Curea VQ776900 Yamaha
Curea profil patrat, originala Yamaha pentru mecanism incarcare / antrenare carusel sertar multidisc CD/DVD. Circumferinta: 115mm. Diametru: ∅ 36,5mm, Grosime: 1,5mm. Cross Reference: VB820600 Square...
18,00 RON
TDA7498E ST® sf4
1x 220W // 2x 160W BTL Class D Audio Amplifier, SSOP36 chip case. Cross Reference: 996510067686 TDA7498ETR.
38,00 RON
BY396 Diotec
Fast Switching Diode 100V 3A (100A pulse) 500nS DO27.
0,50 RON
2,00 RON / pachet
Dioda cuptor microunde HVR1X3
Dioda 12KV / 300mA 30App pentru cuptor cu microunde cu puterea de max. 1KW. Cross Reference: 00625692 Bosch 17470000001006 17470000008946 2CL3512H (14KV/350mA) 2CL4512 (14KV/4540mA) 2X062H-SKN...
16,00 RON
MC33262P ONS sf4
AC-DC Switching, Power Factor Controller DIP8. Cross Reference: MC33262AP MC33262P MC33262PG MC33262PX VHIMC33262P.
5,00 RON
330uF/200V Samwha
Radial Electrolytic Capacitor, 18x40mm 105°C.
4,50 RON
VIPer22A / AS ST® ti2
Power MOSFET PWM Controller 800V 0,7A 20W SOP8. Cross Reference: VIPer22AS-E VIPER22ASTR-E.
7,00 RON
Suport / Stand / Piedestal LCD/LED TV 22"-60"
Suporti universali din metal (2,5mm grosime) pentru LCD/LED TV cu diagonala cuprinsa intre 22 ÷ 60 inch // 55cm - 152cm cu posibilitatea montarii pe orificiile de prindere ale capacului...
80,00 RON
TAS5613A Texas ta2
150W Stereo / 300W Mono PurePath HD Digital Input Power Stage Class D HTQFP-64 14x14mm original Texas Instruments. Samsung Sony Cross Reference:1201-003309 671681801 TAS5613APHDR.
60,00 RON
TEA5757H 44P NXP ti2
Single chip Self Tuned Radio (STR) AM/FM with switchable 3 wire, I 2 C Bus for MP3 players, portable audio devices and mobile phones, QFP-44 10x10mm. Cross Reference: 20955120 996500022265...
24,00 RON
EPS30ES / EPC-P30 National
Elliptical Diamond stylus for Grundig Marantz Matsushita National Panasonic Technics. Grundig D8510 PS1700 PS1700 PS2600 PS2600 PS30 PS3400 PS7500 National / Panasonic / Technics model: SLBD3 SL-BD3...
145,00 RON
N-Channel MosFet 600V 6,2A 125W RDS ON =1R2 TO220. Sony Cross Reference: 482213011426 830280504000 872992335 BUZ91 IRFBC40LCPBF IRFBC40N IRFBC40PBF IRFBC40N.
6,00 RON
Incarcator trotineta 42V 2A 84W 8x5,5
Adaptor / Alimentator / Incarcator pentru incarcare acumulatori Lithiu-Ion sau Lithiu-Polymer 36V / max. 10Ah. Tensiune intrare: 100V ÷ 240V mufa schuko - C8. Tensiune iesire: 42V / 1,7A ÷ 2A / 70W ÷...
120,00 RON
Incarcator trotineta 42V 2A 84W 5,5x2,1
Adaptor / Alimentator / Incarcator pentru acumulatori Lithiu-Ion / Lithiu-Polymer 36V / max 10Ah pentru biciclete electrice, hoverboard-uri, trotinete si scutere electrice. Tensiune intrare: 100V ÷...
120,00 RON
CR2450 Lithium Pkcell
Micro baterie lithiu LiMnO2 nereincarcabila 3V 450mA 24,5x 5mm. Cross Reference: 5003LC BR2450 DL2450 E-CR2450 KCR2450 Coin Watch Battery.
2,00 RON
10,00 RON / pachet
SVI3102D Sanyo
Audio Power MosFet Stereo Module (2x 50W / 4R 5Hz-50KHz 0,005%) Class A for HiFi Audio Sistems: Panasonic / Technics. Cross Reference: IC501 RSN3502C RSN3502E SVI3101D SVI3102D SVI3102-D. Hibrid...
160,00 RON
Dioda cuptor microunde HV6X2PI
Dioda (HV-6X2PI 12KV/550mA) pentru cuptor cu microunde cu puterea de max. 1000W. Cross Reference: 00625692 Bosch 17470000001006 17470000008946 2CL3512H (14KV/350mA) 2CL4512 (14KV/4540mA) 2X062H-SKN...
12,00 RON
BA6239A Rohm pe5
Dual Reversible Motor Driver for two motors, 20V 1,2A SIL10.
6,00 RON
TA7378P Toshiba lc2
FM Front End and Tuner Amplifier / FM Wireless Microphone Circuit 1,6 ÷ 6V SIP9.
4,00 RON
Curea PEB1060 Pioneer
Curea plata originala Pioneer cu diametru: ∅ 180mm x 4,2mm x 0,6mm. Ca versiune echivalenta, inlocuitoare se poate utiliza si cureaua 186mm x 4mm x 0,6mm din grupa de curele plate MX3 . ...
60,00 RON