BM1Q002FJ BM1Q001FJ-E2.
8,00 RON
1S311 / SC1S311 Sanken dh2
1S311 / SC1S311 Sanken dh2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic IC for swtiching regulators management, chip SOP7 or SOP8. LG / Panasonic Cross Reference: 1S311 C0DBAYY01915 NR131S SK291 SK453 SK482A SK662 SSC1S311 SSC-1S311. EAY62810501 / LD31B LD36B...
14,00 RON
1X= / RT9043 RickTech gb1
1X= / RT9043 RickTech gb1 Circuite integrate
High PSRR, Low Dropout, 400mA Adjustable LDO Regulator SOT23-5. Cross Reference: 1X=11G 1X=80A 1X=90A 1X=B0Y 1X=Q05 1X=F0L 1X=K1T 1X=S27 1X=S2Z 1X=XXX RT9043GB
10,00 RON
20113 / R2A20113 Renesas di1 66%
20113 / R2A20113 Renesas di1 Circuite integrate
High efficiency Critical Conduction Mode Power Factor Controller, SOP8. Cross Reference: R2A20113ASP R2A20113SP
12,00 RON
4,00 RON
203D10 / NCP1203D100 Motorola rh3
203D10 / NCP1203D100 Motorola rh3 Circuite integrate
PWM Current−Mode Controller for Off−Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection. Internally Fixed Frequency at 100kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 1203D10 23D1 20301 203D1 230D1 230D1H...
8,00 RON
203D6 / NCP1203D60 Motorola lb1
203D6 / NCP1203D60 Motorola lb1 Circuite integrate
PWM Current−Mode Controller for Off−Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection. Internally Fixed Frequency at 60kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 1203D60 23D06 20306 203D6 230D6 230D6H...
8,00 RON
208017 / SN1208017D Texas ca5
208017 / SN1208017D Texas ca5 Circuite integrate
Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter SOP8. Samsung Cross Reference: 1203-008119 208017 SN1208017 SN1208017D SN1208017DDAR.
18,00 RON
2134UA / OPA2134UA Burr-Brown tq
2134UA / OPA2134UA Burr-Brown tq Circuite integrate
High Performance, High Fidelity, Ultra Low Noise & Distortion 0.00008%. Dual Audio Operational Amplifier, Bandwidth 8Mhz SO8.
16,00 RON
2153FN / TA2153FN Toshiba bc4
2153FN / TA2153FN Toshiba bc4 Circuite integrate
RF Amplifier for Digital Servo System, built-in focus error and tracking error Amplifier. TSSOP30. JVC Pioneer Cross Reference: 2153F 2153FNG 670368401 CDC-R937 TA2153F TA2153FN TA2153FNG TA2153FNS1...
14,00 RON
24512RP / M24512 ST® 50%
24512RP / M24512 ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512Kb 64k x 8 bit, 2, 5V ÷ 5, 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 24C512 24C512RP 24512WP AT24512 EAN43352801 M24C512.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
24C01 / 24LC01 SMD ST®
24C01 / 24LC01 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM 128x 8bit 2.5 ÷ 5V 400kHz SOP8.
1,50 RON
24C01 DIP ST® 60%
24C01 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 128X8 5V DIP8.
0,50 RON
0,20 RON
24C02 DIP ST®
24C02 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 256X8 5V DIP8.
1,50 RON
24C02 SMD ST®
24C02 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 256X8 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 24LC02 K24C02.
1,00 RON
24C02T SOT
24C02T SOT Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 256X8 2Kbit I 2 Cbus 400Khz TSOT23-5. Cross Reference: C137 4 D CAT24C02TDI-GT3A.
2,00 RON
24C04 DIP ST®
24C04 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512X8 5V DIP8.
1,50 RON
24C04 SMD ST®
24C04 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512X8 5V SOP8.
1,50 RON
24C08 SMD MYM Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1024X8 5V SOP8.
1,50 RON
24C1024 Atmel
24C1024 Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1MBit 128KX8 SOP8. Cross Reference: 2G 24C1024 24C1024B AT24C1024BN.
10,00 RON
24C1024 DIP 12%
24C1024 DIP Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1MBit 128KX8 DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C1024AT 24C1024B AT24C1024BN ATMLU132-2GB.
8,00 RON
7,00 RON
24C1024BW Atmel
24C1024BW Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1MBit 128KX8 SOIC8. Cross Reference: 2GB 24C1024 4252BW AT24C1024BW.
10,00 RON
24C16 DIP ST®
24C16 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 2KX8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C16N 24C16WP.
1,50 RON
24C16 SMD MicroChip
24C16 SMD MicroChip Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 2KX8 5V SOP8.
1,50 RON
24C256 / M24256 ST®
24C256 / M24256 ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM 256KBit 32Kx8 I2C Serial BUS, SOIC8. Cross Reference: 2EC 2ECL 24256 24256C 24256E 24C256C 24C256E 24C256N 24LC256 24LC256B 24256BWP 4256AW6 4256BRP AO48N AT24C256 ATMLH246 ATMLH348 CAT24C256...
3,00 RON
24C256YI ONS
24C256YI ONS Circuite integrate
EEPROM 256KBit 32Kx8 I 2 C Serial BUS, TSSOP8. Cross Reference: C56E CS6E 24256 24C256 24LC256 24256BWP CAT24C256 CAT24C256YI-GT3.
3,00 RON
24C32 / 24LC32 SMD ST®
24C32 / 24LC32 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 4KX8 5V SOIC8.
1,50 RON
24C32 DIP ST®
24C32 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 4KX8 5V DIP8.
1,50 RON
24C512 Atmel
24C512 Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512KBit 64KX8 SOP8. Cross Reference: 2FC 24C512 24C512B AT24C512BN ATMLH316.
4,00 RON
24C64 / ATMLH140 ST®
24C64 / ATMLH140 ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 8KX8 5V SO8. Cross Reference: 24C64B 24C64D AT24C64D ATMLH140-2ECL ATMLH1402ECL EAN61133501 EAN61548301 EAN62389502.
1,50 RON
24C64 DIP ST®
24C64 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 8KX8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C64N.
2,00 RON
24E16 / 24C16 DIP ST®
24E16 / 24C16 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
2,00 RON
252R / NCP1250 SMD ec2
252R / NCP1250 SMD ec2 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Converter OCP/OPP/OVP 65kHz, PWM Controller Power IC SOT23-6 / TSOP6. Cross Reference SMD Marking Code: 25* 25AR 25ARWU 252R 252RAK 252RAL 252RAO 252REE 252RIL 252RIV 252RZU 252RYT 252RXX...
4,00 RON
258 / LM258D ST® tdm
258 / LM258D ST® tdm Circuite integrate
Dual Differential Input Operational Amplifier 1MHz ±16-32V SOP8. Equivalent / Similar Replacement: 258 258D 258DT BA10358D C1251D A258D CA258D DBL258D HA17258S LA6258D LA6258M LM258M.
1,50 RON
25FL064PIF Spansion® ac1
25FL064PIF Spansion® ac1 Circuite integrate
64Mbit CMOS 3.0 Volt Flash Memory with 104MHz SPI (Serial Peripherial Interface) Multi I/O Bus SOP16. Cross Reference: 25Q64 25Q64B 25Q64BV FL064AIF FL064PIF S25FL064P W25Q64 W25Q64BV W25Q64BVFIG.
12,00 RON
25L16 / 25L1606E MXIC pi1
25L16 / 25L1606E MXIC pi1 Circuite integrate
16MBit Serial SPI Flash Chip Memory SOP8L. Cross Reference: 25L16 25Q16 25L1606 25L1606E 25VF016B KH25L1606EM KH25L1606EM2I-12G MX25L1606 MX25L16 MX25L1606E MX25L1606EM2I MXIC TVRS862AB Panasonic.
4,00 RON
25L512 / MX25L512 MXIC di1
25L512 / MX25L512 MXIC di1 Circuite integrate
512kBit CMOS Serial SPI Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25Q512 KH25L512M2I-12G MX25L512E MX25L512EM2I MX25L512EMI Macronix International.
4,00 RON
25L8006E MX25L8006E jd3
25L8006E MX25L8006E jd3 Circuite integrate
4M x 2 8MBit SPI Serial PROM Flash Memory 1Mbit ROM 2, 7V SOIC8. Cross Reference: 25L8006EM1I-12G MX25L8006EM2I.
14,00 RON
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