Circuite integrate

78L05ACD ST®
78L05ACD ST® Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 0.1A SO8. Cross Reference: 78L05 78L05ACD 78L0SA AN78L05A DA78L05 LM78L05 MC78L05A uA7805A.
1,00 RON
MIP2G4 Matsushita ae4
MIP2G4 Matsushita ae4 Circuite integrate
High-Performance IPD / PWM Controller, 670V 20W DIP7, Panasonic Service Cross Reference: MIP2G40MPSCF.
12,00 RON
OB2268CP Liteon ji2
OB2268CP Liteon ji2 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode PWM Controller for LED and LCD TV, SO8. Cross Reference: OB2268.
6,00 RON
OB2202CP On-Bright ji1
OB2202CP On-Bright ji1 Circuite integrate
Quasi Resonant Controller optimized for high performance offline flyback converter (20-130KHz) in LED and LCD TV, SO8 case, equivalent: OB2202 OB2202CPA.
12,00 RON
24C512 Atmel
24C512 Atmel Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512KBit 64KX8 SOP8. Cross Reference: 2FC 24C512 24C512B AT24C512BN ATMLH316.
4,00 RON
SP6018I SPC ag4
SP6018I SPC ag4 Circuite integrate
Synchronous Rectifier Driver for Power MosFet. Operating frequency up to 400 KHz SOP8. SYNC Power Corporation. Cross Reference: SP6018 SP6018l SP6018S8RGB SP6018S8TGB.
12,00 RON
CD4093 / TC4093 Texas bf3
CD4093 / TC4093 Texas bf3 Circuite integrate
Quadruple 2-Input NAND Schmitt Triggers DIP16, equivalent: 4093 4093CM CD4093BE CD4093BC CD4093BF HCF4093 HCF4093BE MC14093 MC14093BCP TC4093B TC4093BP.
2,00 RON
FSL206MR Fairchild jg2
FSL206MR Fairchild jg2 Circuite integrate
Green Mode high-performance offline Power Switch (FPS™) 67KHz , DIP8, equivalent: FSL206 FSL206M FSL206MRB L206MR L206MRM.
8,00 RON
STK412-010 Sanyo
STK412-010 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Class H Audio Power Amplifier 2x70W Sanyo Wafers , Thick-Film Hybrid IC.
38,00 RON
SQT7011K Samsung be3
SQT7011K Samsung be3 Circuite integrate
PWM Current Mode Regulator IC for LCD/LED TV Converter, TO220F/6. Cross Reference: SQT-7011K.
18,00 RON
AZ1084-33 / LD1084-33 DPAK tq
AZ1084-33 / LD1084-33 DPAK tq Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Positive Linear Voltage Regulator, Current Limiting and Thermal Protection 3, 3V 5A TO252-3. Cross Reference: 1084-33 1084-3.3 AZ1084CD-3.3TRG1 LD1084-3.3 LD33C LM1084-3.3 LD1117V33 LD33V...
4,00 RON
TPS65160 Texas jc1
TPS65160 Texas jc1 Circuite integrate
4 Channels Multi-Converter, Bias Compact Power Supply for TFT LCD Panels TSSOP28. Cross Reference: TPS65160A TPS65160PWPR.
18,00 RON
TPS65161 Texas bd4
TPS65161 Texas bd4 Circuite integrate
4 Channels Multi-Converter, Bias Compact Power Supply for TFT LCD Panels TSSOP28. Cross Reference: TPS65161A TPS65161PWPR.
16,00 RON
CD4052BE / BU4052B kd2
CD4052BE / BU4052B kd2 Circuite integrate
4 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, DIP16 equiv. BU4052B CD4052BE HCF4052 HEF4052 HEF4052BP MC14052 MC14052BCP TC4052.
4,00 RON
LM317LZ ST® Circuite integrate
Linear Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator 1, 2V - 37V 1, 5A TO92, equivalent: KA317 TA317 UA317.
1,00 RON
CD4047 Fairchild jf1
CD4047 Fairchild jf1 Circuite integrate
Low Power Monostable/Astable Multivibrator DIP14, equivalent: HCF4047 HCF4047B MC14047 MMC4047.
2,00 RON
BTS650P Infineon jh1
BTS650P Infineon jh1 Circuite integrate
Smart High Side High Current ProFET Power Switch Bridge Driver, Voltage Operating: 5.0 - 34V 70A 170W TO263/7. Cross Reference: BTS650 BTS650P BTS650 PE3180A.
10,00 RON
R2S25400 Sanyo mg1
R2S25400 Sanyo mg1 Circuite integrate
Multiple Voltage Regulator for Car Audio System (50Vcc PEAK 36W) ZIP15. JVC Pioneer Kenwood Service Cross Reference: IC901 R2S25400DS-E, equivalent: HA13164A.
28,00 RON
STK402-100S Sanyo
STK402-100S Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x60W Sanyo Wafers .
32,00 RON
34B65 / NCP1234B65 jd4
34B65 / NCP1234B65 jd4 Circuite integrate
Fixed Frequency Current Mode Controller for Flyback Converters SOIC7. Cross Reference: 1234B 1234BD 34B65 34865 34A65 NCP1234 NCP1234B NCP1234B65 NCP1234BD65 NCP1234BD65R2G.
8,00 RON
STK2139 Sanyo
STK2139 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X35W ±50V SILP-16 Sanyo Wafers , Philips Service Cross Reference: 482220963459.
38,00 RON
CM0465R Fairchild me2
CM0465R Fairchild me2 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Power Switch TO220/6. Cross Reference: CM0465 CM0465RT CMD465R CMO465R FSCM0465R-T FSCM0465RT.
8,00 RON
LM2596S-ADJ National eq
LM2596S-ADJ National eq Circuite integrate
Step-down Voltage Converter 150kHz 3A (Uin 4.5 to 40V, Uout 1.23V to 37V±2%) D2PAK TO263/5L, equivalent: AE2596-ADJ AMC2596-ADJ AP1501-ADJ AP1506-ADJ BM2596-ADJ LM2596-ADJ LR2596-ADJ MIK2596-ADJ...
6,00 RON
LM833N National rc4
LM833N National rc4 Circuite integrate
Dual Audio Operational Amplifier 15MHz 10-36V DIP8.
4,00 RON
KKZ12 / PAL012A Pioneer aa2
KKZ12 / PAL012A Pioneer aa2 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier ZIP27 for Pioneer DEH-P940 DEH-1500 DEH-1600 DEH-1650 DEH-3550.
58,00 RON
TFA9842J Philips cb1
TFA9842J Philips cb1 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 1x15W or 2x7.5W SOT523/9, equivalent: TFA9841J TFA9842BJ TDA9842J TFA9843J TEA9842 TEA9842A TEA9842AJ TFA9842J/N1.
12,00 RON
MP7721DF MPS ji1
MP7721DF MPS ji1 Circuite integrate
2x10W 8Ω Class D, High Efficiency Audio Amplifier for Portable Device, Power Supply 9, 5V - 24V, TSSOP20 MP7721.
12,00 RON
27C512-20 Texas sk
27C512-20 Texas sk Circuite integrate
OTP EPROM (512KB 8 Bit UV-Prom Erasable) 64K X 8Bit 200nS 5V DIP28. Cross Reference: 27C512-200 875919868 TMS27C512-20 TMS 27C512-20JL.
6,00 RON
ICE 3BR4765JG Infineon ba4
ICE 3BR4765JG Infineon ba4 Circuite integrate
Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 650V 65KHz DSO12 / SO12.
8,00 RON
STA515 ST® lb1
STA515 ST® lb1 Circuite integrate
Quad Power Half Bridge Amplifier 40V 3A 2X20W / 8Ω or 4X10W / 4Ω with 10% THD, PSSOP36. All-Digital High Efficiency (DDX™) Amplifier.
20,00 RON
NJM4558M JRC tq
NJM4558M JRC tq Circuite integrate
Dual Operational Amplifier ±18V 10MHz SMD SO8M. Cross Reference: 4558 4558D BA4558MD JRC4558D NJM4558MA NJM4558MD.
3,00 RON
MP1484EN MPS de3
MP1484EN MPS de3 Circuite integrate
Sincron Step-Down DC/DC Converter 4, 75V - 18V 3A 340KHz SO8. Cross Reference: MP1484 MP1484E MP1484EN-LF-Z MP1484EN-LF-Z-ND Monolithic Power Systems.
4,00 RON
MR4020 Shindengen lb1
MR4020 Shindengen lb1 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Power Supply IC, U ds 900V (U in 180V-276V) 105W TO220/7, Panasonic/Sharp original. Cross Reference: C0DACZH00017 VHIMR4020, equivalent: MR4020-7101 MR4020-7102 Panasonic.
8,00 RON
TPS51125 Texas lc1
TPS51125 Texas lc1 Circuite integrate
DC/DC Switching Controllers Dual Outsynchronous Step-Down for Notebook System Power Buck 5.5V to 28V BGA/QFN-24. Cross Reference: 51125-TI TPS51125RGER TPS51125RGET.
10,00 RON
ULN2004A Texas rg
ULN2004A Texas rg Circuite integrate
Si-N x 7 DARL. 50V 0, 5A ARRAY, DIP16, equivalent: KID65004 MC1414 ULN2004 ULN2004A ULN2004AF ULN2004AN ULN2004AP ULN2004APC ULN2004APG TD62004 TDG2004AP.
2,00 RON
TDA7375 ST® ae1
TDA7375 ST® ae1 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 4x12W 14, 4V/2R 28V 3, 5A SIL15. Cross Reference: TDA7375A TDA7375AV TDA7375V, equivalent 70024AB Ford-Visteon.
18,00 RON
STK433-870 Sanyo
STK433-870 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier original SANYO, equivalent: STK433-870E Sony. Cross Reference: 660073101.
110,00 RON
STK407-090E Sanyo
STK407-090E Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x90W 0.4%, Supply Voltage: ±44V. Sanyo Wafers.
48,00 RON
STK401-080 Sanyo
STK401-080 Sanyo Circuite integrate
AF Hybrid Power Amplifier Sanyo Wafers (Split Power Supply), 45W + 45W, min. THD=0, 4%, Sony service part. Cross Reference: 874992294 991947149.
68,00 RON
FSFR1800US Fairchild lf2
FSFR1800US Fairchild lf2 Circuite integrate
High Power Switching Converters, Regulators & Controllers for Half-Bridge Resonant Converters, Power with Heatsink: 260W, Vin=350~400V, Idm=23A, (Id=7A) RDS-on=0.95Ω, Power Dissipation 11, 7W, SIP9Q.
26,00 RON
AOZ1071AL AOS ld2
AOZ1071AL AOS ld2 Circuite integrate
High efficiency buck regulator for white LEDs, 1, 7A continuous output current, SO8 case. Cross Reference: AOZ1071AI Z1071AI Z1071AL.
10,00 RON
TA2020-020 Tripath pb4
TA2020-020 Tripath pb4 Circuite integrate
34,00 RON
KA 1H0165R SH ja2
KA 1H0165R SH ja2 Circuite integrate
High Voltage Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) controller, Precision Fixed Operating Frequency (100kHz) 650V 1A 40W TO220F/4. Cross Reference: KA1H0165R KA1H0165R-TU KA1H0165R-YDTU IH0165R-2L. Refurbished...
6,00 RON
TEA1530AT Philips la2
TEA1530AT Philips la2 Circuite integrate
Power Supply Regulator & Controller GreenChip Switched Mode, SO8, equivalent: EA1530A TEA1530A TEA1530AT/N2.
12,00 RON
M5218L Mitsubishi Pi2
M5218L Mitsubishi Pi2 Circuite integrate
Dual low noise amplifier ±18V DIL8. Cross Reference: 5218A 5218L M5218 M5218A M5218AL, equiv. BA5218N.
3,00 RON
TNY176PN PI rb3
TNY176PN PI rb3 Circuite integrate
Off-line Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range, DIP8, equivalent: TNY176 TNY176P TOP176N.
6,00 RON
MP1593DN MPS hd1
MP1593DN MPS hd1 Circuite integrate
Monolithic Power Systems, Switching Converters, Regulators and Controllers, Step-down Regulator with a built in internal Power Mosfet 23V 3A 485kHz SO8. Cross Reference: 0IPMG00063A MP1593 MP1593D...
10,00 RON
TDA7379 ST® aa1
TDA7379 ST® aa1 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 2x25W, DBS15 case.
12,00 RON
TDA1524A Philips be2
TDA1524A Philips be2 Circuite integrate
Stereo volume, balance, bass and treble tone controls circuit DIP18. Cross Reference: TDA1524A/V4
8,00 RON
STK413-220A Sanyo
STK413-220A Sanyo Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 80W×3 CH class H, THD=0.8%, Vcc ±65(±42), SIP22 Sanyo Wafers , refer STK413-220AE Kenwood & Onkyo.
62,00 RON
TA2003P Toshiba kc4
TA2003P Toshiba kc4 Circuite integrate
FM F/E + AM/FM IF Radio, DIP16. Cross Reference: CD2003GP TA2003PG.
3,00 RON
STK412-150 Sanyo
STK412-150 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Audio Power Amplifier Class H 2X150W 0.7% ±57V Sanyo Wafers , SIP22 refurbished testat ok, equivalent: STK412-150C STK412-150E STK412-150M STK412-150M-E. Cross Reference: 874901706 Sony.
68,00 RON
LM3914N NSC kg4
LM3914N NSC kg4 Circuite integrate
Logarithmic Dot/Bar 10 LED Display Driver, Bargraph Level Meter for VU-meter, DIP18. Cross Reference: LM3914 LM3914N-1 NTE150.
6,00 RON
NJU7312AL / TC9163AN da4
NJU7312AL / TC9163AN da4 Circuite integrate
Analog Function Switch, High Voltage CMOS IC SDIP28. Cross Reference: NJU7312 NJU7312ALR21 TC9163 TC9163ANG TC9163N.
14,00 RON
BA5947FP Rohm le2
BA5947FP Rohm le2 Circuite integrate
4-Channel BTL driver developed for compact disc players Sony PS2, HSOP28, equivalent: BA5947FM.
12,00 RON
TNY276PN PI me2
TNY276PN PI me2 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Switching Converters 15W 85-265 VAC 19W DIP7, equivalent: TNY276P, Original Power Integration.
6,00 RON
LM224D ST® cs
LM224D ST® cs Circuite integrate
Low Power Quadruple Operational Amplifiers SOIC14. Cross Reference: 224 224D equiv. LM124D LM224AD LM324AD LM324D.
2,00 RON
AN17821A Matsushita kc1
AN17821A Matsushita kc1 Circuite integrate
Power Audio Amplifier 2x 5W 14, 4Vcc, original Panasonic.
6,00 RON
MP2A5060 Fuji lb1
MP2A5060 Fuji lb1 Circuite integrate
Power 2 x Mosfet Module Control for Sharp LCD, ZIP15 case, equivalent: I2GT050600 9JDI2GT050600.
28,00 RON
LNK305PN PI bd4
LNK305PN PI bd4 Circuite integrate
10,00 RON
TDA7266SA ST® bg4
TDA7266SA ST® bg4 Circuite integrate
2X7W Dual BRIDGE AMPLIFIER, 20V, 2A CLIPWATT-15, equivalent: TDA7266S, TDA7266, TDA7266B, TDA7266M, TDA7266MA.
8,00 RON
CM0565R Fairchild kf5
CM0565R Fairchild kf5 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Pulse Width Modulator PWM 650V 85-165W. Fairchild Cross Reference: FSCM0565R FSCM0565RG FSCM0565RJX FSCM0565RCYDTU, equivalent: CM0365R CM0465R FSCM0365R FSCM0465R.
9,00 RON
AN17831A Matsushita ka1
AN17831A Matsushita ka1 Circuite integrate
Power belt 44W/6R SIL12 ref. AN17831 Matsushita.
14,00 RON
MA8920 Shindengen lf1
MA8920 Shindengen lf1 Circuite integrate
Switching Converter, Regulator & Controller, Vin = 180V-276V, Power Out = 80W, ZIP7 for Daewoo Panasonic Sony, original Shindengen.
26,00 RON
LM317K National st1
LM317K National st1 Circuite integrate
Linear Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator 1.2V - 37V 1.5A 35W TO3. Cross Reference: 875901185 482220981847 LM317 LM317KL National SemiConductor.
10,00 RON
STK432-050 Sanyo
STK432-050 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier Sanyo Wafers for JVC SONY ref. code: 670891901, equivalent: STK432-050E.
42,00 RON
LM2576T-ADJ md2
LM2576T-ADJ md2 Circuite integrate
Adjustable Step-Down Switching Regulator TO220/5, equivalent: LM2576-ADJ HTC, P3596L-ADJ UTC.
6,00 RON
uPC1242H NEC ka5
uPC1242H NEC ka5 Circuite integrate
7W AF Power Amplifier original NEC-JAPAN.
16,00 RON
STK4221II Sanyo
STK4221II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X80W Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: 0ISA422100A STK4221-2 STK4221II STK4221MK2 THK14221C2-2.
32,00 RON
STK4913 Sanyo
STK4913 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x40W Sanyo Wafers (Dual-Supply) for Kenwood Onkyo Sony.
42,00 RON
STRX6757 Sanken ae5
STRX6757 Sanken ae5 Circuite integrate
Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulator TO247F/7 IC original for LG Sanyo Sony, equivalent: 0IPMG00044A STR-X6757 STRX6757N.
18,00 RON
KA78R12 Fairchild sdt
KA78R12 Fairchild sdt Circuite integrate
POS V-REG 12V 1A TO220/4, equivalent: 78R12 KA78R12PI.
4,00 RON
HA13173H Renesas ld2
HA13173H Renesas ld2 Circuite integrate
Multiple voltage regulator SQL15. Cross Reference: 0IPMG78431A HA13173A HA13173AH Hitachi.
32,00 RON
TDA4605-3 Siemens
TDA4605-3 Siemens Circuite integrate
SMPS Current Mode Control 200KHZ, DIP8.
4,00 RON
STRW6756 Sanken af5
STRW6756 Sanken af5 Circuite integrate
Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Flyback Switching Regulator TO220F/6, equivalent: STR-W6756 STRW6756N.
14,00 RON
F9223L Fuji kc5
F9223L Fuji kc5 Circuite integrate
PWM controller incl. 2x MOSFET VDS 500V 21.2A 35W RDSon 0R5 SQL13.
18,00 RON
CQ1265RT Fairchild ke3
CQ1265RT Fairchild ke3 Circuite integrate
POWER SWITCH 650V 12A TO220F/5. Cross Reference: FSCQ1265RTYDTU FSCQ1265RT FSCQ1265R.
8,00 RON
24C04 DIP ST®
24C04 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 512X8 5V DIP8.
1,50 RON
TNY277GN ST® kb4
TNY277GN ST® kb4 Circuite integrate
Off-line Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range SOP8.
8,00 RON
CM0465R-D Fairchild
CM0465R-D Fairchild Circuite integrate
Green Mode Power Switch D2PAK-6PINS. Cross Reference: FSCM0465R FSCM0465RJX, original Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
10,00 RON
TPA3008D2 Texas ee2
TPA3008D2 Texas ee2 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 10W Stereo Class-D SSOP48. Cross Reference: TPA3008 Texas Instruments, equivalent: 0IPRP00522A-LG.
18,00 RON
TDA7850A ST® aa2
TDA7850A ST® aa2 Circuite integrate
MosFet Quad Bridge Audio Power Amplifier 4X50W SIP27 for Kenwood, Panasonic Technics. Service Cross Reference: 9898950.
48,00 RON
STK433-070 Sanyo
STK433-070 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid 2-Channel x 60W class AB Audio Power IC Sanyo wafers.
52,00 RON
STK496-070 Sanyo
STK496-070 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier. Sanyo Wafers.
48,00 RON
UC3845BDG ST® so14
UC3845BDG ST® so14 Circuite integrate
PWM I-CNTRL 5V 2% 52KHz SO14, equivalent: TL3845D UC3845D UC3845BD.
4,00 RON
TDA8566Q Philips bh2
TDA8566Q Philips bh2 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 2X25W/4E 2x40W/2E Stereo BTL car radio Power Amplifier with differential inputs and diagnostic outputs.
26,00 RON
SK18752 Sanken ld1
SK18752 Sanken ld1 Circuite integrate
Audio High Performance Power Amplifier. Sony Cross Reference: 18752 875950233 SI18752. Refurbished test OK.
14,00 RON
LA3361 Sanyo cz
LA3361 Sanyo cz Circuite integrate
PLL FM Multiplex Stereo Demodulator, DIP16.
2,00 RON
KA2223 Samsung cz
KA2223 Samsung cz Circuite integrate
4,00 RON
KA2244 Samsung cz
KA2244 Samsung cz Circuite integrate
Monolitich IF amplifier detector muting circuit and signal meter driver.
3,00 RON
TA8445K Toshiba bh2
TA8445K Toshiba bh2 Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit SIL12, equivalent: AI05SD84450.
6,00 RON
TDA1514A Philips pe3
TDA1514A Philips pe3 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 1 x 65W / 4E 30V SILP9, refurbished test OK.
40,00 RON
RSN311W64 Panasonic
RSN311W64 Panasonic Circuite integrate
Hybrid original Technics class H for Panasonic SB-WA535/EE, equivalent: RSN311W64A, RSN311W64B RSN311W64D.
140,00 RON
SMR40200C Samsung gh2
SMR40200C Samsung gh2 Circuite integrate
Hybrid power supply, equivalent: SMR40200A SMR40200 AGCL SANKEN or SAMSUNG.
12,00 RON
STK0029 PMC/Sanyo
STK0029 PMC/Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Darlington AF Power Amplifier 25W ±25-37V Sanyo Wafers for Panasonic Technics Pioneer, equivalent: STK029N STK0029N STK0029NK.
18,00 RON
STK1060II Sanyo
STK1060II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Power Pack Audio Amplifier Output Module 60W 12P. Sanyo Wafers.
38,00 RON
STK2240 Sanyo
STK2240 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X40W 54V 20KHz 16P. Sanyo Wafers.
24,00 RON
STK402-030 PMC / Sanyo
STK402-030 PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x 30W.
22,00 RON
STK4044II Sanyo
STK4044II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 100W 51V 50kHz Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: STK4044-2 STK4044-XI.
36,00 RON
STK4036II Sanyo
STK4036II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 50W VCC ±35V THD=1.0% / f=1kHz RL 4Ω Sanyo Wafers . Equivalent: STK4036
26,00 RON
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