Accesorii satelit

DiSEqC 4/1 Octagon
DiSEqC 4/1 Octagon Accesorii satelit
DiSEqC Switch 4 in/1 out 900-2400MHz 3dB. Power passing: 500mA max. Include weather protection. Cross Reference: 3D HD Ready ODS41-03 Optima.
28,00 RON
DiSEqC Burst-Generator sk 80%
DiSEqC Burst-Generator sk Accesorii satelit
Multischalter DiSEqC Burst Generator for connection of an analogue and a digital receiver (without IF-LOOP) to one downlead cable. To connect 2 satellite signals to one receiver for Sky Decoder....
40,00 RON
8,00 RON
DiSEqC-4/1 ERO
DiSEqC-4/1 ERO Accesorii satelit
DiSEqC Switch 4 in/1 out 900-2300MHz 3dB.
18,00 RON
LNB 0,2dB Platinum 40mm
LNB 0,2dB Platinum 40mm Accesorii satelit
Universal Single LNB-F Cabletech 0, 2dB, Full HD 3D Ready Digital HDTV. Characteristics: Input 10, 7~12, 75GHz, Output 950~2150MHz, 13/18V 0/22 KHz with 40 mm feed mounting.
16,00 RON
LNB 0,3dB Inverto 40mm
LNB 0,3dB Inverto 40mm Accesorii satelit
Ultra HD LNB Inverto Single Long Neck 40mm Red Extend 0.3 dB, HDTV DVB-S2 Compliant, ULN Noise Reduction Technology. Specs: Inverto IDLR-SINL42-EXTND-OPP Low Band Input Frequency Range 10.7 ~...
24,00 RON
LNB 4 iesiri 23mm
LNB 4 iesiri 23mm Accesorii satelit
Quad Output Universal 0, 3dB (23mm bracket with 40mm adapter) LNB F-Connect. Range: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz LO: Low Band. 10.7 ~ 11.7 GHz High Band. 11.7 ~ 12.75 GHz. ONLY FOR EXTERNAL MULTISWITCH ! RECEIVER...
68,00 RON
LNB 4 iesiri 40mm
LNB 4 iesiri 40mm Accesorii satelit
Digital Universal Quad Output LNB F-Connect 4 receivers directly to the four output of this LNBF and have each receiver independently switch between bands and polarities (40mm bracket). Range: 10.700...
64,00 RON
SAT-Finder Konig / Seki
SAT-Finder Konig / Seki Accesorii satelit
Detector semnal satelit - Satfinder Satellite finder, tester cu afisaj analogic si semnalizare acustica pt pozitionarea corecta a antenei satelit.
30,00 RON