Ár 50 RON - 70 RON

STK432-100 Sanyo
STK432-100 Sanyo Circuite integrate
2x 100W Power Amplifier Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: STK432-100E.
68 RON
AK4526AVQ AKM gf4
AK4526AVQ AKM gf4 Circuite integrate
High Performance Audio Codec 24Bit with two channels of ADC and six channels of DAC. LQFP44 package. Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd Cross Reference: 22241341R3P 875953462 AK4526A AK4526AVW Denon...
56 RON
IDP200A / CCM-ML Daewoo
IDP200A / CCM-ML Daewoo Unitati laser
DVD Optical Pick-up Block Daewoo DV-Tech Kenwood Hyundai Philips Samsung. Cross Reference: IDP-200A-CCM Metal.
68 RON
DT51 / SJN45 Nivico
DT51 / SJN45 Nivico Accesorii pick-up
Spherical Diamond Stylus (33 and 45 rpm records): Aiwa Akai Bush Crown Denon Elite Fidelity Hitachi Japan-Colombia Jico JVC Magnavox Nikko Nivico Pioneer Sanyo Schneider Sharp Shure Silver Sony...
52 RON
Optima7C 16PIN JVC
Optima7C 16PIN JVC Unitati laser
Laser Head Pick-up lens for CD, DVD, Mini Disc, VCD 16pin. JVC Sony Cross Reference: Optima7 Optima-7C OPT-7/16P OPT-7C. Original Made in Japan.
68 RON
Tuner TDSA-G270D Panasonic
Tuner TDSA-G270D Panasonic Tunere TV
Digital Tuner LCD / LED TV Panasonic. Cross Reference: 4600208119 J3ACAAC00007
60 RON
Camera monitorizare parcare
Camera monitorizare parcare Sisteme supraveghere
Camera pentru monitorizarea mersului înapoi are o rezoluție de 648 x 488 pixeli și vă permite să evitați stresul inutil atunci când mergeți înapoi sau parcați. Dispozitivul are un unghi larg de vizualiza...
70 RON
394G0DVB00T31Y Sharp
394G0DVB00T31Y Sharp Tunere TV
Tuner Digital LCD/LED TV: Panasonic TX-32AR400, Sharp LC50-LD266K. Cross Reference: RE231TN TU101
68 RON
BN40-00231B Samsung
BN40-00231B Samsung Tunere TV
DVB-TC Digital Tuner Samsung UE32EH4003 / UD05. Cross Reference: DTTX-51B/C3 ET01
60 RON
PAL011A Pioneer ki3
PAL011A Pioneer ki3 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 4x 50W Flexiwatt QILP25 for Pioneer DEH-1400UB DEH-1450UB DEH-3200UU DEH-4200SD DEH-6100BT DEH-6300UB DEH-6350SD DEH-P5200H DEH-X8700ВТ.
54 RON
EPC101 CDM Sanyo
EPC101 CDM Sanyo Unitati laser
CD / VCD Unitate laser + mecanism EP-C101 EP-C101N 16P OEM Original Parts. Philips Sanyo Cross Reference: DA11-16P HS847.
60 RON
AN15862A Panasonic kt
AN15862A Panasonic kt Circuite integrate
Audio Switch IC including the Stereo and Mono System, 13 Input and 5 Output channels, I2C BUS Protocol, IC3101 IC3300 QFP-44 original Matsushita, use in Panasonic Pioneer TC-32LX70 TH-23LX60...
56 RON
Statie incarcare iPod
Statie incarcare iPod Alimentatoare & Baterii
Statie individuala pentru incarcare iPod / iPhone & Apple Watch. LG Heimkino Cross Reference: 500113893-2 EAD60476703 EBR36932343 Dockingstation / Ladestation.
60 RON
TDAG8-D11A Alps
TDAG8-D11A Alps Tunere TV
Tuner Beko Grundig / Philips, Cross Reference: 1321M10G 1725M10G 2002M10G 2625M10G 26-4100H 2806M10G 32VLE7131 4113M10G 759551607000.
56 RON
Philips RC2802A
Philips RC2802A Telecomenzi AV / TV
Original Remote Control for Blu-ray Home Cinema Disc Player System: BDP6000/12, BDP6000, BDP5200/12, BDP5200, BDP3300/12, BDP3305/12, BDP3310/12, BDP3380/12, BDP5500/12, BDP5510/12, BDP6100/12,...
68 RON
STK403-070 JV / PMC
STK403-070 JV / PMC Circuite integrate
Hybrid 2-Channel class AB Audio Power Amplifier 60W+60W THD = 0.008%.
58 RON
STRT2368 Sanken da2
STRT2368 Sanken da2 Circuite integrate
Power Supply Controller for Samsung & Sony LED TV 32" to 80". Cross Reference: STR-T2368.
56 RON
STK412-230 Sanyo
STK412-230 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x100W Sanyo Wafers . Pioneer / Sony Cross Reference: 660017101.
52 RON
TPA3122D2 Texas dc3
TPA3122D2 Texas dc3 Circuite integrate
2x15W / 4Ω Stereo Class D Audio Power Amplifier for Stereo Driving. Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection With. DIP20. Cross Reference: TPA3122D2N
58 RON
TDA12020H1/N1D91 NXP dd4
TDA12020H1/N1D91 NXP dd4 Circuite integrate
Micon UOC S/W firmware Mask ROM Microcontroller QFP128 for Philips L04E L04L L04.6HU. Cross Reference: 935278434557 L04EF1_2.2. SAB8198.1 VCT5RO
68 RON
448-48 Sony bf2
448-48 Sony bf2 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 4 x 83W BTL SQL23. Sony Service Reference: 875957883, equivalent HA13158A Hitachi.
62 RON
FE3284F FE cs
FE3284F FE cs Circuite integrate
LCD/PDP Plasma Buffer Board Driver Chip TQFP100. Cross Reference: 3284F FE3284, equivalent SN755866 TI.
60 RON
SA111-10 Auo / Dreher
SA111-10 Auo / Dreher Accesorii pick-up
Elliptical Saphir Stylus Replacement for Ceramic Cartridges. Alba Crosley Ellax Goldring Intersound Polyvox Samsung Schneider Sony Trivox Uher Zafira. Cross Reference: 1006 13575 5200 208528 CP38S...
66 RON
GU50 Tube
GU50 Tube Bazar diverse
55 - 120 Watt Linear RF Power Amplifier and Oscillator on frequencies up to 66 MHz. Russian Power Amplifier Pentode Vacuum Tube. Cross Reference: ГУ-50 ГУ50, equivalent: SRS552N LS-50 LS50.
70 RON
17PWI20-3 MB20 Vestel
17PWI20-3 MB20 Vestel Module LCD / LED TV
Power Interface Board Vestel service. Cross Reference: 20263046 17PWI20-3.3V 17MB20, IC content: FDS9933 1117-18G or 1117AD18 LM317D2T MP1593DN. Pentru a evita posibile nepotriviri, mentionati la...
70 RON
BD3881FV Rohm jh2
BD3881FV Rohm jh2 Circuite integrate
I 2 C Bus Audio sound controller and dual built-in recording and playing preamplifier, Low noise, low distortion and low power IC SSOP28. JVC / Sony. Cross Reference: 670289501 87A22236 BD3881FS-E2.
52 RON
BD3816K1 Rohm nc2
BD3816K1 Rohm nc2 Circuite integrate
6.1ch Sound Processor with 8ch input selector for home theater systems QFP80, Yamaha. Cross Reference: X5092A00.
68 RON
STK392-150 Sanyo
STK392-150 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Convergence Corection Amplifier 3 channel Sanyo Wafers , Output Curent 4A 18P.
52 RON
121BLM19 NEC 12.1''
121BLM19 NEC 12.1'' Module LCD / LED TV
TFT LCD Display Panel 30, 7cm 12, 1" 600 X 800 SVGA RGB (Red dot, Green dot, Blue dot) vertical stripe, Active Matrix Effective display area: 246.0 (H) × 184.5 (V) mm. Drive System: a-Si TFT active...
70 RON
CM2678A-KQ ChiMei cs
CM2678A-KQ ChiMei cs Circuite integrate
T-Con LVDS Logic Controller CCFL Backlight WXGA for V315B3-C04 module LCD/TFT 32” TQFP216, refer CM2678A CMO.
70 RON
D7519HG / uPD7519HG NEC sk
D7519HG / uPD7519HG NEC sk Circuite integrate
4 Bit CMOS Microcomputer with FIP Controller and Display Driver DIPQ-64. Original Service Parts JVC/Philips/Marantz/Sony Cross Reference: 7519H 7519HG 75CG19H 875910402 875910882 (G096H3A) G140G1A...
70 RON
EPS41 Toshiba
EPS41 Toshiba Accesorii pick-up
Diamond stylus for Marantz Matsushita National Panasonic Technics Toshiba, Cartridge system EPCP38S EPCP-38S EPCP38 EPCP-38 EPCP41 EPCP-41, replacement / equivalent: 711-D7 711D7 711-D7M 711D7M...
54 RON
VCT49X3F Samsung cg1
VCT49X3F Samsung cg1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Samsung model: CW29M064 CW29M164, Chassis KS7A. Cross Reference: AA0900437B AA9715178A ET1002N ICV201 VCT49X3F PY F1 000, pentru o echivalare corecta a versiunii de soft din memoria ROM...
60 RON
VCT49X3F Daewoo gi1
VCT49X3F Daewoo gi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Daewoo model: DSL15-D3 DSL15-D4 DSL17-D3 DSL-17D4 DSL-20D3 DSL-20D4, Chassis SL-110P. Cross Reference: VCT49X3F PY F1 000, pentru o echivalare corecta a versiunii de soft din memoria ROM...
60 RON
Optima610 JVC
Optima610 JVC Unitati laser
Unitate laser CD VCD. Cross Reference: Opt-610 Optima-610.
68 RON
SFHD6B CCM Sanyo Unitati laser
CD/DVD Mechanism Laser Head Unit. Cross Reference: SFHD6 SF-HD6 B.
62 RON
SFHD6 Sanyo
SFHD6 Sanyo Unitati laser
CD/DVD Laser Head Unit. Cross Reference: SF-HD6.
52 RON
TES112704A Peltier
TES112704A Peltier Bazar diverse
Thermoelectric Ceramic Cooler Peltier Module 30x30x3.3mm. Electrical Characteristics: 12V-14, 6V 4, 3A 36W, Max. Operating Temperature: 138ºC, Life expectancy: 200, 000 hours. Cross Reference:...
54 RON
TDA9555H/N1/3I1245 gi1
TDA9555H/N1/3I1245 gi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Philips chassis L01.1A L01.2A 25-29" 110º, PQFP80. Cross Reference: TDA9555H/N1/3/1245 L01HE11.2, equivalent: TDA9555H/N1/3I1290 TDA9555H/N1/3I1244 TDA9555H/N1/3I1412 TDA9555H/N1/3I1413...
60 RON
DAC12B187 Delta
DAC12B187 Delta Module LCD / LED TV
CCFL Backlight Inverter Board 6 lamps for Sanyo CLT2054, LxBxH 210x60x10 mm. Cross Reference: 2994809200 DAC-12B187 V.2. IC Controller OZ960GN.
56 RON
STK412-420 Sanyo
STK412-420 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Two-Channel Shift Power Supply Audio Power Amplifier 2X150W original Sanyo. Cross Reference: STK412-420M.
68 RON
M62433AFP Mitsubishi rd1
M62433AFP Mitsubishi rd1 Circuite integrate
Single Chip Analog/Digital Sound Controller & Graphic Equalizer QFP80 for Panasonic-Technics device.
56 RON
VCT49X3F Samsung gi1
VCT49X3F Samsung gi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Samsung model: CW-29Z404NTX/XEC PS-42V6SR chassis D73A KS7C. Cross Reference: BN0900006A P_TRNPEU_1002 VCT49X3F-F2-000 QPF-144P MICOM PAL NICAM WEST.
60 RON
DTZL1S JVC Accesorii pick-up
Diamond Stylus Nadel for JVC Victor Nivico MD-104DZ MD104DZ. Cross Reference: DT-ZL1S DTZL1S. Pentru a elimina eventuale confuzii specificati la comentarii comanda marca si model aparat; alte modele...
66 RON
SN755867 Texas cs
SN755867 Texas cs Circuite integrate
Plasma Display Driver original Texas Instruments TQFP100, use in Dell Philips Polaroid, Samsung. Cross Reference: LJ41-02760A.
70 RON
TDA9381PS/N1/2L0308 tlr bi1
TDA9381PS/N1/2L0308 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Prosonic Telra W3-A chassis PT92 PAL/SECAM/NTSC, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000007541 935268562112, equivalent TDA9381PS/N1/2S0308.
60 RON
TDA9350PS/N1/2K0172 tlr bi1
TDA9350PS/N1/2K0172 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Telra S1 chassis PT92 PAL/NTSC, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000001631, equivalent TDA9350PS/N1/2K0223 TDA9350S1.
60 RON
TDA9350PS/N1/2L0296 tlr bi1
TDA9350PS/N1/2L0296 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Telra W3-A chassis PT92 PAL/NTSC, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000001631.
60 RON
TDA9563H/N3/5 Beko-M gi1
TDA9563H/N3/5 Beko-M gi1 Circuite integrate
uP Beko 14.2 110° Mono Multistandard (Grundig Profilo-Telra) 128Bbit-ROM 2Kbit-RAM QFP80, replacement: OM8363H/N3/5 OM9563H/N3/5 TDA9563H/N1/3 art. Cross Reference: S-SB8643D S-SB8903D.
52 RON
TDA9563H/N3/5 Beko-S gi1
TDA9563H/N3/5 Beko-S gi1 Circuite integrate
uP Beko 14.2 110° Stereo Multistandard (Grundig Profilo-Telra) 128Bbit-ROM 2Kbit-RAM QFP80, replacement: OM8363H/N3/5 OM9563H/N3/5 TDA9563H/N1/3 art. Cross Reference: S-SB8643C S-SB8903C.
52 RON
DPS9450 Micronas tlr
DPS9450 Micronas tlr Circuite integrate
High-performance Flat-Panel Video Controller Display resolutions from VGA (640 x 480 pixel) to WXGA (1365 x 768 pixel), LCD Driver and Scaler MQFP144, Philips. Cross Reference: 045000001901.
60 RON
ADE3300 ST® tlr
ADE3300 ST® tlr Circuite integrate
LCD Display Controller Engines With Integrated DVI, ADC And Yuv Ports PQFP-208, Philips. Cross Reference: 045500000671 ADE3300LCD.
58 RON
DTTI5516AUA ST® Circuite integrate
Single Module Demodulator And Decoder ic For Digital Video Set-top Boxes Data Briefing, DVB-T decoding and NorDig II compliant, standard Omega compliant, coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex...
62 RON
MAX2829 Maxim tlr
MAX2829 Maxim tlr Circuite integrate
RF Transceiver and Baseband Ports, On Board Line Drivers and Voltage Reference, 3-Wire Serial Interface TQF-56. Cross Reference: MAX2829EVKIT.
50 RON
AN5192K Matsushita dg3
AN5192K Matsushita dg3 Circuite integrate
Single chip IC with I²C bus Interface for PAL/NTSC color TV system SDIP64. Cross Reference: AN5192K-B Matsushita.
62 RON
PIC18F452-I/P Microchip di
PIC18F452-I/P Microchip di Circuite integrate
8 Bit Microcontroller, 40 MHz Max. Speed, 10 MIPS (100 nanosecond instruction execution), 8 Channels of 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter, DIP40.
68 RON
JSY-200617 Thomson
JSY-200617 Thomson Module LCD / LED TV
CCFL Inverter for Thomson LCD-21", equivalent: 56307850 INV050928-V1.0 JSY200617 PLCD0318604-REV.B, inverter trafo: HVT-043 or IVTUI1170020621, IC BIT3105 TZ 4X AO4606.
60 RON
Optima7 JVC
Optima7 JVC Unitati laser
Optical Laser Lens Pickup for Car CD player 15Pin. Cross Reference: Optima6/7 Optima-7 Opt-7B Optima-7B.
68 RON
RAE0142-E15 Panasonic
RAE0142-E15 Panasonic Unitati laser
RAE-0142 E15 CD-mechanism DVD + Unitate laser with IC SO8.
68 RON
ST92T195C8B1/PFY bi1
ST92T195C8B1/PFY bi1 Circuite integrate
uP Sanyo chassis EB7, SDIP56, cod. Ref. 0386906311 M220L0446-2.
56 RON
ST92195C8B1/MPH cc1
ST92195C8B1/MPH cc1 Circuite integrate
uP Profilo-Telra chassis PT90, SDIP56, Telra cod. ref. 45000004151 ST9PSC7-V3NM.
56 RON
ST15D Sanyo
ST15D Sanyo Accesorii pick-up
Diamond or Saphir stylus for Sanyo-Fisher DXT5500 DXT-5500, equivalent: 11441 680-D7 680D7 MC5A MC-5A MC5AS MC-5AS SN26 SN-26 SN26-G ST15 ST-15 ST15D ST-15D. Pentru a elimina eventuale confuzii...
68 RON
TDA9381PS/N2/3I0753 gi1
TDA9381PS/N2/3I0753 gi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Samsung model CS20R1R / KS1A Chassis. Cross Reference: SPM-802EEN2 SDIP64
52 RON
M52777SP-B Mitsubishi dg3
M52777SP-B Mitsubishi dg3 Circuite integrate
Jungle for Samsung chassis SCT11D replacement with modified M52309SP.
60 RON
VCT49X3F Panasonic gi1
VCT49X3F Panasonic gi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Panasonic model: TX-29FG20 TX-29FX50, Chassis GP4A GP4L GP41. Cross Reference: VCT49X3FPW VCT49X3F-PY-F1 VCT-49X3F-PZ-F-1000 VCT49X3FPYF1000 WEST, pentru o echivalare corecta a versiunii de...
60 RON
TDA9360PS/N3/5 bi1
TDA9360PS/N3/5 bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Daewoo model: 20C7GTS chassis CP185G, SDIP64, equivalent: DW9360/N3/3-DE3, TDA9360PS/N2/5I-10P, TDA9360PS/N3/5, TDA9360PS/N3/3/1620.
62 RON
TDA9555H/N3/3 Philips gi1
TDA9555H/N3/3 Philips gi1 Circuite integrate
uP Philips chassis L01.1EAA PQFP80 case, equivalent: TDA9555H/N3/3/1i TDA9555H/N3/3/1413 TDA9555H/N3/3/1817 Philips art. Cross Reference: 935275452557 996500031416.
68 RON
VPC3233D-B3 Micronas tlr
VPC3233D-B3 Micronas tlr Circuite integrate
Comb Filter Video Procesor, single-chip video front-end, vertical scaler for PIP, which is targeted for 4: 3 and 16: 9, 50/60 and 100/120 Hz TV, multi-standard color decoder PAL/NTSC/SECAM. Cross...
60 RON
TDA9381PS/N2/2I1361 tlr bi1
TDA9381PS/N2/2I1361 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Philips TE1.1E Telra PI3 chassis PT92P 90° PAL/SECAM/NTSC, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000006791, equivalent: TDA9381PS/N2/2I1318.
60 RON
TDA9363PS/N3/3/1970 tlr bi1
TDA9363PS/N3/3/1970 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Telra TDA9363PS2 TDA9363PSF-110° PAL/SECAM/NTSC, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000010001.
60 RON
TDA9363PS/N1/5L0282 tlr cc1
TDA9363PS/N1/5L0282 tlr cc1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Panasonic chassis Z8T Telra TDA9363N1-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000007691.
60 RON
TDA9363PS/N1/3L0230 tlr bi1
TDA9363PS/N1/3L0230 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Panasonic TC21PM10R chassis MX7 Telra TDA9363T2-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000005691.
60 RON
TDA9353PS/N1/2S0551 tlr bi1
TDA9353PS/N1/2S0551 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Orion Telra T3B chassis PT92-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000007121.
60 RON
TDA9353PS/N1/2S0513 tlr bi1
TDA9353PS/N1/2S0513 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Saivod Telra T3D chassis PT92-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000006011.
70 RON
TDA9353PS/N1/2S0521 tlr bi1
TDA9353PS/N1/2S0521 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Finlux CTW3227TN Telra T3G chassis PT92-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000006021.
52 RON
TDA9353PS/N1/2K0173 tlr bi1
TDA9353PS/N1/2K0173 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Cinex TV70720T/S, Silva Schneider STV1710ST, Telra TDA9353S1 chassis PT92-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000001651.
52 RON
TDA9353/N2/3I tlr
TDA9353/N2/3I tlr Circuite integrate
Procesor Profilo Telra T5W chassis PT92-110°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000007211.
60 RON
TDA9351PS/N2/2I1192 tlr bi1
TDA9351PS/N2/2I1192 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Profilo Telra T5W chassis PT92-90°, SDIP64. Telra Cross Reference: 45000009821.
52 RON
TDA9350PS/N1/2S0512 tlr bi1
TDA9350PS/N1/2S0512 tlr bi1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Anasonic Telra T3 chassis PT92-5 90°, SDIP64 art. Cross Reference: 45000006111.
60 RON
DN105 Dual
DN105 Dual Accesorii pick-up
Conical diamond stylus for cartridge DMS105 DMS-105 use in Aiwa ANF10 ANF-10, Empire S150-KC S150KC S250-KE S250KE, Kenwood N65 N-65, Sanyo STG12 STG-12, Toshiba N36C N-36C, Onkyo DN67ST DN-67ST....
66 RON
STV3550B ST® nz
STV3550B ST® nz Circuite integrate
LCD and Matrix Display TV Procesor up convertor with 32 bit, programmable digital video output stage direct interface flat display panel PQFP208 Art. Cross Reference: Profilo Sanyo Fisher...
68 RON
TDA9567H/N3/5/1858 gi1
TDA9567H/N3/5/1858 gi1 Circuite integrate
uP Philips chassis L01.2 L01EF24.4 QFP80. Philips. Cross Reference: 045000004021 CF7921.
68 RON
TDA9567H/N3/5/1825 gi1
TDA9567H/N3/5/1825 gi1 Circuite integrate
uP Philips chassis L01.2 L01EF14.4 QFP80, equivalent: TDA9567H/N3/5/1858.
68 RON
DDP3315C-G3 Micronas nz
DDP3315C-G3 Micronas nz Circuite integrate
Display and Deflection Procesor for high-quality backend applications in 100/120-Hz TV PQFP-80, Panasonic Service Cross Reference: 1DDP3315CQ DDP3315CQAE3 DDP3315CG3 Micronas.
60 RON
DDP3310B-F6 Micronas nz
DDP3310B-F6 Micronas nz Circuite integrate
Display and Deflection Procesor for high-quality backend applications in 100/120-Hz TV - Micronas SMD68.
60 RON
VDP3130Y-B2 Micronas shr bi1
VDP3130Y-B2 Micronas shr bi1 Circuite integrate
68 RON
TDA9554PS/N1/2I1295 bi1
TDA9554PS/N1/2I1295 bi1 Circuite integrate
TV Signal Procesor Thomson chassis ITC008, DIP64, equivalent: TDA9554PS/N3/2/1574 TDA9554PS/N3/2/1703.
52 RON
LC863328B-52G3 gi1
LC863328B-52G3 gi1 Circuite integrate
uP SANYO Original Service Parts, DIP42.
68 RON
C1EA-0042 ST® aa1
C1EA-0042 ST® aa1 Circuite integrate
4X40W QUAD BRIDGE CAR AMP. SILP-25, equivalent: CQC1021N Panasonic, disponibil in stoc si CI, equivalent: la 32 lei, daca doriti specificati la comentarii comanda.
64 RON
PC900V Sharp
PC900V Sharp Optoelectronice
Digital optocoupler (open collector TTL out), operating supply voltage: 3 to 15Vcc, V-iso: 5000V, DIP6.
52 RON
DM9161EP Daewoo cs
DM9161EP Daewoo cs Circuite integrate
52 RON
SAP17N Sanken ma4
SAP17N Sanken ma4 Tranzistori & diode
62 RON
SAP17P Sanken ma4
SAP17P Sanken ma4 Tranzistori & diode
62 RON
Acumulator CS-HT6363SL
Acumulator CS-HT6363SL Alimentatoare & Baterii
Acumulator Li-ion GSM 3, 7V-1200mAh, 4, 4Wh, equivalent: 35H00127-05M PDAA37225 pentru HTC Legend, HTC Droid Eris, HTC Droid Eris 6200, HTC G6, HTC Incredible, HTC Incredible PB31200, HTC ADR6300, HTC...
62 RON
Acumulator CS-IPH490SL
Acumulator CS-IPH490SL Alimentatoare & Baterii
Battery pack Lion-Polymer acumulator for PDA APPLE 3GS iPhone 3, 7V 1400mAh 5, 2Wh, equivalent: 616-0431 616-0432 616-0434 GB-S10-374270-0100, GB-S10-374270-0200 PDAA37199 PDA-A37199 contine si...
68 RON
CDM12.6 Philips
CDM12.6 Philips Unitati laser
Laser Unit CDM12.6 + Mechanism OEM Original, equivalent: CDM12.10.
60 RON
TDA9554PS/N1/3 Pb4
TDA9554PS/N1/3 Pb4 Circuite integrate
Procesor Thomson TX807. Cross Reference: 35661290 TDA9554PS/N1/2I0769.
52 RON
TDA9380PS/N2/3/0488 ai1
TDA9380PS/N2/3/0488 ai1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Samsung SPM426AS.
68 RON
TDA9351PS/N2/3I1185 tlr
TDA9351PS/N2/3I1185 tlr Circuite integrate
Procesor Orion Telra PT92, SDIP64.
60 RON
TDA9353PS/N2/3I ai1
TDA9353PS/N2/3I ai1 Circuite integrate
Procesor Philips Prolux / Vestel Chassis PT92 Slim CRT, DIP64
62 RON
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