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Ultimele produse adaugate

Subwoofer Cross-over Low Pass Filter Chip for Home Theater and Multi-Media Audio Subwoofer Systems.
14 RON
LED Controller Driven to 1/7 duty factor. Twelve/nine segment output lines, to 7 grid output lines, one display memory, control circuit via a three-line serial interface.
22 RON
5-Function Remote Controller, DIP16. Cross Reference: 8A977P PT8A978LW Pericom Technology.
14 RON
Highly-Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller SO8. Cross Reference: SG6842B SG6842BS SG5842.
12 RON
IC controller for half-bridge resonant type, incorporating a floating drive circuit for the high-side power MOSFET SOP18 package.
20 RON
Si-P 150V 0, 05A 5W 200MHz TO126. Cross Reference: A1360 A1360-Y.
High Voltage Input Amplifier Circuit for Hi-Fi Power Amplifier , SIP9. Cross Reference: AN7060F Braun Marantz Panasonic.
20 RON
N-FET 600V 20A 50W 4MHz, Rds: 0.17Ω, TO220F. Fast Switching Speed Rise Time (tr): 60nS. Cross Reference: R6020 R6020ANJ R6020ENX R6020ENJ.
18 RON
Off-Line PWM Switch Converter 10-15W, DIP8.
Radial Impuls kondensator MKP10 / MKP1841 RM 22, 5mm.
Tuner Digital LCD/LED TV: Panasonic TX-32AR400, Sharp LC50-LD266K. Cross Reference: RE231TN TU101
68 RON
DVB-TC Digital Tuner Samsung UE46F6400AW / U85A. Cross Reference: ET01 DTOS40EIH035A MDB2402.
90 RON