Tunere TV

BN40-00099A Samsung 50%
BN40-00099A Samsung Tunere TV
Samsung PAL-BG Digital Tuner. Cross Reference: 080920-51C5 BN40-00079A BN4000079A BN4000099A DNVS-356GH-401A HTM-6C/235S LFHTM-6C/235S TCPW3001PD32S(H).
56 RON
28 RON
TECC0949PG35A Samsung 50%
TECC0949PG35A Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung PAL 38, 9MHz sinteza frecventa, echivalent: 061218-52C 55561062 AA40-00025A AA40-00071A AA4000076A AA40-00102A AA40-00176A AA91-10521A EWT-5F6T2 TDQ-6F/125S TECC0949PG35A...
36 RON
18 RON
CTF5510A / CTF5560A Thomson 50%
CTF5510A / CTF5560A Thomson Tunere TV
Tuner PLL I²C BUS original Thomson equivalent: CTF5510 CTF5510B CTF5560 CTF5560A CTF5560B. Configuratie pini: 1=AGC 2=VT 3=ADS 4=SCL 5=SDA 6=NC 7=+5V 8=NC 9=+33V 10=IF2 11=IF.
40 RON
20 RON
DTOS40CIL034B Philips
DTOS40CIL034B Philips Tunere TV
Digital Tuner LCD / LED TV Philips Samsung Solum Toshiba. Cross Reference: 996595005819 DTOS40CIL034A ST42CS-2-E PK31001560W TEPS88480182.
90 RON
UV1316A NXP Tunere TV
Tuner VHF/UHF, configuratiepini: 1=AGC; 2=VT; 3=AS; 4=SCL; 5=SDA; 6=ADC; 7=VS(+5V); 8=VST(+33V); 10=IF2/GND; 11=IF1, equivalent: UV1316 UV1316AI UV1316/A-I4 UV1316SI-A2.
24 RON
TAEM-G084D Vestel
TAEM-G084D Vestel Tunere TV
Tuner hyperbanda TAEMG084D WSP (PLL) Vestel 11AK37. Cross Reference: 30033385 603B0815 1=AGC 2=VT 3=AS 4=SCL 5=SDA 6=NC 7=VS 8=ADC 9=VST 10=IF2/GND 11=IF, equivalent: AFT0/5105G TECC2949PG35B UV1316...
24 RON
DT5BF18D Tunere TV
Daewoo chassis CP385 CP785. Cross Reference: DT5-BF18D.
30 RON
TECC2989VA15A Samsung
TECC2989VA15A Samsung Tunere TV
Samsung TECC2989VA15A.
20 RON
TAEA-G041D Vestel
TAEA-G041D Vestel Tunere TV
Tuner hyperband WSP (PLL) for chassis 11AK19 11AK30. Config. 1=AGC 2=VT 3=ADS 4=SCL 5=SDA 6=NC 7=+5V 8=GND/M/ADC 9=VST(+33V) 10=IF2/GND 11=IF1. Cross Reference: 30048475 TAEAG041D.
26 RON
DVB-T Tuner TDQB3-002A ALPS 90%
DVB-T Tuner TDQB3-002A ALPS Tunere TV
DVB-T Terrestrial PLL Tuner UHF I²C Bus. Thomson Cross Reference: 7001M13G TDQB3-S002F.
40 RON
TD1611A NXP Philips 50%
TD1611A NXP Philips Tunere TV
DVB-T Terrestrial PLL Tuner VHF3 / UHF I²C Bus. Philips / Vestel. Cross Reference: 30060007 311229715521A MK4 TD1611ALF/IHP-4.
28 RON
14 RON
DTCX-11X2S / AK40-00046A 75%
DTCX-11X2S / AK40-00046A Tunere TV
Digital and Analog DVB-T/C High Performance Dual Tuner for LCD TV and Blu-Ray Player. Samsung Cross Reference: AK4000048A BD-D8900ZF BD-D8900S/ZG DTCQ-11X2NS/C3-D5 DTCX-11X2S/C3-D5.
48 RON
12 RON
TETD6-802A Funai 90%
TETD6-802A Funai Tunere TV
Funai / Gemex Miniatur Tuner 45mm x 32mm. Cross Reference: 700100102C 15-03-0101F FD9204AE73 TETD6802A TETD6-802C.
40 RON
Tuner TDTC-G426D / G428D LG
Tuner TDTC-G426D / G428D LG Tunere TV
Digital Tuner LCD / LED TV Grundig LG. Cross Reference: 1106A1411 759551514300 M7D136RLG1 ( 30063523 TDTC-G101D ) TDTC-G428D TDTC-G42XD VUT136RLG1 VUT190R-5
42 RON
TECC2949PG39E Tunere TV
Genuine Original Samsung Horizontal DBT Tuner VHF-UHF 2175MHz. Beko Grundig Cross Reference: 759551241600
28 RON
AV - UHF/RF Modulator Samsung
AV - UHF/RF Modulator Samsung Tunere TV
Audio-Video UHF RF Modulator 40 Channels. Cross Reference: 020525-PBCN 814060177500 MF4000129A RMUP74055F RMUP74055FK.
AV - UHF/RF Modulator Alps
AV - UHF/RF Modulator Alps Tunere TV
Audio-Video RF Modulator, PLL Integrated MC44353 Motorola. Cross Reference: 090513A-OT MDLP3W104A.
UV1316/SIH-4 / KSH148EA PHI/SEL Tunere TV
PLL-WSP Asimetric Hyperband VHF/UHF Tuner. Configuratie pini: 1=AGC; 2=VT; 3=AS; 4=SCL; 5=SDA; 6=ADC; 7=VS(+5V); 8=VST(+33V); 10=IF2/GND; 11=IF1. Cross Reference: 295045010200, Philips cod ref....
34 RON
TAEA-G011D LG Tunere TV
Analog Tuner PAL B/G+D/K LG-Goldstar, Original Service Part. Cross Reference: 6700MF0018A 6700MF0018D 6700MF0018E TAEB-G001D.
38 RON
TUAWF4EG-761 Murata
TUAWF4EG-761 Murata Tunere TV
Tuner BG/DK 46-870MHz, echipeaza TV: Aiwa JVC Orion Panasonic Sony Toshiba, IC C3207G-NEC. Cross Reference: 87A91904010 87-A91-904-010.
34 RON
UV1316T/S Philips
UV1316T/S Philips Tunere TV
Tuner cu sinteza frecventa Beko Philips I 2 C BUS . Cross Reference: UV1316T/SIGH-3 Y51136RPH1. Dispunere pini: 1=AGC; 2=VT; 3=AS; 4=SCL; 5=SDA; 6=ADC; 7=VS(+5V); 8=VST(+33V); 10=IF2/GND; 11=IF1.
40 RON
TECC2949PG40BV Tunere TV
Tuner cu sinteza de frecventa VHF-UHF 2175MHz, Configuratie: 1=AGC;2=NC;3=ADS;4=SCL;5=SDA;6=NC;7=+5V;8=NC;9=VST;10=IF2;11=IF1. Cross Reference: TECC2949 TECC2949PG40B
24 RON
CTT5045 Thomson
CTT5045 Thomson Tunere TV
UHF/VHF tuner Thomson refer 20765490 207654909 CTT5045E CTT5045P.
38 RON
TCPW3001PD16A Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung KS3A K55A, equiv. TCWP3001PD18A(S).
38 RON
TUWRF4EG Murata Tunere TV
Orion Panasonic Toshiba IC CXA3250N original. Cross Reference: 0145517006 144517006 ENV778E8F2 TUWRF4EG-778F2 (TUWRF4EK-778F2A symetric out), disponibil si in versiunea clona la 35 lei, daca doriti...
48 RON
3402 TEMIC
3402 TEMIC Tunere TV
Tuner Beko I²C BUS.
30 RON
TV Kenstar Panasonic Anglia TUWRF4EK-778F2A.
35 RON
TCPQ9091PD27D Tunere TV
PAL BG/DK Tuner original Samsung. Cross Reference: 759551021000 BN40-00005A BN40-00011A TCPQ9091PD27D(T) TCPR005.
34 RON
WUP100/IEC Tunere TV
Tuner universal 11 pini cu identificare automata/manuala configurabil si compatibil cu 95% din modelele care echipeaza sasie tv comercializate pe piata.
28 RON
UV1315 Philips
UV1315 Philips Tunere TV
Tuner voltage synthesized tuning, off-air channels, S-cable channels and Hyper-band CCIR B/G, H, H, L, L`, I si I`; OIRT D/K. 1=AGC; 2=VST; 3=UHF; 4=VHF II; 5=VHF I; 6=VS(=5V); 7;8;9=NC; 10=IF2/GND;...
32 RON
TECC2989VA15B Samsung
TECC2989VA15B Samsung Tunere TV
Samsung TECC2989VA15B.
20 RON
UV1318S/A Philips
UV1318S/A Philips Tunere TV
Tuner LCD/LED PLL I²C BUS V+U PLL IEC BG Standard. Philips service Cross Reference: 313914719341 UV1318S/A I H-3 TDQD3-003A.
38 RON
CTF5540 Thomson 50%
CTF5540 Thomson Tunere TV
Tuner original Thomson. Cross Reference: CTF5540A 21327630 616800021121.
40 RON
20 RON
Tuner for PAEX0183 TV2KS TV2KR TV2S01 Telra Chassis. Cross Reference: AVT5/R100G-(CE) ET-5K1E-EV100K KSH-135 T5R100G-(CE).
24 RON
12 RON
Tuner TDSY-G480D Philips
Tuner TDSY-G480D Philips Tunere TV
Europe DVBT Tuner LCD / LED TV Philips. Cross Reference: 996595005437 3PCR00341C 32PFT5500/12 394GPASEBIL03G 40PUT6400/60 715G7030-M0G-000-005T Si2166-B22-GM
94 RON
Tuner SUT-RE216TN
Tuner SUT-RE216TN Tunere TV
Digital Tuner LCD / LED TV: Beko Grandin Grundig Toshiba Vestel. Cross Reference: 4F104B 759551701600 XYX136RSN1 Made in Malaysia or Thailand.
48 RON
Tuner ENV57K04G3 Panasonic
Tuner ENV57K04G3 Panasonic Tunere TV
PLL Tuner TV Beko Grundig Panasonic C7 C8 K1 Chassis. Cross Reference: 7RZ136RP10 ENV57K04G3RF TEQE3-A05A TEQE3A05A
26 RON
Tuner TDSA-G270D Panasonic
Tuner TDSA-G270D Panasonic Tunere TV
Digital Tuner LCD / LED TV Panasonic. Cross Reference: 4600208119 J3ACAAC00007
60 RON
394G0DVB00T31Y Sharp
394G0DVB00T31Y Sharp Tunere TV
Tuner Digital LCD/LED TV: Panasonic TX-32AR400, Sharp LC50-LD266K. Cross Reference: RE231TN TU101
68 RON
BN40-00231B Samsung
BN40-00231B Samsung Tunere TV
DVB-TC Digital Tuner Samsung UE32EH4003 / UD05. Cross Reference: DTTX-51B/C3 ET01
60 RON
TDAG8-D11A Alps
TDAG8-D11A Alps Tunere TV
Tuner Beko Grundig / Philips, Cross Reference: 1321M10G 1725M10G 2002M10G 2625M10G 26-4100H 2806M10G 32VLE7131 4113M10G 759551607000.
56 RON
BN40-00078A Samsung
BN40-00078A Samsung Tunere TV
Samsung PAL-BG Digital Tuner. Cross Reference: 080314 / CGU3204 TCLW3001PD32S(H)
36 RON
CTF5513A Thomson
CTF5513A Thomson Tunere TV
Tuner original Thomson CTF5513 art. Cross Reference: 616800020091 73340070433.
42 RON
UV1317/AIG Philips
UV1317/AIG Philips Tunere TV
Tuner cu sinteza frecventa Beko Philips, art. Cross Reference: 3139-147-19171A 45000002901 UV1317/AIG-3 UV1317T/S.
40 RON
TDAG4-D01A Alps
TDAG4-D01A Alps Tunere TV
Tuner Grundig. Cross Reference: 759551561800, equivalent: 2528M14H, TDAG4D01A, TDAT042G51A.
35 RON
TECC2989VK24B Samsung
TECC2989VK24B Samsung Tunere TV
32 RON
MRF7UE33 Mitsumi
MRF7UE33 Mitsumi Tunere TV
Mitsumi original tuner (MD+TUN+IF+RF demodulator) Orion Synudine art. reference A0162701001 MRF7-UE33.
42 RON
UVC8311-EW WIT Tunere TV
VST-WSP assymetrical IF hyperband tuner, equivalent: KS-H-791-EA UVC1023-EW Wittis.
28 RON
TAEA-G091D VST Tunere TV
PLL-WSP simetric hyperband tuner Vestel cod ref. 30049082 TAEAG091D.
30 RON
ENV57843F2 Matsushita
ENV57843F2 Matsushita Tunere TV
Panasonic Samsung Schneider original tuner, equivalent: 30036169 64519903233 ENV-57843F2.
30 RON
KSH133EA SEL Tunere TV
Tuner VST IF simetric config. 1=AGC 2=VT 3=UHF 4=VHF II 5=VHF I 6=VS(=5V) 7;8;9=NC 10=IF2/GND 11=IF1, equivalent: KSH133E KS-H-133-E.
30 RON
Lichidare stoc tunere
Lichidare stoc tunere Tunere TV
Panasonic Samsung Schneider Toshiba original tuner hiperband. Vanzare si pret per bucata. Specificati la comentarii comanda modelul tunerului dorit. ECA32L5 tuner sinteza frecventa TOSHIBA - 4 RON...
TEDE9284B Thomson
TEDE9284B Thomson Tunere TV
Hyperband PLL Tuner Thomson ETC009. Cross Reference: 56062250 TEDE-284B.
32 RON
KSH140EA SEL Tunere TV
Tuner Hiperbanda IF SIMETRIC 1=AGC 2=VT 3=AS 4=SCL 5=SDA 9=VST 10=IF2 11=IF1. PLL via I²C BUS.
68 RON
KSH791EA SEL Tunere TV
Selteka OVP KS-H-791 EA.
42 RON
TECC2989VD28B Samsung
TECC2989VD28B Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung Biovision PLL I2CBUS sistem PAL, B/G, D/K 46-870MHz, pinning AGC VT BU BH BL BM NC NC NC NC IF.
30 RON
3400 TEMIC
3400 TEMIC Tunere TV
Beko fara sinteza de freq.
30 RON
2002 TEMIC
2002 TEMIC Tunere TV
Beko ITT Nei Philips Pioneer tuner hyperband PLL-I²C BUS configuratie: 1=AGC 2=VS 7=VST 8=VS PLL 9=SCL 10=SDA 11=AS 12=IF2/GND 13=IF1. Cross Reference: 58231007 88718977.
30 RON
VTSA1 Sharp
VTSA1 Sharp Tunere TV
30 RON
TAF5-E4I22 Tunere TV
Tuner PLL for chassis ETE3, equivalent: DWC-7053B TAF5-C4121 TAF5-C4123 TAF5-C4I23.
28 RON
TECC2949VG28C Samsung
TECC2949VG28C Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner VST +5V IF simetric Vestel 11AK36. configuratie: 1=AGC; 2=VT; 3=BU; 4=BH; 5=BL; 6=+5V; 10=IF2; 11=IF, equivalent: AVP5/5107 TECC2949VG28B.
35 RON
BTPAC411 Sony
BTPAC411 Sony Tunere TV
Tuner Sony chassis FE1. Cross Reference: 8-598-432-00 859843200 BTP-AC411.
82 RON
UV916E/IEC Philips
UV916E/IEC Philips Tunere TV
Philips UV916E/IEC.
35 RON
TECC0949VG28D Samsung
TECC0949VG28D Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung equivalent: AA4010006B AA4010006P AA4000043A TECC0949VG33AS TECC0949VG28B TECC0949VG33B.
42 RON
TECC2949PG28B Samsung
TECC2949PG28B Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung TECC2949PG28B.
28 RON
TECC2949PG28A Samsung
TECC2949PG28A Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung TECC2949PG28A.
35 RON
2950430102 Grundig
2950430102 Grundig Tunere TV
Grundig 29504.301.02.
39 RON
2950430103 Grundig
2950430103 Grundig Tunere TV
Grundig 29504.301.03.
39 RON
TECC2949VG28D Samsung
TECC2949VG28D Samsung Tunere TV
Tuner Samsung TECC2949VG28D.
35 RON
TBVE18127 Fagor
TBVE18127 Fagor Tunere TV
Tuner Grundig Cross Reference: 020919 759547058100 TBVE18127INT1 TBVE 18127INT.
22 RON