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Ultimele produse adaugate

Kit service LED / DLED Backlight Panel TV 47 inch. Setul contine 12 barete ( 3 tip L1 + 3 tip L2 + 3 tip R1 + 3 tip R2 ) cu lungimile de: 500 mm - 6 buc. + 450mm - 6 buc. continand 4 respectiv 5...
55 RON
Si-P 120V 8A 80W  30MHz h FE> 120 TO3P / TO218. Cross Reference: 2SA1940-O A1940.
Si-N 160V 1, 5A 20W 100MHZ SOT186. Cross Reference: 2SC3298B C3298.
N-FET 100V 49A 195App 166W 0R017 D2PAK / SOT404. Cross Reference: BUK9628100A118.
12 RON
Power and Battery Management 8-bit RISC Microcontroller / Highly Accurate Advanced Smart Battery Pack Supervisor Controller / TQFP48. Maxim / Motorola Cross Reference: 1780FV M1780 M1780FV...
38 RON
CMOS LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V Vout, 150mA Iout / 5-24V Vin, Pow.diss. 900mW, SOT89-5. Panasonic Cross Reference: IC2008 IC4501 IC4511 IC4701 IC5604 R1154N R1154H033B. Ricoh SMD Code: J45.
Half Bridge LLC - AC/DC Resonant Converter 18V 600kHz, DSO-8 or SOP8. Cross Reference: 1HS01 ICE1HS01G.
Baterie R03 Micro AAA Greencell 4buc/pack Minions, pret per/bucata.
CD Optical Laser Head 6+6 pins with IC. OEM Original Sanyo Fisher. Cross Reference: 6200626170 6202192468 6142205006 KAV250CD SF-90 SF-P1 TL51Z-MKII.
48 RON
Banda autoadeziva din cauciuc termorezistent pentru instalarea / montarea etansa a plitelor incastrabile. Dimensiuni: 300cm x 8mm x 2mm. Altus Arctic Arstil Beko Elektra Cross Reference: 34086 ATAG /...
14 RON
2 Chanels Digital Analog Converer with SCART DAC AV Routing Switch LQ for Digital set-top-box Systems, LQFP48. Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd Cross Reference: AK4702 AK4702VQ-ND AK4702VQ-L...
42 RON
High Performance Audio Codec 24Bit with two channels of ADC and six channels of DAC. LQFP44 package. Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd Cross Reference: 22241341R3P 875953462 AK4526A AK4526AVW Denon...
56 RON