Circuite integrate

BU4053B Onkyo cz
BU4053B Onkyo cz Circuite integrate
Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer / Demultiplexer DIP16. Cross Reference: BU4053 BU4053BCFV.
3,00 RON
BUF08822 Texas jg2
BUF08822 Texas jg2 Circuite integrate
LCD Power Management Chip IC HT-SSOP20.
16,00 RON
C007G11 / P8WE5032 cc1
C007G11 / P8WE5032 cc1 Circuite integrate
8-Bit Secure Smart Card Controller SOP8L. Cross Reference: 1832 C007G11 P8WE1832AET P8WE5032AET.
4,00 RON
C0DBFFD00003 Panasonic kt
C0DBFFD00003 Panasonic kt Circuite integrate
1.8V 800mA IC Voltage Regulator SO6R Package. Panasonic Cross Reference: 561J M740 IC5000 TX-32LE7FA TX-32LE7LA TX-32LE7PA TX-32LE7F/SA TX-32LE7P/SA TX-26LE7FA TX-26LE7L ATX-26LE7P ATX-26LE7F/S...
6,00 RON
C0DBGYY00578 / R1154H033B ri2 12%
C0DBGYY00578 / R1154H033B ri2 Circuite integrate
CMOS LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V Vout, 150mA Iout / 5-24V Vin, Pow.diss. 900mW, SOT89-5. Panasonic Cross Reference: IC2008 IC4501 IC4511 IC4701 IC5604 R1154N R1154H033B. Ricoh SMD Code: J45.
8,00 RON
7,00 RON
C0EBE0000120 Panasonic kt 11%
C0EBE0000120 Panasonic kt Circuite integrate
Voltage Regulator and IC Reset for A/V Processor SOT23 Package. Panasonic Cross Reference: 3887P IC1500 IC9004 GLP24 GP8DE.
9,00 RON
8,00 RON
C1032HA NEC cz
C1032HA NEC cz Circuite integrate
Dual Low Noise Preamplifier SIP8. Sony Service Cross Reference: 875911032 C1032HA uPC1032H uPC1032HA.
3,00 RON
C1237HA / uPC1237HA re3
C1237HA / uPC1237HA re3 Circuite integrate
Protection for Stereo Audio Amplifier SIP8. Cross Reference: C1237 C1237H C1237HA uPC1237 uPC1237H NTE100.
8,00 RON
C1297CA / uPC1297 NEC cc 95%
C1297CA / uPC1297 NEC cc Circuite integrate
Integrated circuit for Dolby HX Professional System, DIP18, use in: Akai Blaupunkt Hitachi JVC Kenwood Marantz National Panasonic Pioneer Samsung Sony. Cross Reference: 00MHC100100AR 875910656...
40,00 RON
2,00 RON
C1EA-0042 ST® aa1 50%
C1EA-0042 ST® aa1 Circuite integrate
4X40W QUAD BRIDGE CAR AMP. SILP-25, equivalent: CQC1021N Panasonic, disponibil in stoc si CI, equivalent: la 32 lei, daca doriti specificati la comentarii comanda.
64,00 RON
32,00 RON
C575C2 / uPC575C2 NEC fd1 30%
C575C2 / uPC575C2 NEC fd1 Circuite integrate
2W Audio Power Amplifier IC DIP8+G. Cross Reference: uPC575-C2 NTE1140.
10,00 RON
7,00 RON
C68241Y Onwa ai1 50%
C68241Y Onwa ai1 Circuite integrate
CRT TV Signal Processor kwte, SDIP40.
26,00 RON
13,00 RON
CA3080A Harris bh1
CA3080A Harris bh1 Circuite integrate
Operational Transconductance Amplifier, SO8 case, equivalent: 3080A 3080AM AN6668 CA3080 CA3080AM LM3080 LM3080N ROB3080.
12,00 RON
CA3080E Harris hc2
CA3080E Harris hc2 Circuite integrate
Operational Transconductance Amplifier IC original HARRIS, DIP8, equivalent: AN6668 CA3080 LM3080 LM3080N ROB3080.
12,00 RON
CA3130E RCA ld1
CA3130E RCA ld1 Circuite integrate
In / Out Bimos Operational Amplifier 15MHz 5÷16VDC, DIP8. Cross Reference: CA3130 CA3130A CA3130AE CA3130AMZ CA3130EZ CA3130MZ Harris.
4,00 RON
CA3140S RCA ce
CA3140S RCA ce Circuite integrate
BiMos Operational Amplifier with MosFet Input / Bipolar Output 4, 5MHz. Cross Reference: CA3140AT CA3140T
6,00 RON
CA3160E Intersil eg3
CA3160E Intersil eg3 Circuite integrate
BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MosFet Input/CMOS Output, DIP8.
8,00 RON
CA3189E Harris rf4
CA3189E Harris rf4 Circuite integrate
AM & FM, AF IF System & Audio Preamplifier, TV Sound Amplifier Applications in High-Fidelity, Automotive, and Communications Receivers. IC original HARRIS, DIP14, equivalent: AN3189 CA3089E CA3189...
6,00 RON
CAT4002BTD hd4 20%
CAT4002BTD hd4 Circuite integrate
Constant Current Programmable Backlight LED Driver, Linear Multi-Step Dimming 25mA Output Current, SOT223-6 case. Cross Reference: CAT4002 CAT4002B CAT4002BTD-GT3 VK08.
2,00 RON
1,60 RON
CCU-TFR-031 TFK 50%
CCU-TFR-031 TFK Circuite integrate
Procesor Telefunken, DIP40. Cross Reference: CCUTFR031 CCU-TFR-031/8K, equivalent CCU-TFR-033.
22,00 RON
11,00 RON
CCU-TFR-033 TFK 50%
CCU-TFR-033 TFK Circuite integrate
Procesor Telefunken, DIP40. Cross Reference: 309368501 CCUTFR033-8K.
22,00 RON
11,00 RON
CCU-THOM-09 TFK Circuite integrate
CMOS 16 Bit Processor for Thomson F15. Cross Reference: CCUTHOM09.
22,00 RON
11,00 RON
CCU-THOM-10 TFK di1 50%
CCU-THOM-10 TFK di1 Circuite integrate
CMOS 16 Bit Processor Thomson F15. Cross Reference: CCUTHOM10.
22,00 RON
11,00 RON
CCU3000-I Micronas kt 50%
CCU3000-I Micronas kt Circuite integrate
Central Control Unit. MOS 8 MHz clock, 32 kByte internal ROM, 1344 internal Bytes RAM with stand-by option, 26 I/O lines, 1I²C/IM bus and Multimaster IM bus interface, IR-input for software-decoded...
14,00 RON
7,00 RON
CD2003 / TA2003 nc4
CD2003 / TA2003 nc4 Circuite integrate
FM F/E + AM/FM IF Radio, SOP16. Cross Reference: CD2003GB CSC2003 TA2003F.
3,00 RON
CD4001BE Texas pi1
CD4001BE Texas pi1 Circuite integrate
CMOS Quad 2-In Logic Gates DIP14. Cross Reference: 74HC4001BE CD4001BDE MC4001B HCF4001BD HCF4001BE HEF4001 HEF4001B MC4001BCP MC4001B TC4001.
2,00 RON
CD4001BM Texas jg4
CD4001BM Texas jg4 Circuite integrate
CMOS Quad 2-In Logic Gates SOIC14, equivalent: 4001B 74HC4001B CD4001BD MC4001BCD HCF4001D HCF4001BD HEF4001D HEF4001B MC4001BCP MC4001B TC4001.
2,00 RON
CD4011 / HCF4011BP NXP fb5
CD4011 / HCF4011BP NXP fb5 Circuite integrate
Quadruple 2-input NAND gate, DIP14, equivalent: CD4011CN CD4011 HEF4011 HBF4011AE HCF-4011 HEF4011B MC14011UB MN4011B SCL4011BE TC4011BP.
2,00 RON
CD4013 Texas ma2
CD4013 Texas ma2 Circuite integrate
Dual D-type flip-flop, DIP14, equivalent: CD4013CN CD4013 HEF4013 HBF4013AE HCF4013 HEF4013B MC14013UB SCL4013BE TC4013BP.
2,00 RON
CD4016 Texas cs
CD4016 Texas cs Circuite integrate
CMOS Quad Bilateral Analog Switch, DIP14. Cross Reference: CD4016CN CD4016B CD4016BE HEF4016 HBF4016AE HCF4016 HEF4016B MC14016UB SCL4016BE TC4016BP.
4,00 RON
CD4017BCM Fairchild ma5
CD4017BCM Fairchild ma5 Circuite integrate
Decade Counter/Divider with 10 Decoded Outputs. Divide-by-8 Counter/Divider with 8 Decoded Outputs SOIC16 case, equivalent: 4017 4017B 4017BCM CD4017BC.
3,00 RON
CD4046B Texas jd5
CD4046B Texas jd5 Circuite integrate
Phase-locked loop circuit, linear voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and two different phase comparators with common signal input amplifier and common comparator input, DIL16, equivalent: MC14046B,...
2,00 RON
CD4047 Fairchild jf1
CD4047 Fairchild jf1 Circuite integrate
Low Power Monostable/Astable Multivibrator DIP14, equivalent: HCF4047 HCF4047B MC14047 MMC4047.
2,00 RON
CD4052BE / BU4052B kd2
CD4052BE / BU4052B kd2 Circuite integrate
4 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, DIP16 equiv. BU4052B CD4052BE HCF4052 HEF4052 HEF4052BP MC14052 MC14052BCP TC4052.
4,00 RON
CD4060BE Texas je2
CD4060BE Texas je2 Circuite integrate
Digital Binary Counter DIP16, equivalent: 4060 4060B 4060CM 74HC4060 CD4060BC HCF4060 HEF4060 MC14060 MC14060BCP SN74HC4060.
2,00 RON
CD4066 / HEF4066 NXP cb1
CD4066 / HEF4066 NXP cb1 Circuite integrate
Quad Digital Bilateral Switch DIP14, equivalent: 74HC4066 BU4066BC C4066 CD4066 CD4066B CD4066BE MC14066BCP HCF4066B HCF4066BE HEF4066 HEF4066B LC4066B MC4066 TC4066BP.
2,00 RON
CD4066 / MC4066 SMD ah2
CD4066 / MC4066 SMD ah2 Circuite integrate
Quad Bilateral Switch SO14, equivalent: 74HC4066D BU4066BB C4066D CD4066BD MC14066BCD HCF4066D HCF4066BD HEF4066D HEF4066BD LC4066BD MC4066D TC4066D.
2,00 RON
CD4093 / TC4093 Texas bf3
CD4093 / TC4093 Texas bf3 Circuite integrate
Quadruple 2-Input NAND Schmitt Triggers DIP16, equivalent: 4093 4093CM CD4093BE CD4093BC CD4093BF HCF4093 HCF4093BE MC14093 MC14093BCP TC4093B TC4093BP.
2,00 RON
CD4094BE Texas mg1
CD4094BE Texas mg1 Circuite integrate
CMOS 8-Bit Shift and Store Bus Register DIP16. Cross Reference: 74HC4094BE AC1412009E CD4094BDE CD14094BE MC4094B HCF4094BD HCF4094BE HEF4094 HEF4094B MC4094BCP MC4094B MC14094BCP TC4094.
2,00 RON
CD4543B / HEF4543B pi1
CD4543B / HEF4543B pi1 Circuite integrate
BCD to 7 Segment latch/decoder/driver DIP16. Cross Reference: CD4543BE HCF4543 MC4543 TC4543.
2,00 RON
CIP3250A-B1 Micronas di1 50%
CIP3250A-B1 Micronas di1 Circuite integrate
CMOS I²C BUS Interface Procesor, TV scanrate conversion circuit and multi-media frame buffer, Single chip the entire circuitry to interface analog YUV/RGB/Fast Blank to a digital YUV system, digital...
50,00 RON
25,00 RON
CM0465R Fairchild me2
CM0465R Fairchild me2 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Power Switch TO220/6. Cross Reference: CM0465 CM0465RT CMD465R CMO465R FSCM0465R-T FSCM0465RT.
8,00 RON
CM0465R-D Fairchild gb1
CM0465R-D Fairchild gb1 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Power Switch D2PAK / 6PINS. Cross Reference: FSCM0465R FSCM0465RJX Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
10,00 RON
CM0565R Fairchild kf5
CM0565R Fairchild kf5 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Pulse Width Modulator PWM 650V 85-165W. Fairchild Cross Reference: FSCM0565R FSCM0565RG FSCM0565RJX FSCM0565RCYDTU, equivalent: CM0365R CM0465R FSCM0365R FSCM0465R.
9,00 RON
CM1671A-KQ CMO cs
CM1671A-KQ CMO cs Circuite integrate
CCFL Backlight WXGA TFT LCD Controller QFP-64, equivalent: CM1671A-KA CM1671B-F1.
32,00 RON
CM2678A-KQ ChiMei cs 40%
CM2678A-KQ ChiMei cs Circuite integrate
T-Con LVDS Logic Controller CCFL Backlight WXGA for V315B3-C04 module LCD/TFT 32” TQFP216, refer CM2678A CMO.
70,00 RON
42,00 RON
CM501 CMO eg5
CM501 CMO eg5 Circuite integrate
LCD Screen Driver IC QFN48.
24,00 RON
CM6800AG CMC cb1
CM6800AG CMC cb1 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction and PWM Combo Controller, 18V 1A 84KHz SOP16. Champion Microelectronic Corporation. Cross Reference: CM6800 CM6800G CM6800GI CM6800D, equivalent: FAN4800 FAN4800A/C FAN4801...
12,00 RON
CM6800G CMC ea2
CM6800G CMC ea2 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction and PWM Combo Controller, 18V 1A 84KHz DIP16. Champion Microelectronic Corporation. Cross Reference: CM6800 CM6800GIP CM6800T+X CM6800TXIP, equivalent: CM6800A FAN4800...
8,00 RON
CM6806AG CMC nb3
CM6806AG CMC nb3 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction PWM Combo Controller for High Density AC Adapter, SOP10. Champion Microelectronic Corp. Cross Reference: CM6806 CM6806A CM6805A-GIR CM6806-AG CM6805B CM6805BG CM6805BOGIR.
16,00 RON
CP1002PN PI rb4
CP1002PN PI rb4 Circuite integrate
Offline Switch Regulator PWM Controller DIP7, equivalent: 1002P 1002PN CP1002P NCP1002P NCP1002PG NCP1002PN ONS.
9,00 RON
CQ0765RT Fairchild ke4
CQ0765RT Fairchild ke4 Circuite integrate
POWER SWITCH 650V 7A TO220F/5. Cross Reference: CQO765RT FSCQ0765RTYDTU FSCQ0765RT FSCQ0765-RT.
8,00 RON
CQ1265RT Fairchild ke3
CQ1265RT Fairchild ke3 Circuite integrate
POWER SWITCH 650V 12A TO220F/5. Cross Reference: FSCQ1265RTYDTU FSCQ1265RT FSCQ1265R.
8,00 RON
CQ1565RT Fairchild ke1
CQ1565RT Fairchild ke1 Circuite integrate
POWER SWITCH 650V 15A TO220F/5, equivalent: FSCQ1565RTYDTU FSCQ1565RT.
16,00 RON
CR5228 ChipRail gh1
CR5228 ChipRail gh1 Circuite integrate
Off-line Flyback Converter / Mos-Fet Power Management Control 600V 10mA 15W 50kHz IC DIP8. Cross Reference: CR5221 CR5224 CR5228T CR5229 CR6224 CT5221 CT5224 CT5228T CT5229 OB2358AP PR5221 PR5224...
6,00 RON
CR5229 ChipRail da1
CR5229 ChipRail da1 Circuite integrate
Off-line Flyback Converter / Mos-Fet Power Management Control 650V 10mA 15W 50kHz IC DIP8. Cross Reference: CR5221 CR5224 CR5228T CR6224 CT5221 CT5224 CT5228T CT5229 OB2358AP PR5221 PR5224 PR5228...
6,00 RON
CR6842 / SG6842 ea4
CR6842 / SG6842 ea4 Circuite integrate
Green Power PWM Controller 30-150KHz DIP8. Cross Reference: CR6842T ISL6842 SG6842JLDZ SG / System General Corporation.
6,00 RON
CR6842S ChipRail ea1
CR6842S ChipRail ea1 Circuite integrate
Green Power PWM Controller 30-150KHz SOP8. Cross Reference: CR6842 SG6842S.
6,00 RON
CR6853T ChipRail jh3
CR6853T ChipRail jh3 Circuite integrate
Green Power PWM Controller 30-150KHz DIP8. Cross Reference: CR6853.
6,00 RON
CS8622E ChipStar jg4 50%
CS8622E ChipStar jg4 Circuite integrate
25W / 4R Mono Class D Audio Amplifier 14V 2A, SOP16 case.
16,00 RON
8,00 RON
CS9803GP Semic be5 8%
CS9803GP Semic be5 Circuite integrate
Infrared Passive Induction Control, Triac or Relay Driver. CMOS IC DIP16.
12,00 RON
11,00 RON
CTV322S V1.2 Philips dg4 50%
CTV322S V1.2 Philips dg4 Circuite integrate
Procesor 8-BIT 128B RAM + 4K ROM, SDIP42. Cross Reference: PCA84C641P524.
22,00 RON
11,00 RON
CX8505 / CXW8505 fg3 50%
CX8505 / CXW8505 fg3 Circuite integrate
Synchronous Step-Down current mode PWM Regulator 380kHz, 3A output current, 4A peak current. Input voltage from 4, 75V up to 30V. Output voltage adjustable from 0, 925V - 20V ±2%. Cross Reference: 8505...
8,00 RON
4,00 RON
CXA1019M Sony eg2
CXA1019M Sony eg2 Circuite integrate
AM/FM Radio, MIX CONV OSC IF/HF Amplifier with AF Amplifier SOP28. Sony Service Cross Reference: 875205016 CXA1019 CXA1019P.
6,00 RON
CXA1019S Sony ba5
CXA1019S Sony ba5 Circuite integrate
AM/FM Radio, MIX CONV OSC IF/HF with AF Amplifier, operated from 3V to 7V DC, SDIP30. Panasonic / Sony Service Cross Reference: 875203529 875203702 CXA1019 CXA1019B CXA1019BS.
6,00 RON
CXA1081M Sony cz 75%
CXA1081M Sony cz Circuite integrate
12,00 RON
3,00 RON
CXA1082B Sony cz 75%
CXA1082B Sony cz Circuite integrate
SERVO + VCO + FOCUS + TRACKING and SLED SERVO PROCESSOR for PROFESSIONAL CD-PLAYER PLCC48, equivalent CXA1082 CXA1082BQ CXA1082Q CXA1085, Sony Original Service Part. 875203229.
12,00 RON
3,00 RON
CXA1100P Sony ba5 50%
CXA1100P Sony ba5 Circuite integrate
Dolby System B-Type Noise Reduction, DIP16 Sony. Cross Reference: 875205721, Pioneer Service Parts: CXA1100PTW.
10,00 RON
5,00 RON
CXA1114P Sony ba5 50%
CXA1114P Sony ba5 Circuite integrate
Audio Video Switch Compatible with I²C BUS, DIP28, Sony. Cross Reference: 875205317 875203227.
12,00 RON
6,00 RON
CXA1213BS Sony di1 50%
CXA1213BS Sony di1 Circuite integrate
Y/C/JUNGLE PAL/NTSC IC, SDIP48, equivalent: CXA1213 CXA1213B CXA1213S.
82,00 RON
41,00 RON
CXA1238S Sony nb3
CXA1238S Sony nb3 Circuite integrate
High Performance One-chip Bipolar IC For AM/FM Strereo Radio, SDIP30, Sony Corporation. Cross Reference: 875205020 CXA1238 CXA1238AS.
12,00 RON
CXA1538M Sony ma3
CXA1538M Sony ma3 Circuite integrate
High Performance One-chip Bipolar IC For AM/FM Strereo Radio, SOP30, equivalent CXA1238M. Cross Reference: CXA1538N CXA1538AS CXA1538S.
12,00 RON
CXA2069Q Sony cs
CXA2069Q Sony cs Circuite integrate
7-Input 3-Output Audio/Video Switch / Serial control with I2C bus Protocol S2-Compatible, QFP-64. Grundig Hitachi JVC Sony Cross Reference: 759551312700 875208004 T100100081A VHICXA2069Q1 VS30016289.
42,00 RON
CXA2089Q Sony tlr 40%
CXA2089Q Sony tlr Circuite integrate
S2-Compatible 5-Input 2-Output Audio/Video Switch QFP-48, Philips. Cross Reference: 045000003081.
42,00 RON
25,00 RON
CXA2140S Sony la3
CXA2140S Sony la3 Circuite integrate
Audio Multiplexing Decoder, Multi-channel System with I²C BUS, Stereo demodulation, SAP (Separate Audio Program) demodulation, DBX noise reduction and sound procesor, SDIP30. Art. ref. CXA2140...
52,00 RON
CXA3809AM / A3809M Sony ac4
CXA3809AM / A3809M Sony ac4 Circuite integrate
Power-factor correction and Resonant Backlight Controller for Sony LCD-LED KDL-22EX302 KLV-22BX300 KLV-26BX300 KLV-32BX300 KLV-32NX500 KLV-40BX400 KLV-40NX500 s.a. Cross Reference: 8-753-344-89...
28,00 RON
CXD1125Q / CXD2507AQ rh4 11%
CXD1125Q / CXD2507AQ rh4 Circuite integrate
10Bit Digital / Analog Converter S/PDIF QFP80 for CD-DVD Aiwa Denon Kenwood JVC Onkyo Pioneer Thomson Sony Cross Reference: 8752233134 8-752-2331-34 875233134 8-752-331-34 875994702 8-759-947-02...
26,00 RON
23,00 RON
CXD1130Q / CXD1135Q la3
CXD1130Q / CXD1135Q la3 Circuite integrate
MOS Digital Analog Convertor S/PDIF QFP80 for CD-DVD Aiwa Denon Kenwood JVC Onkyo Pioneer Thomson Sony Cross Reference: 875232846 8-752-328-46 CXD1135QZ CXD1135.
28,00 RON
CXD1167Q Sony pg4 8%
CXD1167Q Sony pg4 Circuite integrate
10Bit Digital Signal LSI Processor & Sampling Digital Filter QFP80 for Hi-Fi audio Systems: Akai Aiwa Denon Kenwood JVC Nakamiki Onkyo Pioneer Thomson Sony Cross Reference: 4900081563 875233428...
34,00 RON
31,00 RON
CXD2518Q Sony hq4 40%
CXD2518Q Sony hq4 Circuite integrate
Digital Signal & Servo Control QFP-80 for PlayStation and CD-DVD Aiwa Denon Kenwood JVC Onkyo Pioneer Schneider Sony Thomson, equivalent: CXD2518 CXD2518AQ. Genuine Sony Repair Service Part: #...
22,00 RON
13,00 RON
CXD2560M Sony jj1
CXD2560M Sony jj1 Circuite integrate
Audio Digital Analog Converter with Digital Filter SOP24, Sony Service Cross Reference: 875234265.
22,00 RON
CXD9750L S-Master pc1
CXD9750L S-Master pc1 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier for Sony Home Theater Hi-Fi System. 2x 70W RMS 4R 1KHz THD 10%. Cross Reference: 670328801.
46,00 RON
CXD9774M Sony ma1
CXD9774M Sony ma1 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier HSOP36, original for Sony DAV-SB300, art ref. 670480201.
40,00 RON
CXD9775M Sony ma1 50%
CXD9775M Sony ma1 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier HSOP36 original for Sony CMT-CPX22, art ref. 670569501.
54,00 RON
27,00 RON
CXD9841M Sony cs
CXD9841M Sony cs Circuite integrate
Pulse Width Modulated Control Circuit SOP32 or SOP24, original Sony. Cross Reference: 670958101 CXD9841D CXD9841M-H.
58,00 RON
CXD9841P Sony cs 50%
CXD9841P Sony cs Circuite integrate
Pulse Width Modulated Control Circuit DIP18. Cross Reference: 670774901 CXD9841PS MCZ3001D MCZ3001DB.
48,00 RON
24,00 RON
CXD9845M Sony cs 9%
CXD9845M Sony cs Circuite integrate
Stereo / Dual Audio Digital Power Amplifier HSOP36. Cross Reference: 671013401 670762901 CXD9845AM CXD9845D CXD9845M-H.
42,00 RON
38,00 RON
CXD9969P Sony pg4
CXD9969P Sony pg4 Circuite integrate
Pulse Width Modulated Control Circuit, Voltage Regulator and Driver IC DIP16. Use in Sony Power Supply Module PSC10265H: G2BE G6N G9A G10 G11 Chassis. Cross Reference: 1-474-163-41 147416341...
28,00 RON
CXP50112-118 Hitachi fa3 20%
CXP50112-118 Hitachi fa3 Circuite integrate
CMOS 4-Bit Single Chip Microcomputer 32KHz timer/counter. Fluorescent display tube controller / driver, QFP80. Aiwa / Kenwood / Onkyo / Pioneer / Sony Service Cross Reference: 22240320AB P50112,...
110,00 RON
88,00 RON
CXP5016H Sony fa3 10%
CXP5016H Sony fa3 Circuite integrate
CMOS 4-Bit Single Chip Microcomputer 4, 19MHz timer/counter. Fluorescent display tube controller / driver, QFP64. Aiwa / Kenwood / Onkyo / Pioneer / Sony Service Cross Reference: 875207089 875280259...
100,00 RON
90,00 RON
D16312 / PT6312 cs
D16312 / PT6312 cs Circuite integrate
Driver / Controller for FIP (Fluorescent Indicator Panel) or VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) QFP44, equivalent: D16312EN D16312GB PT6312B PT6312BLQ PT6312LQ SC16312 V6312 uPD16312B μPD16312.
6,00 RON
D2011K / SQD2011K pj1
D2011K / SQD2011K pj1 Circuite integrate
PFC Switching Power Supply Control with FET Driver IC DIP8. Cross Reference: D2011 SQD2011 STR3A453D.
18,00 RON
D2822 Matsushita gc5
D2822 Matsushita gc5 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 2X1, 2W, equivalent: KA2209B L2722M LS2822M NJM2073M U2822B U2823B, DIP8.
2,00 RON
D3011K / SQD3011K ph3 50%
D3011K / SQD3011K ph3 Circuite integrate
PFC Switching Power Supply Control with FET Driver 50÷100W, DIP8 package. Cross Reference: D3011 SQD3011 STR3A453D.
28,00 RON
14,00 RON
D7519HG / uPD7519HG NEC sk 40%
D7519HG / uPD7519HG NEC sk Circuite integrate
4 Bit CMOS Microcomputer with FIP Controller and Display Driver DIPQ-64. Original Service Parts JVC/Philips/Marantz/Sony Cross Reference: 7519H 7519HG 75CG19H 875910402 875910882 (G096H3A) G140G1A...
70,00 RON
42,00 RON
D9003 / BD9003F Rohm be5
D9003 / BD9003F Rohm be5 Circuite integrate
DC/DC Switching Regulator SOP8 package. Panasonic Cross Reference: BD9003F-E2 C0DBAMH00018 IC3800.
14,00 RON
DAP011 ONS nc2
DAP011 ONS nc2 Circuite integrate
Power Supply Control IC for LCD TV SOP14. Cross Reference: DAP011C DAP011D DAP011DR.
14,00 RON
DAP013 / NCP1336 ONS nc2
DAP013 / NCP1336 ONS nc2 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Current Mode Controller for High Power Universal Off-Line Supplies SOP14(13). Cross Reference: AND8331 AND8331D DAP013B DAP013C DAP013D DAP013DR NCP1336A NCP1336AG NCP1336B NCP1336BG...
18,00 RON
DAP019BT NXP pe2 10%
DAP019BT NXP pe2 Circuite integrate
Power Supply Control IC for LCD/LED TV SOP16. Philips Cross Reference: DAP019D DAP019AT.
28,00 RON
25,00 RON
DAP02 Motorola ra1
DAP02 Motorola ra1 Circuite integrate
Highly-Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller SO8. Cross Reference: DAP02AL DAP02ALSZ.
12,00 RON
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