Tranzistori & diode

2SC3112 KEC
2SC3112 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 50V 150mA 400mW 250MHz TO92, equivalent: C3112 KTC3112 Denon / Marantz.
1,00 RON
2SC3133 Mitsubishi
2SC3133 Mitsubishi Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 6A 20W 100MHz h FE =50-180 TO220AB, equivalent 2SC1969. Cross Reference: C3133.
8,00 RON
2SC3149 Sanyo 10%
2SC3149 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 1, 5A 40W 15MHz h FE >150 TO220AB. Cross Reference: C3149.
4,00 RON
3,60 RON
2SC3181N TOS
2SC3181N TOS Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 120V 8A 80W 30MHz TO3P. Cross Reference: 2SC3181 C3181. Disponibili si in versiunea produsa de PMC/Sanyo la 4 lei/bucata, daca doriti specificati la comentarii comanda.
8,00 RON
2SC3182N Toshiba
2SC3182N Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 140V 10A 100W 30MHz. Cross Reference: 2SC3182 C3182 C3182NP. Disponibil si in versiunea PMC la 4 lei/buc., daca doriti specificati la "comentarii comanda".
6,00 RON
2SC3195 KEC
2SC3195 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 40V 20mA 100mW 550MHz TO92m. High frequency Low Noise VHF band amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SC3195Y C3195 C3195-Y, equivalent BF314
0,50 RON
2SC3199 KEC
2SC3199 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 0, 15A 0, 4W 130MHz hFE=120-240 TO92m Low Noise AF amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SC3199Y 2SC3199BL C3199 C3199-Y, equivalent 2SC2488 KTC3199, complementary for 2SA1267 A1267.
0,30 RON
2SC3200 KEC
2SC3200 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 120V 100mA 0, 3W h FE : 200-700 100MHz TO92 Low Noise Audio Amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SC3200GR C3200. Equivalent / Similar: KSC3200 KSC3400 SK3866.
1,50 RON
2SC3207 NEC
2SC3207 NEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 300V 0, 1A 0, 9W 70MHz h FE =35 TO92MS, equivalent: 2SC3207K 2SC3207Y 2SC4282 C3207 C3207K C3207Y C4282 NTE399 TCAT032070.
0,50 RON
2SC3209 KEC
2SC3209 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 300V 0, 2A 1W 70MHz h FE =35 TO92MS, equivalent: C3209 VX4002 ZSC3209.
1,60 RON
2SC3228 KEC
2SC3228 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 160V 1A 1W 120MHz TO92M, Samsung. Cross Reference: 2SC3228Y 2SD1812 C2331 C2383 C3228 KSC2331 KTC2383 KTC3228.
1,00 RON
2SC3263 SKR
2SC3263 SKR Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 230V 15A 130W TO218. Cross Reference: C3263.
6,00 RON
2SC3264 Sanken st1
2SC3264 Sanken st1 Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 230V 17A 200W 18J MT-200. Cross Reference: C3264, equivalent: 2SC2564 C2564 2SD845.
18,00 RON
2SC3280 ISC / MIC / PMC
2SC3280 ISC / MIC / PMC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 160V 12A 120W TOP3L High Power Transistor. Inchange Semiconductor Company / Micro Electronics Components.
8,00 RON
2SC3281 Toshiba
2SC3281 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 200V 15A 150W 30MHZ TOP3L. Cross Reference: C3281. Disponibil si in versiune refurbished, (lot vechi original Japan) test OK, specificati la "comentarii comanda" daca optati pentru aceasta...
10,00 RON
2SC3310 IEC 50%
2SC3310 IEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 500V 5A 30W 1us SOT186. Cross Reference: C3310.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
2SC3311 Panasonic
2SC3311 Panasonic Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 30V 100mA 300mW 150Mhz TO92 h FE min.160 ÷ 460 low noise audio transistor. Cross Reference: 2SC1222 2SC1310 2SC1345 2SC1740 2SC2485 2SC2603 2SC2785 2SC3311A 2SC3311AR 2SC3311AS 2SC3330 2SC372-G...
0,50 RON
2SC3320 FEC
2SC3320 FEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 500V 15A 80W 0, 15uS TO247. Cross Reference: C3320.
12,00 RON
2SC3330 Toshiba 20%
2SC3330 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 200mA 300mW 200MHz TO92m. Cross Reference: 3330 3330S 2SC3330Y C3330.
2,00 RON
1,60 RON
2SC3355 NEC 75%
2SC3355 NEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 20V 100mA 6, 5GHz 600mW TO92m. High-frequency FM RF VHF/UHF/CATV transmitter at Low Noise and High Gain amplifier transistor. NEC Renesas Cross Reference: 2SC3355-K 2SC3355K C3355 C3355K,...
12,00 RON
3,00 RON
2SC3399 Sanyo 50%
2SC3399 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 50V 0.1A 250MHz TO92m. Cross Reference: 3399 C3399.
1,00 RON
0,50 RON
2SC3421 Toshiba
2SC3421 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 120V 1A 10W TO126. Cross Reference: C3421-Y, complementary to 2SA1358. Replacement equivalent: 2SC2824.
2,00 RON
2SC3423 Toshiba
2SC3423 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 150V 0, 05A 5W 200MHz TO126. Cross Reference: C3423.
3,00 RON
2SC343 Rohm 20%
2SC343 Rohm Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 40V 15mA 0, 35W h FE 300 300MHz TO92s. Low Noise High Gain Amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SC343TS C343 C343TS
1,00 RON
0,80 RON
2SC3503 Fairchild
2SC3503 Fairchild Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 300V 100mA 7W 150Mhz TO126-ISO. Cross Reference: 2SC3503-C C3503 KSC3503.
2,00 RON
2SC3552 ISC
2SC3552 ISC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1100V 12A 150W Tf 0, 1uS (15MHz) Triple Diffused Planar Epitaxial TO3PB. Cross Reference: C3552.
6,00 RON
2SC3553 Hitachi sk
2SC3553 Hitachi sk Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 35V 0, 5A 300mW TO92s. Cross Reference: 2SC3553BC C3553.
1,00 RON
2SC3688 Sanyo
2SC3688 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1500V 10A 150W 0.2us TO3P, Very High-Definition CRT Display Horizontal Deflection Output, original Sanyo. Cross Reference: C3688.
10,00 RON
2SC3746 ISC 50%
2SC3746 ISC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 80V 5A 20W 100MHz TO220F. Cross Reference: C3746.
6,00 RON
3,00 RON
2SC3779 Sanyo
2SC3779 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 20V 100mA 5GHz 600mW TO92. UHF Low-Noise Wide-Band Amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SC3779C 2SC3779D C3779 C3779D, equivalent: 2SC3355 C3355.
2,00 RON
2SC3789 Sanyo
2SC3789 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 300V 100mA 7W 70Mhz TO92L. Cross Reference: 2SC3789RA C3789, Complementary pair for 2SA1470.
1,50 RON
2SC3807 Sanyo
2SC3807 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 30V 2A 15W 260Mhz TO126. Cross Reference: C3807, equivalent: DA3807.
1,00 RON
2SC3852 Sanken
2SC3852 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 3A 15MHz 25W TO220F. Cross Reference: 2SC3852A C3852.
4,00 RON
2SC3853 Sanken
2SC3853 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 120V 6A 60W 20MHZ TO3P/TO-218 equivalent: 2SC2577. Cross Reference: C3853.
9,00 RON
2SC3854 ISC/PMC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 160V 8A 80W 20MHZ TO3P. Cross Reference: C3854, equivalent: 2SC2579 C2579.
6,00 RON
2SC3855 Sanken
2SC3855 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 140V 10A 100W 20MHz. Cross Reference: C3855. Disponibil si refurbished test OK sau PMC noi la 6 lei/buc. daca doriti specificati la "comentarii comanda".
12,00 RON
2SC3856 Sanken
2SC3856 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 180V 15A 130W 20MHz TO3P. Cross Reference: C3856. Disponibili si in versiunea produsa de PMC/Sanyo la 4, 5 lei/bucata, daca doriti specificati la comentarii comanda.
10,00 RON
2SC3858 Sanken
2SC3858 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-N Pair 200V 17A 20MHz 200W MT-200. Disponibil si in versiunea PMC la pretul de 9 lei/bucata, daca optati pentru aceasta varianta specificati la comentarii comanda.
18,00 RON
2SC3860 Sanyo 20%
2SC3860 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
SI-N+Rb 50V 100mA 300mW 250MHZ TO92m. Cross Reference: 3860 C3860. Compementary 2SA1497 A1497 DTA114TS
1,00 RON
0,80 RON
2SC3875 / KTC3875 Samsung
2SC3875 / KTC3875 Samsung Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 150mA 150mW β=350-700 80MHz SMD SOT23. Cross Reference: 0TR387500AA 3875 ALO ALG ALL ALY C3875 KTC3875 KTC3875S SL6.
0,50 RON
2SC3886A Toshiba
2SC3886A Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1500V 8A 50W TO3P. Cross Reference: C3886A. Refurbished test OK.
5,00 RON
2SC3902S Sanyo
2SC3902S Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 160V 1, 5A 10W 120MHz TO126ML. Cross Reference: 2SC3902 C3117 C3902 D669A.
5,00 RON
2SC3907 Toshiba 40%
2SC3907 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 180V 12A 130W TO3P, equivalent: 2SD1703 2SD1703A D1703 D1703A. Cross Reference: C3907.
10,00 RON
6,00 RON
2SC3950 Sanyo
2SC3950 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 30V 0.5A 5W 2GHz TO126ML. IF/HF/RF Microwave Power Amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SC3950D C3950 C3950-D C3950-E.
3,00 RON
2SC3953 Sanyo
2SC3953 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 120V 200mA 8W 400MHz TO126. Cross Reference: 2SC3953E C3593.
1,00 RON
2SC3998 Matsushita 50%
2SC3998 Matsushita Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1500V 25A 250W 0, 2uS 2-21F1A / TO264, Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor, Very Ultrahigh Definition Display Horizontal Deflection Output. Cross Reference: C3998.
24,00 RON
12,00 RON
2SC3998 PMC/SGS Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1500V 25A 250W 0, 2uS TO264, Ultrahigh Definition Display Horizontal Deflection Output. Cross Reference: C3998.
8,00 RON
2SC4106 / TT2146 Sanyo 10%
2SC4106 / TT2146 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 400V 7A 14App 50W tf=0, 3uS 20Mhz TO220AB. C4106 High breakdown voltage, high reliability and fast switching transistor.
5,00 RON
4,50 RON
2SC4137 Rohm
2SC4137 Rohm Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 25V 0, 1A 4W 400MHz TO126. Cross Reference: C4137.
2,00 RON
2SC4140 SKN
2SC4140 SKN Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 400V 18A 10MHz 130W TO3P / TO218. High Voltage and High Speed Switchihg Triple Diffused Planar BJT Transistor. Cross Reference: C4140. Equivalent / Similar: BUX98AP BUX98AQ.
18,00 RON
2SC4163 Sanyo
2SC4163 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 400V 12A 40W 20MHz TO220F/ML. Cross Reference: C4163 V6018400 Yamaha
16,00 RON
2SC4217 Sanken 20%
2SC4217 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
SI-N 300V 0, 2A 10W 70MHz TO220F. Cross Reference: C4217.
2,00 RON
1,60 RON
2SC4231 Sanyo 33%
2SC4231 Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1200V 2A 30W TO220F. Cross Reference: C4231.
3,00 RON
2,00 RON
2SC4237 Shindengen
2SC4237 Shindengen Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1200V 10A 150W MTO-3P. Cross Reference: 482213062699 872992281 T10W80HFX. Disponibil si in versiunea C4237 PMC la pretul de 6 lei , daca optati pentru aceasta versiune specificati la...
12,00 RON
2SC4278 Rohm
2SC4278 Rohm Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 150V 10A 100W 20MHZ TO247. Cross Reference: C4278.
8,00 RON
2SC4288A Toshiba
2SC4288A Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 1500V 12A (24App) 200W 0, 1uS TO264 (TOP-3). Cross Reference: 2SC4288 C4288 C4288A.
14,00 RON
2SC4308 Hitachi
2SC4308 Hitachi Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 30V 0, 3A 0, 6W 2, 5GHz TO92 (VHF Wide band amplifier). Cross Reference: C4308.
2,00 RON
2SC4369 KEC
2SC4369 KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 30V 3A 15W 100MHz TO220F. Cross Reference: C4369 KTC4369.
3,00 RON
2SC4370 Savantic
2SC4370 Savantic Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 150V 1, 5A 20W 100MHz TO220F. Denon Cross Reference: 00D2730461001 C4370 KTC4370 KTC4370A.
6,00 RON
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