Circuite integrate

AN7522N DIV kc2
AN7522N DIV kc2 Circuite integrate
Power Audio Amplifier 2x5W 13, 5V, equivalent: AN17821A AN7522 CD7522 CD7522CS.
3,00 RON
AN7062 Matsushita da2
AN7062 Matsushita da2 Circuite integrate
Predriver Audio Amplifier of 60W class Hi-Fi , DIP18. Cross Reference: AN7062N Panasonic/Matsushita Marantz HC108380R.
28,00 RON
LA4627 / TA8227P bd2
LA4627 / TA8227P bd2 Circuite integrate
Dual Audio Amplifier 2x 2.5W/4E 12V DIP12+B. Cross Reference: CD8227 CD8227GP D8227 ECG5157 NTE7157 TA8217P TA8227 UTC8227.
3,00 RON
TC9153AP Toshiba bh2
TC9153AP Toshiba bh2 Circuite integrate
ELECTRONIC VOLUME CONTROL, equivalent: TC9153 TC9153A TC9153P SC9153, DIP16.
5,00 RON
TDA1220B SGS cz
TDA1220B SGS cz Circuite integrate
AM / FM High Quality Radio (FM bands including 450KHz narrow band). High sensitivity and low noise IF amplifier with internal AGC, Limiter Quadrature Detector and Audio Preamplifier Double Balanced...
3,00 RON
STK4142II Sanyo
STK4142II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier SIP18 Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: STK4142MK2 THK14142C2-2F.
24,00 RON
STK8050 Technics
STK8050 Technics Circuite integrate
Hybrid 55W ±34-56V 10A for Audio device: Panasonic Technics.
58,00 RON
STRF6654 Sanken ld2
STRF6654 Sanken ld2 Circuite integrate
SMPS Current Mode Control 650V 92W original Sanken for Daewoo Hitachi JVC Panasonic Toshiba, equivalent: STR-F6654 LF1352 0ISK665413A.
14,00 RON
STRG5653 Sanken gg5
STRG5653 Sanken gg5 Circuite integrate
SMPS-IC Off line switching regulator Platinium. Cross Reference: STR G5653.
7,00 RON
STV5112 ST® mf1
STV5112 ST® mf1 Circuite integrate
8,00 RON
STV9306 ST® ag1
STV9306 ST® ag1 Circuite integrate
Fully I²C controlled DMOS Power Half-bridge Amplifier DC Coupled Operation Internal Flyback Generator (Up to 60 V) Self Adapted Sawtooth (50/60 Hz) 100 Hz Operation Vertical Linearity, Amplitude and...
32,00 RON
MAX232 DIP Maxim tq
MAX232 DIP Maxim tq Circuite integrate
Multichannel RS-232 Drivers / Receivers EIA/TIA-232E and V 28/V 24 communications interfaces, DIP16. Cross Reference: EIA232 ICL232 MAX232CPE MAX232N.
3,00 RON
MC34063A / KA34063A ad4
MC34063A / KA34063A ad4 Circuite integrate
DC/DC CONTROLLER 3-40V 1, 5A 100KHz +70°C, DIP8. Cross Reference: 063A 063AC 34063A CHN34063A HTC3403A KA34063AN MC34063AB MC34063AC MC34063AN SHANA0000515.
3,00 RON
MC34063AD Motorola tq
MC34063AD Motorola tq Circuite integrate
DC/DC Converter, 3-40V Input, Output Switch Current of 1.5A Without External, Frequency Operation 100KHz SO8, equivalent: 063A 063AC 063AD 34063 34063A KA34063AD MC34063AL UTC34063.
3,00 RON
TDA8571J Philips ab1
TDA8571J Philips ab1 Circuite integrate
Class B 4 x 40W BTL Quad car radio Power Amplifier, equivalent: TDA8571 TDA8571J/N2.
16,00 RON
TL074CN ST® lc2
TL074CN ST® lc2 Circuite integrate
JFET ±18V Quad Low Noise Operational Amplifier, DIP14. Disponibil si LF347N Texas Instruments la pretul de 6 lei, daca doriti aceasta versiune specificati la "comentarii comanda".
2,00 RON
UC3844B DIP sdt
UC3844B DIP sdt Circuite integrate
Boost Flyback PWM Driver / Controller DIP8, equivalent: AP3844CP IP3844N UC3844BN UC3844BNG.
2,00 RON
uPC1270H NEC kf4
uPC1270H NEC kf4 Circuite integrate
30-50W Hi-Fi Power Amplifier Driver and protection circuit, Supply Voltage ±50V 0, 2A SIL12.
16,00 RON
uPC2581V NEC mg1
uPC2581V NEC mg1 Circuite integrate
Dual Power Driver Amplifier 100-130W ZIP15, Sony Kenwood. Cross Reference: 875932652 C2581V PC2581V uPC2581.
52,00 RON
FSFR1700US Fairchild lf2
FSFR1700US Fairchild lf2 Circuite integrate
High Power Switching Converters, Regulators & Controllers for Half-Bridge Resonant Converters, Power with Heatsink: 200W, Vin=350~400V, Idm=20A, (Id=3, 9A) RDS-on=1.25Ω, Power Dissipation 11, 6W,...
22,00 RON
7M0880 Fairchild md2
7M0880 Fairchild md2 Circuite integrate
DC-DC Wandler. Cross Reference: 7M0880 7M0880TU KA7M0880 KA7M0880TU FS07880 FS07880TU FS7M0880-YDTU.
18,00 RON
STRW6556A Sanken ge5
STRW6556A Sanken ge5 Circuite integrate
Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Flyback Switching for JVC, equivalent: STRW6556 STR-W6556A-F5.
10,00 RON
TNY266PN PI rb4
TNY266PN PI rb4 Circuite integrate
6,00 RON
L6598 ST® le1
L6598 ST® le1 Circuite integrate
Off-line controller resonant half-bridge converter, DIP16.
9,00 RON
LA78045 Sanyo lb2
LA78045 Sanyo lb2 Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit TO220/7.
6,00 RON
IR2153 IR lg1
IR2153 IR lg1 Circuite integrate
Self Oscillating Half Bridge Driver for IGBT & MOS, DIP8. Cross Reference: IR2153P IR2153PBF.
6,00 RON
AN7523N Matsushita pi3
AN7523N Matsushita pi3 Circuite integrate
4W ONE CHANNEL AUDIO AMP. SIP9, equivalent AI0FSP75230 AN7523 CD7523CS VHIAN75231.
4,00 RON
RSN315H42C Matsushita
RSN315H42C Matsushita Circuite integrate
4 Channel High Performance Audio Amplifier 4 x 75W (300W) DC: 28V-48Vcc, HYB-18, original Panasonic / Technics, equivalent: RSN315H42 RSN315H42CP RSN315H42B-P RSN315H42BP RSN315H42P.
140,00 RON
SE110 Sanken sdt
SE110 Sanken sdt Circuite integrate
Error Amplifier TO220. Cross Reference: SE110N.
3,00 RON
LM7824 ST® sdt
LM7824 ST® sdt Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 24V 1.5A 4% TO220, equivalent: 0IKE782400C 7824C 7824CV 7824-FSC KA7824 KIA7824API MC7824 L7824 LM7824CV UA7824.
1,50 RON
AN17830A Matsushita na2
AN17830A Matsushita na2 Circuite integrate
Power Audio Amplifier, IC original Matsushita. Cross Reference: AN17830.
12,00 RON
DPM001TIA Daewoo pb1
DPM001TIA Daewoo pb1 Circuite integrate
Hybrid Power Supply Control for Daewoo CP005 chassis, equivalent: 4850M04710 DPM001TA DPM001T1A DPM001TI DW0507.
32,00 RON
LA7845N Sanyo ac3
LA7845N Sanyo ac3 Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit SIL7.
6,00 RON
LM393N Philips cs
LM393N Philips cs Circuite integrate
Dual LOW-PWR.±18W, DIP8.
1,00 RON
FAN7711N Fairchild ra3
FAN7711N Fairchild ra3 Circuite integrate
High voltage ballast control IC, DIP8, equivalent: FAN7711.
10,00 RON
TDA4864AJ NXP lb1
TDA4864AJ NXP lb1 Circuite integrate
deflection boosters vertical deflection systems for frame freq 200Hz, equivalent: TDA4864J.
8,00 RON
STK795-813 Sanyo
STK795-813 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Y-SUS PDP Driver Amplifier. Cross Reference: AEF32339501 original Sanyo.
120,00 RON
MP3398A MPS rc4 50%
MP3398A MPS rc4 Circuite integrate
LED Driver Step up Controller 4Channels 55V 350mA/string 1, 56W SOIC16. Cross Reference: 3398AGS 3398S MP3398A MP3398ES MP3398CH MP3398AGS MP3398SGY MP3398SGS by Monolithic Power Systems.
18,00 RON
9,00 RON
DN6851 Hall Panasonic 50%
DN6851 Hall Panasonic Circuite integrate
Unipolar Hall Effect Sensor TO92 case. Operating in Alternative Magnetic Field. Supply Voltage Range V CC =3.6 to 16V. Cross Reference: 6851 6851A DN6851A - Transducers Magnetic Sensors: position...
8,00 RON
4,00 RON
ICE 2A280Z Infineon jj1 50%
ICE 2A280Z Infineon jj1 Circuite integrate
SMPS CNTRL IC 800V 14, 8A 50W 0, 9R 100KHz DIP7. Cross Reference: ICE2A280 ICE2A280Z.
16,00 RON
8,00 RON
OB5269CP On-Bright kg3 50%
OB5269CP On-Bright kg3 Circuite integrate
High Voltage Green Mode PWM Controller with HV Startup; SOIC8, equivalent: OB5269 OB5269CPA LD7570 SF5580.
8,00 RON
4,00 RON
TDA8932T NXP lg1 42%
TDA8932T NXP lg1 Circuite integrate
1x 55W or 2x 15W BTL Class-D Power Amplifier SO32. Cross Reference: TDA8932BT TDA8932BT/N1 TDA8932T/N1.
24,00 RON
14,00 RON
SSC9522S Sanken de4
SSC9522S Sanken de4 Circuite integrate
IC controller for half-bridge resonant type power supply, incorporating a floating drive circuit for the high-side power MOSFET. SOP18 package.
16,00 RON
6A01 / FE6A01 Fuji pb1
6A01 / FE6A01 Fuji pb1 Circuite integrate
LCD / LED Display Power Controller, IC SOP16. Cross Reference: FA6A01.
8,00 RON
TDA7564B ST® ed3
TDA7564B ST® ed3 Circuite integrate
Multi Quad Power Amplifer SB Class, Intelligent high efficiency BCD technology, Max. Output 4x 50W / 2Ω 28Vcc, I 2 C BUS with Digital Diagnostics, Flexiwat-25.
32,00 RON
ICE 3BR4765J Infineon be1
ICE 3BR4765J Infineon be1 Circuite integrate
Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 650V 18-26W 65kHz DIP7, equivalent: 3BR4765 3BR4765J 3BR4765JR 3BR4765JZ ICE3BR4765 ICE3BR4765JR ICE3BR4765JZ.
8,00 RON
TDA7564 ST® bb3
TDA7564 ST® bb3 Circuite integrate
28,00 RON
4580 / NJM4580M JRC cb1
4580 / NJM4580M JRC cb1 Circuite integrate
Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier 0.005% 15MHz IC ±18V SOP8. Cross Reference: 4580M AZ4580 BA4580 BA4580MD JRC4580 MC4580 NJM4580D NJM4580E NJM4580MD NJM4580LB UTC4580.
3,00 RON
TPS65162 Texas de2
TPS65162 Texas de2 Circuite integrate
2.5A Step-Down Converter IC with High Speed Amplifiers for LCD, LED, OLED TV Panels BGA / QFN-48. Cross Reference: TPS65162RGZ TPS65162RGZR.
16,00 RON
BIT3260 BiTek ed1
BIT3260 BiTek ed1 Circuite integrate
High Performance PWM Controller SOP8.
6,00 RON
TOP258EN PI jf4
TOP258EN PI jf4 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Converters Off-Line Switcher IC, 700V 6, 88A 148-195W 132KHz ESIP7C. Cross Reference: TOP258.
12,00 RON
LA7849 Sanyo cf1
LA7849 Sanyo cf1 Circuite integrate
EW Drive and Vertical Deflection Output for High-definition TV 110° CRT, SIP10 package. Higher equivalent and directly interchangeable with LA7848 Sanyo.
24,00 RON
Q0765R Fairchild lg1
Q0765R Fairchild lg1 Circuite integrate
POWER SWITCH 650V 7A TO220F/6. Cross Reference: CQO765R FSCQ0765R FSCQ0765RQ FSCQ0765RS FSQ0765RQWDTU.
6,00 RON
OB2358AP On-Bright ji2
OB2358AP On-Bright ji2 Circuite integrate
High Precision CC/CV Primary-Side Offline PWM Controller U IN 90Vac ~ 264Vac DIP8, equivalent: OB2358 OB2358CPA.
6,00 RON
OB2269AP On-Bright dc2
OB2269AP On-Bright dc2 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode PWM Controller for LED and LCD TV, DIP8, equivalent: LD7552 LD7575 LD7576 SG5841 SG6841 SG6842.
5,00 RON
KIA278R12 KEC sdt
KIA278R12 KEC sdt Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator 12V 2A 15W Uin=13÷29V TO220F/4P, equivalent: 278R12 KA278R12 KIA278R12PI L278R12 LM278R12 MC278R12.
5,00 RON
FAN4803 Fairchild rd5
FAN4803 Fairchild rd5 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction and PWM Combo Controller DIP8. IC equivalent: FAN4803C FAN4803CP FAN4803CP2 ML4803.
12,00 RON
LV47006 Sanyo je1
LV47006 Sanyo je1 Circuite integrate
High Performance Power Amplifier Class A/B 4x41W 20Hz-20KHz THD 0.1% QILP25, equivalent: LV47002 LV47006P TB2920HQ Toshiba.
22,00 RON
TPS61199 NSR Texas lc1
TPS61199 NSR Texas lc1 Circuite integrate
8-Channel LED Driver DC-DC Controller Step-Up (Boost) PWM Dimming for LCD Monitors Backlighting, 8V to 30V Input Voltage, Integrated High-Power Boost Controller SOP20. Cross Reference: 61199-TI...
16,00 RON
25L8006E MX25L8006E jd3
25L8006E MX25L8006E jd3 Circuite integrate
4M x 2 8MBit SPI Serial PROM Flash Memory 1Mbit ROM 2, 7V SOIC8. Cross Reference: 25L8006EM1I-12G MX25L8006EM2I.
14,00 RON
LV5680 Kenwood gb2
LV5680 Kenwood gb2 Circuite integrate
Multiple Voltage Regulator for car audio system, (4 LDO regulators + 2 High-side Switches) HZIP-15J. Kenwood Service Cross Reference: LV5680P LV5680NPVC.
14,00 RON
TOP221PN ST® jd2
TOP221PN ST® jd2 Circuite integrate
8,00 RON
MP2205 MPS ji1
MP2205 MPS ji1 Circuite integrate
16V 2.5A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter (Constant Switching Frequency 1.3MHz), High Efficiency Switching Control Regulator for Portable Device, QFN-14 case. Cross Reference: 2205 MP2205ADL...
9,00 RON
AN34002A Matsushita db1
AN34002A Matsushita db1 Circuite integrate
LINEAR VOLTAGE REGULATOR SQL16 for JVC Panasonic, IC901 device, equivalent: AN80T07A
32,00 RON
TOP267VG PI eq
TOP267VG PI eq Circuite integrate
AC/DC Switching Converters with EcoSmart Technology for Highly Efficient Power Supplies, Uinput 85V-264V, Uout 12V, 103-137W, EDIP-12 TOPSwitch® Power Integrations.
16,00 RON
TOP258PN PI me1
TOP258PN PI me1 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Converters Off-Line Switcher IC, 700V 6, 88A 50W DIP7. Cross Reference: TOP258P TOP258PG.
8,00 RON
STRX6768 Sanken rd1
STRX6768 Sanken rd1 Circuite integrate
Quasi Resonant Power Switching IC for: JVC Marantz Sharp device, TO247F/7. Service Cross Reference: STR-X6768 STRX6768N STRX6768NLF. Disponibil si in versiunea (md1 foto secundar) cu pini indoiti la...
22,00 RON
FSQ510 / Q510 Fairchild ag2
FSQ510 / Q510 Fairchild ag2 Circuite integrate
Valley Switching Pulse Width Modulation (VS-PWM) controller and Sense FET specifically designed for offline Switch-Mode Power for Quasi-Resonant Converter, DIP7.
8,00 RON
RSN310R36 Panasonic
RSN310R36 Panasonic Circuite integrate
Power Hybrid Module Class H for Technics. Cross Reference: RSN310R36 RSN310R36AP RSN310R36A-P RSN310R36B. Disponibil si in versiunea original refurbished test OK la pretul de 80 lei, daca...
160,00 RON
LM555 / NE555D ST® pb2
LM555 / NE555D ST® pb2 Circuite integrate
GENERAL PURPOSE SINGLE BIPOLAR TIMERS (monolithic timing circuit highly stable controller), SOP8. Cross Reference: 555 E555 βE555 BE555 E555 KA555 LM555 LM555C LM555CN NE555 NE555B NE555CDP, NE555P...
0,80 RON
HCF4013BE NXP ma2
HCF4013BE NXP ma2 Circuite integrate
Dual D-type flip-flop, DIP14, equivalent: CD4013CN CD4013 HEF4013 HBF4013AE HCF4013 HEF4013B MC14013UB SCL4013BE TC4013BP.
2,00 RON
TNY255PN PI ac3
TNY255PN PI ac3 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Converters 85-265V 10W, equivalent: TNY255P, DIP8 Power Integration.
6,00 RON
LM7810 / TCA700 sdt
LM7810 / TCA700 sdt Circuite integrate
POS V-REG 24V 1.5A 4% TO220. Cross Reference: 7810C 7810CV 7810-FSC ET7810 MC7810 L7810 LM7810CV TCA700Y UA7810.
3,00 RON
THX203H TongHuaXin bf4
THX203H TongHuaXin bf4 Circuite integrate
PWM Controller of High-performance Current Mode 18W DIP8, equivalent: ME8105 RM6203 SW2604.
5,00 RON
TEA6848H NXP bd2
TEA6848H NXP bd2 Circuite integrate
Car Radio Tuner IC with Precision Adjacent Channel Suppression (NICE-PACS) for AM / FM and Weather Band (WB) intended microcontroller tuning with the I 2 C-bus, FM mixer for conversion of FM RF from...
32,00 RON
LD7552BPS LeadTrend ef5
LD7552BPS LeadTrend ef5 Circuite integrate
Highly-Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage, Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OCP Delay Time, SO8. Cross Reference: 7552B 7552BS LD7552 LD7552B LD7552BP LD7522BS LD7553BPS.
6,00 RON
PT2258M BoomTech cs
PT2258M BoomTech cs Circuite integrate
6-Channel Volume controller, SOP20, equivalent: AX2258 BT2258 BT2328 CS2258 CS3758 CSC2258 CV2653 D2258 DET2258 ET2258 ETK2258 FL2258 HD2258 HL2258 HY2258 HYK2258 IT2258 LX2258 OBL2258 MC2258 MS6266...
8,00 RON
203D10 / NCP1203D100 Motorola rh3
203D10 / NCP1203D100 Motorola rh3 Circuite integrate
PWM Current−Mode Controller for Off−Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection. Internally Fixed Frequency at 100kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 1203D10 23D1 20301 203D1 230D1 230D1H NCP...
8,00 RON
TNY264GN ST® lf1
TNY264GN ST® lf1 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Switching Converters, Low Power Off-line Switcher 6W / 85-265VAC, 9W / 230VAC. Cross Reference: TNY264 TNY264G, SMD SOIC8.
6,00 RON
LM336 Z2.5 Fairchild sdt
LM336 Z2.5 Fairchild sdt Circuite integrate
Precision Voltage Reference 2.5V, Wide Operating Current of 600 uA to 10 mA, TO92 equivalent KA336Z25 LM336Z25.
1,00 RON
KIA7217AP KEC lg1
KIA7217AP KEC lg1 Circuite integrate
Power audio amplifier 5, 8W, equivalent: KIA7217 KIA7217A KIA7217P, original Koreea Electronics.
14,00 RON
NCP1055 ONS ld2
NCP1055 ONS ld2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic High Voltage Gated Oscillator Power Switching Regulator 100KHz Uin 85V-265Vca 6-40W, DIP7, equivalent: NCP1050 NCP1051 NCP1052 NCP1053 NCP1054 NCP1044A NCP1055B NCP1055P100 NCP1055P100G.
12,00 RON
LMB1021N NSC fa5
LMB1021N NSC fa5 Circuite integrate
Dual J-K Flip-Flop with Reset, DIP8. Cross Reference: LMB1021 LMB1021EN LMB1021EN2 LMB1021NF LMB1021NS National Semiconductor ( ! Check LMH6704MA Buffer Programmable ! ).
14,00 RON
ICL7660S Intersil le2
ICL7660S Intersil le2 Circuite integrate
Super Voltage, Charge Pump Converter, Input Voltage 1.5-12V Output Voltage ±5V, DIP8, equivalent: 7660S ICL7660 ACPA CPA CPAZ SCPAZ L7660 L7660S L7660CSA.
6,00 RON
CM1671A-KQ CMO cs
CM1671A-KQ CMO cs Circuite integrate
CCFL Backlight WXGA TFT LCD Controller QFP-64, equivalent: CM1671A-KA CM1671B-F1.
32,00 RON
STK402-090 Sanyo
STK402-090 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier original Sanyo, equivalent: STK402-090D STK402-090S VHISTK4029S-1 Sharp.
24,00 RON
STK433-320 Sanyo
STK433-320 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: 671228101 671810701 Sony STK433-320E.
120,00 RON
HEF40106BT Philips eq
HEF40106BT Philips eq Circuite integrate
CMOS Hex Inverter Trigger Schmitt SO14, Cross Reference: 40106 40106D CD40106 HCF40106B HCF40106BEY HCF40106BM1 HCF40106M013TR HEF40106 MC140106 MC141068B
2,00 RON
STK433-060 Sanyo
STK433-060 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Class AB Audio Power IC 2x 50W, equivalent: STK433-060E JVC or Kenwood.
52,00 RON
BA4560F / NJM4560M eq
BA4560F / NJM4560M eq Circuite integrate
Dual High Slew Rate, Low Noise Operational Amplifier & Fix Equalizer. Gain Bandwidth 10MHz. Supply Voltage ±18V or 36V, SMD SOP8. Rohm JRC Cross Reference: 4558 4560 4560F 4560M 4560R 875974564...
3,00 RON
TDA7850 ST® ab4
TDA7850 ST® ab4 Circuite integrate
MosFet Quad Bridge Audio Power Amplifier 4X50W SIP25. Original ST MicroElectronics. Kenwood Technics Cross Reference: KKZ09Z C1ZAZ0001450.
26,00 RON
LM350T Fairchild sdt
LM350T Fairchild sdt Circuite integrate
REG. VOLTAGE REGULATOR 1, 2V-33V 3A TO220A, equivalent: KA350 LM350 LM350T.
3,50 RON
LNK306PN PI ad4
LNK306PN PI ad4 Circuite integrate
OFFLINE SWITCHER GENERAL PURPOSE OCP/MDCM/CCM 700V 360mA 66KHz case, DIP7. Cross Reference: LNK306 LNK306P Power Integrations.
8,00 RON
DM0465R Fairchild lc1
DM0465R Fairchild lc1 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Quasi Resonant Power Switch TO220-6. Cross Reference: FSDM0465R FSDM0465R, equivalent: CQ0465R FSCQ0465R.
8,00 RON
TOP224Y PI bd3
TOP224Y PI bd3 Circuite integrate
Offline PWM Switch TO220 ref TOP224YAI TOP224YN.
8,00 RON
LM1117-2.5 SOT
LM1117-2.5 SOT Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Regulator 3, 3V 0, 8A Uin 15V SOT223, equivalent: 1117-2.5 1117-2, 5SJ AMS1117DT-25 AS1117R-25 LD1117-25 LD1117L25A LD1117 L25ANF LM1117RS-2.5V
2,00 RON
LM3886TF NSC kh5
LM3886TF NSC kh5 Circuite integrate
High-performance audio Power Amplifier capable of delivering 68W of continuous average power to a 4 load and 38W into 8 with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz-20kHz.
28,00 RON
PT2314 PTC cs
PT2314 PTC cs Circuite integrate
4-Channel Input Audio Procesor SOP28 equiv UX-HB4BQ-JVC.
6,00 RON
NJM 2068D JRC lc2
NJM 2068D JRC lc2 Circuite integrate
Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier DIP8, equivalent: 2068D 2068DD JRC2068D JRC2068DD NJM2068 NJM2068D NJM2068DD.
4,00 RON
NJM2068M JRC bh1
NJM2068M JRC bh1 Circuite integrate
Low Noise Dual OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER SOP8, equivalent: 2068-JRC NJM2068-M NJM4558MDS NJM4558M-DJ RC2068MD PC4570G.
3,00 RON
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