Tranzistori & diode

1N5819 STM dio
1N5819 STM dio Tranzistori & diode
Schottky Power Rectifier Diode 40V 1A DO41.
0,50 RON
1N5822 Dio
1N5822 Dio Tranzistori & diode
Dioda Schottky 40V 3A DO27.
1,00 RON
1N60P Diotech
1N60P Diotech Tranzistori & diode
Small Signal Schottky, Super High Speed Switching Diode 45V 50mA 40Mhz 1nS DO35. General Purpose Germanium Point Contact Diode.
0,50 RON
1NB60 / FQT1N60 SOT tq
1NB60 / FQT1N60 SOT tq Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 600V 1A 2W 10R SOT223. Cross Reference: 1N60 1N60B 1N60C FQT1N60 FQT1N60C FQT1N60CTF TSM1NB60.
4,00 RON
1NB60 / TSM1NB60 DPAK Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 600V 1A 39W R DS(ON) 8Ω TO252. Cross Reference: 1N60 1N60C 1NB60CP FQT1N60 FQT1N60CP FQT1N60CP TSM1NB60CP.
4,00 RON
1SS293 Rohm dio
1SS293 Rohm dio Tranzistori & diode
Si-D Shottky High Speed Switching Diode 40V 100mA 300mW 4nS TO92s.
1,00 RON
1SV149 / V149 Toshiba 50%
1SV149 / V149 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Variable Capacitance Diode Epitaxial / Planar Type (AM Radio Band Tuning Applications) 15 ÷ 540pF 1-15V Q=200 Dioda varicap / varactor, TO92s. Cross Reference: 1SV149B 1V149 15V149 I149 i149D V149....
8,00 RON
4,00 RON
20NF20 ST®
20NF20 ST® Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 200V 18A 72App 0.125Ω 25W (90W-TO220AB) STripFET™ TO220FP, equivalent: 20NF20 F20NF20 P20NF20 STF20NF20 STP20NF20.
4,00 RON
20R1353 Infineon pd1 30%
20R1353 Infineon pd1 Tranzistori & diode
IGBT N-Ch 1350V 20A 330W TO247. Cross Reference: 20R1353R H20R1353 IHW20N1353R IHW20N135R3.
26,00 RON
18,00 RON
2204 / RN2204 Toshiba 20%
2204 / RN2204 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P+Rb-be (47K-47K PCT Digital Transistor) 50V 100mA 300mW 200MHz TO92 / TO92S. Cross Reference: 2204 2204-RN A144 DTA144ES NTE2360 (RN2201 RN2202 RN2203 RN2204 RN2205 RN2206)...
2,00 RON
1,60 RON
24NM60N ST®
24NM60N ST® Tranzistori & diode
N-MOSFET 600V 11A 30W 0R22 TO220FP. Cross Reference: 24NM60 STF24NM60N.
12,00 RON
2764AI / A2764AI Apec NOU
2764AI / A2764AI Apec Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 600V 9A 37W RDS on : 1R1 TO220F. Cross Reference: AP2764AI AP2764AI-A-HF AP2764AI_ANP_PBF
8,00 RON
2CL74 EDI Tranzistori & diode
High Voltage Low Current Silicon Rectifier Diode 14000V (14KV-RRM) Average Maximum Forward Current IF Max 5mA 80nS Axial-44c. Cross Reference: 5N140A ~ KC121D - 14KV-10mA ! T74A T75A. Cross...
2,00 RON
2N06L64 Fairchild ef1
2N06L64 Fairchild ef1 Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 55V 19A 76App 47W 64mΩ td(on)=4nS DPAK / TO252. Cross Reference: 2N06L IPD15N06S2L-64 SPD15N06S2L-64
4,00 RON
2N2219A CDIL gd2
2N2219A CDIL gd2 Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 40V 0, 8A 3W 250MHZ TO5.
3,00 RON
2N2222A KEC
2N2222A KEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 75V 0, 8A 0, 5W 300MHZ TO92, equivalent: 2222A 2N2222 KTN2222AS KTN2222S KSP2222 KSP2222A PN2222.
0,30 RON
2N2369A Sanyo
2N2369A Sanyo Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 40V 0.2A 0.36W 12/18nS TO18.
5,00 RON
2N2646 Intel
2N2646 Intel Tranzistori & diode
PN-Unijonction UJT/TUJ 30V 50mA (Ipp1, 5A) lp=5uA lv=4mA 300mW TO72M, equivalent: 2N3482 2N3484 2N4852 2N4870 2N4871 2N4892.
16,00 RON
2N2904A Baneasa gd1
2N2904A Baneasa gd1 Tranzistori & diode
SI-P 60V 0.8A 0.6W TO5.
2,00 RON
2N2907 ITT
2N2907 ITT Tranzistori & diode
SI-P 60V 0.6A 0.4W TO92. Cross Reference: 2N2907.
0,50 RON
2N2907A CDIL
2N2907A CDIL Tranzistori & diode
SI-P 60V 0.6A 0.4W TO18. Cross Reference: 2N2907 (KTN2907AS KTN2907S MMBT2907A SMD SOT23).
2,00 RON
2N3055 // MJ2955 ST® st1
2N3055 // MJ2955 ST® st1 Tranzistori & diode
SI-P / Si-N Complementary Pair 100V 15A 150W 4MHz TO3. Cross Reference: 2N2955 MJ3055 TIP2955 TIP3055.
14,00 RON
2N3055 ISC/PMC
2N3055 ISC/PMC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 100V 15A 115W 200°C TO3, High Power Transistor. Complementary for MJ2955.
3,00 RON
2N3442 PMC
2N3442 PMC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 160V 10A 117W TO3. Cross Reference: 2N3442G.
4,00 RON
2N3714 SGS sk 50%
2N3714 SGS sk Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 100V 10A 150W 4MHz 0, 4uS TO3, High Power Transistor, equivalent for: 2N3055 2N3713 2N3715 2N3716 2N3772.
16,00 RON
8,00 RON
2N3772 / (BDY29) PMC
2N3772 / (BDY29) PMC Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 100V / 60V 20A 2MHz 150W TO3. Cross Reference: 2N3772G 2N6254 2SD797 BDX40 KD502 KD503 MJ802.
4,00 RON
2N3773 PMC/SYO
2N3773 PMC/SYO Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 160V 16A 150W TO3. Cross Reference: 2N3773G. Inlocuitor / echivalent cu caracteristici superioare pentru 2N3442 Si-N 160V 10A 117W.
4,00 RON
2N3904 Philips
2N3904 Philips Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 60V 0.2A 0.625W 250MHZ TO92 = ST3904.
0,20 RON
2N3906 Philips
2N3906 Philips Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 40V 0.2A 0.35W 250MH TO92.
0,20 RON
2N4032 NJSEMI Tranzistori & diode
Si-P BJT 80V 1A 800mW 150MHz TO39, original NJSEMI New Jersey Semi-Conductor, equivalent: BC161-16.
4,00 RON
2N5039 Motorola st1
2N5039 Motorola st1 Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 120V 30A 140W 0, 5uS TO3 / 23A, High Speed Power Transistor.
14,00 RON
2N5401 Fairchild
2N5401 Fairchild Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 160V 0.6A 0.31W TO92.
0,20 RON
2N5551 Fairchild
2N5551 Fairchild Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 180V 0, 6A 0, 31W TO92.
0,20 RON
2N5745 SGS® sk 50%
2N5745 SGS® sk Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 80V 20A (50App) 200W >2MHz TO3. High Power Audio Amplifier, Original SGS-Thomson MicroElectronics. Complementary for: 2N3771 2N5303. Equivalent / Similar replacement for: 2N4398 2N4399 2N5683...
16,00 RON
8,00 RON
2N5884 (T) st1 22%
2N5884 (T) st1 Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 80V 25A 200W 4MHz TO3, complementary 2N5886.
9,00 RON
7,00 RON
2N6027 ONS
2N6027 ONS Tranzistori & diode
PN-Unijonction UJT / TUJ 40V 200mA (Ipp1, 5A) lp=5uA lv=4mA 350mW 80nS 250MHz TO92. Cross Reference: 2N6027G 2N6027M 2N6028.
2,00 RON
2N6405G ONS
2N6405G ONS Tranzistori & diode
Reverse Blocking Thyristor 800V I T(RMS) 16A RMS , I TSM 160A, I GT 40mA, 20W TO220AB, equivalent for: 2N6400 2N6400G 50V, 2N6401 2N6401G 100V, 2N6403 2N6403G 400V, 2N6404 2N6404G 600V, 2N6405...
12,00 RON
2N6488 W/O 50%
2N6488 W/O Tranzistori & diode
Si-N 90V 15A 75W 5MHZ TO220A nemarcat.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
2N6491 ONS rg 50%
2N6491 ONS rg Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 90V 15A 75W 5MHZ TO220A. Cross Reference: 2N6491G BD912.
6,00 RON
3,00 RON
2N6508G ONS
2N6508G ONS Tranzistori & diode
Reverse Blocking Thyristor 600V I T(RMS) 25A RMS , I TSM 250A, I GT 40mA, 20W TO220AB, equivalent for: 2N6504 2N6504G 50V, 2N6505 2N6505G 100V, 2N6507 2N6507G 400V, (2N6509 2N6509G 800V).
8,00 RON
2N6509G ONS
2N6509G ONS Tranzistori & diode
Reverse Blocking Thyristor 800V I T(RMS) 25A RMS , I TSM 250A, I GT 40mA, 20W TO220AB, equivalent for: 2N6504 2N6504G 50V, 2N6505 2N6505G 100V, 2N6507 2N6507G 400V, 2N6508 2N6508G 600V.
7,00 RON
2N7000 Fairchild
2N7000 Fairchild Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 60V 0, 2A 0, 4W TO92.
0,50 RON
2N7002 / RK7002 NXP/Rohm 50%
2N7002 / RK7002 NXP/Rohm Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 60V 380mA 420mW R DS(on) min.2, 4Ω SOT23. Cross Reference: 2N7002KCX 2N7002ET7G 2N7002KT1G 2N7002NXAKR RK7002AT116 RK7002BM RK7002BMHZG RK7002BMT116 RK7002T116 TSM2N700 TSM2N7002KCX. SMD...
1,00 RON
0,50 RON
2N7056 SGS 50%
2N7056 SGS Tranzistori & diode
N-FET 200V 19A 70W TO247F.
6,00 RON
3,00 RON
2P4M / ATF2002P4M0 NEC
2P4M / ATF2002P4M0 NEC Tranzistori & diode
Thyristor 400V 2A 4Arms 1W TO202A. Cross Reference: ATF2002P4M0.
3,00 RON
2SA1013 Toshiba
2SA1013 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 160V 1A 0, 9W 50MHz TO92M / TO226. Cross Reference: 2SA1013-O 2SA1013Y A1013-Y CS-A1013Y CSA1013.
0,50 RON
2SA1015 Toshiba
2SA1015 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
SI-P 50V 0.15A 0.4W 80MHz TO92. Cross Reference: A1015GR.
0,20 RON
2SA1016 Toshiba
2SA1016 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
SI-P 100V 50mA 0.4W 110MHz TO92. High-Voltage Low-Noise Amplifier. Cross Reference: 2SA1016G 2SA1016K A1016 A1016G A1016K KT667A9 SMTR2SA1016.
3,00 RON
2SA1020 Toshiba
2SA1020 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P Darlington 50V 2A 900mW 100MHz TO92MOD. Cross Reference: 2SA1020O 2SA1020Y A1020-O A1020-Y.
1,00 RON
2SA1029 Renesas
2SA1029 Renesas Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 30V 100mA 300mW 100MHz TO92. Cross Reference: 2SA1029B A1029. Complementary pair with 2SC458 and 2SC2308
1,00 RON
2SA1048 Toshiba
2SA1048 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 50V 150mA 200mW 80MHz h FE 70 ÷ 700 TO92m. Cross Reference: 2SA1048A 2SA1048GR 2SA1048L 2SA1048M 2SA1048MA 2SA1048S 2SA1048TA 2SA1048Y A1048. Complementary: 2SC2458 C2458.
2,00 RON
2SA1095 (T) st1 50%
2SA1095 (T) st1 Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 160V 15A 150W MT200.
16,00 RON
8,00 RON
2SA1095 // 2SC2565 Toshiba
2SA1095 // 2SC2565 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P / Si-N Authentic Pair 160V 15A 150W 80Mhz MT200, Denon Kenwood JVC Service Cross Reference: 2710147015 2SA1095-O 2SA1095-R 2SA1095A 2SA1095Y // 2730255013 2730255026 482213042124 2SC2565A...
100,00 RON
2SA1095 Toshiba st1
2SA1095 Toshiba st1 Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 160V 15A 150W MT200, Denon Kenwood Service Cross Reference: 2710147015 2SA1095-O 2SA1095-R 2SA1095A 2SA1095Y. Replacement equivalent: 2SA1094 2SA1216 2SA1493
52,00 RON
2SA1142 ISC hq 50%
2SA1142 ISC hq Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 180V 100mA 8W 180MHZ TO126. Cross Reference: A1142. Complementary to type 2SC2682.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
2SA1145 // 2SC2705 Toshiba
2SA1145 // 2SC2705 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P/Si-N Pair 150V 50mA 0, 8W 200MHZ TO92M equivalent: A1145 C2705.
4,00 RON
2SA1145 Toshiba
2SA1145 Toshiba Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 150V 50mA 0, 8W 200MHZ TO92mod equivalent: 2SA1124 A1145.
1,50 RON
2SA1175 NEC 50%
2SA1175 NEC Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 60V 0, 1A 0, 25W 180MHZ hFE=200÷600 TO92 low noise transistor. Kenwood Mitsubishi Sony Cross Reference: 2SA999EF 994300332 A999 A1175.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
2SA1186 // 2SC2837 Sanken
2SA1186 // 2SC2837 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-P/Si-N Pair 150V 10A 100W 60MHz TO3P. Cross Reference: A1186 C2837 Sanken Original.
20,00 RON
2SA1186 Sanken
2SA1186 Sanken Tranzistori & diode
Si-P 150V 10A 100W 60MHz TO247. Cross Reference: A1186, equivalent: 2SD751 2SD1046. Disponibili si in versiunea PMC P-Metal Contact – Thailand la pretul de 5LEI / bucata , daca optati pentru...
10,00 RON
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