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Accesorii satelit

Detector semnal satelit - Satfinder Satellite finder, tester cu afisaj analogic si semnalizare acustica pt pozitionarea corecta a antenei satelit.
30 RON
Multischalter DiSEqC Burst Generator for connection of an analogue and a digital receiver (without IF-LOOP) to one downlead cable. To connect 2 satellite signals to one receiver for Sky Decoder....
40 RON
Universal Single LNB-F Cabletech 0, 2dB, Full HD 3D Ready Digital HDTV. Characteristics: Input 10, 7~12, 75GHz, Output 950~2150MHz, 13/18V 0/22 KHz with 40 mm feed mounting.
16 RON
DiSEqC Switch 4 in/1 out 900-2400MHz 3dB. Power passing: 500mA max. Include weather protection. Cross Reference: 3D HD Ready ODS41-03 Optima.
28 RON
Digital Universal Quad Output LNB F-Connect 4 receivers directly to the four output of this LNBF and have each receiver independently switch between bands and polarities (40mm bracket). Range: 10.700...
64 RON
Quad Output Universal 0, 3dB (23mm bracket with 40mm adapter) LNB F-Connect. Range: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz LO: Low Band. 10.7 ~ 11.7 GHz High Band. 11.7 ~ 12.75 GHz. ONLY FOR EXTERNAL MULTISWITCH ! RECEIVER...
68 RON
DiSEqC Switch 4 in/1 out 900-2300MHz 3dB.
18 RON
Universal single LNB Palcom typ 0.1 H/V 13/18V 0/22KHz 40mm feed mounting. Input 10, 7~12, 75GHz, Output 975~1060MHz.
24 RON



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