Circuite integrate

STK442-110 Sanyo
STK442-110 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Class AB Audio Power Amplifier 2 x 110W / 6Ω 54V THT>10% Sanyo Wafers.
48,00 RON
UC3842D ST® so8
UC3842D ST® so8 Circuite integrate
High Performance Current Mode Controller, Iout 1A 2% 52KHz SO8, equivalent: 3842D UC3842 UC3842A UC3842AD UC3842AN LM0763D LM0763AD LM0763AN.
3,00 RON
FAN7314 Fairchild cs
FAN7314 Fairchild cs Circuite integrate
CCFL Drive Backlight Inverter Controller SOP20. Cross Reference: FAN7314 FAN7314M FAN7314MX.
10,00 RON
24C32 DIP ST®
24C32 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 4KX8 5V DIP8.
1,50 RON
24C08 SMD MYM Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1024X8 5V SOP8.
1,50 RON
LM723 / uA723 kc3
LM723 / uA723 kc3 Circuite integrate
High Precision Linear Positive Voltage Regulator. U in: 40V // U out: 2 ÷ 37V 150mA ±3%, DIP14. Cross Reference: A723 LM723CN LM723N UA723 uA723CN uA723N.
3,00 RON
STA518 ST® ma5
STA518 ST® ma5 Circuite integrate
Quad power half bridge amplifier 40V 3.5A 4X30W PSSOP36, equivalent: 0IPRP00518B STA518A-STM.
20,00 RON
LA7830 Sanyo kt 67%
LA7830 Sanyo kt Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit with Heatsink equipped, new 100% original. Equivalent for LA7832
6,00 RON
2,00 RON
IR2156S IR ed5
IR2156S IR ed5 Circuite integrate
High Voltage Through Hole Half Bridge Drive Ballast Controller IC SOIC14.
9,00 RON
78M05 ST® sdt
78M05 ST® sdt Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 0, 5A 1, 25W Input Voltage 25V DPAK, equivalent: 78M05C, AN78M05A KA78M05 KIA78M05 KIA78M05A L78M05 L78M05C LM78M05 LM78M05C MC78M05 TS78M05CP WS78M05.
2,00 RON
TNY278PN PI me2
TNY278PN PI me2 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Switching Converters AC/DC Converters 21.5W 85-265 VAC 28W/230 VAC DIP7, equivalent: TNY278P, Original Power Integration.
6,00 RON
CR6853T ChipRail jh3
CR6853T ChipRail jh3 Circuite integrate
Green Power PWM Controller 30-150KHz DIP8. Cross Reference: CR6853.
6,00 RON
OB3350CP On-Bright ji2
OB3350CP On-Bright ji2 Circuite integrate
Green Mode LED Driver Controller optimized for LCD monitor and LCD TV backlighting application; SOIC8, equivalent: OB3350 OB3350CPA SF3350.
8,00 RON
25Q128FVS WinBond ji1
25Q128FVS WinBond ji1 Circuite integrate
128MBit Serial Flash Memory, Dual and Quad SPI, SOP8. Cross Reference: 25Q128 25Q128FV 25Q128FVSQ 25Q128FVSG 25Q128FVSIG W25Q128FV W25Q128FVSG W25Q128FVSQ.
10,00 RON
LM4871 Texas dh1
LM4871 Texas dh1 Circuite integrate
3W Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode, Supply Voltage 2.0V to 5.5V SOP8. Equivalent: 8002 8002A 8002B A2636G3 CM8002 CM8600 CN3702 CSC4863 CSC8002 CXW8002 D2171 D8002 HT6873 HXJ4871 HXJ8002...
2,00 RON
C1237HA / uPC1237HA re3
C1237HA / uPC1237HA re3 Circuite integrate
Protection for Stereo Audio Amplifier SIP8. Cross Reference: C1237 C1237H C1237HA uPC1237 uPC1237H NTE100.
8,00 RON
BTS737 S2 Infineon ec2
BTS737 S2 Infineon ec2 Circuite integrate
Smart Four Channel Highside Power Switch SOP28. Cross Reference: BTS737S2.
16,00 RON
TNY277PN ld1
TNY277PN ld1 Circuite integrate
Off-line Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range, DIP8, equivalent: TNY277P.
6,00 RON
OB6563CP On-Bright af3
OB6563CP On-Bright af3 Circuite integrate
High Performance PFC Controller operating in transition mode for SMPS up to 300W, case SO8, equivalent CR6563 OB6563 OB6563CPA ST6563.
3,00 RON
TOP227YN PI lf2
TOP227YN PI lf2 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Off-line Switching Converters TO220AB. Cross Reference: TOP227Y Power Integrations.
8,00 RON
STRF6168 Sanken jc5
STRF6168 Sanken jc5 Circuite integrate
FLYBACK SWITCH POWER REGULATOR for Sony TO247/5. Cross Reference: 670774201 STRF6168LF STR-F6168-LF1352.
24,00 RON
TA8435H Toshiba cd1
TA8435H Toshiba cd1 Circuite integrate
PWM Chopper Type Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver, Supply Voltage 5.5V, Output 40V 2.5A, HZIP25 case, for Sony Device. Cross Reference: TA8435 TA8435HQ.
56,00 RON
TB2929HQ Toshiba aa5
TB2929HQ Toshiba aa5 Circuite integrate
D-MOS N-channel BTL Audio Power IC 4 x 45W HZIP25 original Toshiba, equivalent TB2929AHQ.
20,00 RON
IRU3037CS IR jd2
IRU3037CS IR jd2 Circuite integrate
SYNCHRONOUS PWM CONTROLLER 200-400KHz SOIC8, equivalent: 3037A 3037CS IRU3037A IRU3037 IRU3037ACS.
6,00 RON
7576PS / LD7576PS je4
7576PS / LD7576PS je4 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage, Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OLP Delay Time SOIC8. Cross Reference: 7576G 7576GS 7576P 7576PS LD7576 LD7576GS. Daca doriti sa comandati acest articol...
10,00 RON
4863G / TDA4863G bb3
4863G / TDA4863G bb3 Circuite integrate
Boost Power Factor Controller, AC/DC Step up Convertor 10 - 20V 500mA 30 - 300KHz, SO8. Cross Reference: 4863 4863G 4863-G TDA4863 TDA4863-G.
8,00 RON
STK4893 PMC / Sanyo
STK4893 PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x 40W Sanyo Wafers for Akai Kenwood Onkyo Sony, equivalent: STK4853 STK4863.
32,00 RON
LM339D ST® ed2
LM339D ST® ed2 Circuite integrate
Quad Differential Comparator 0, 3us 30V SO14, equivalent: CD8447 LM239D LM339AD LM339DT.
1,00 RON
STK433-330 Sanyo
STK433-330 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier Sanyo Wafers, equivalent: STK433-330E Kenwood.
80,00 RON
STK403-070 Sanyo
STK403-070 Sanyo Circuite integrate
2x 60W Audio Power Amplifier Hybrid Class AB THD = 0.008% IC 14pin. Sony Cross Reference: 660008901. Disponibil si in versiunea JV JoyVirtue la pretul de 58 lei, daca doriti specificati la...
72,00 RON
TDA2822D ST® eg4
TDA2822D ST® eg4 Circuite integrate
Low Voltage Dual Audio AB Class Amplifier, 2 Channel x 380 mW 1.8V to 15V SOIC8. Cross Reference: 2822 2822D 2822M TDA2822 TDA2822DM TDA2822M
1,00 RON
SG6848D DIP dd3
SG6848D DIP dd3 Circuite integrate
PWM/PFM Cycle Reset Mode 30-150KHz, DIP8, equivalent: BVISG6848DZ LD7535 LD7550 OB2262 OB2278 SG5701 SG5848 SG6848 SG6848DZ SG6848DZ1 SG6849.
6,00 RON
STK0039 Sanyo
STK0039 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Darlington AF Power Amplifier 35W ±31-45V. Sanyo Wafers.
18,00 RON
STK2250 Sanyo
STK2250 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X50W 35-59V 20KHz 16P. Sanyo Wafers.
32,00 RON
STK4141II Sanyo
STK4141II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X25W 26-39V Sanyo Wafers .
18,00 RON
TDA6108JF Philips Ri2
TDA6108JF Philips Ri2 Circuite integrate
Triple Video Output Amplifier, equivalent: TDA6108AJF TDA6108JF/N1 TDA6108J.
6,00 RON
TDA7386 ST® md1
TDA7386 ST® md1 Circuite integrate
Quad Bridge Car Radio Class AB Power Amplifier 4x 45W / 4R Flexiwatt-25. Cross Reference: 16219796 C1EA0042 W227H0030 Panasonic.
16,00 RON
STK4843 PMC / Sanyo
STK4843 PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2 Channel 10 ÷ 50W Dual Supply ZIP16 Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: STK4813 STK4833 STK4853.
22,00 RON
STRF6653 Sanken tq
STRF6653 Sanken tq Circuite integrate
12,00 RON
STRG6653 Sanken bb1
STRG6653 Sanken bb1 Circuite integrate
Off-line Quasi-resonant Flyback Switching Regulator CRT TV Platinium, original Sanken TO220/5 refer STR-G6653.
9,00 RON
STRX6750 Sanken bg3
STRX6750 Sanken bg3 Circuite integrate
Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulator IC for Samsung KS7A. Cross Reference: AA1300112A STRX6750B STR-X6750. Atentie ! C.I. STRX6750F nu este direct intersanjabil cu STRX6750 ! Daca doriti...
18,00 RON
STV9302B ST® md1
STV9302B ST® md1 Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit TO220/5. Cross Reference: STV9302 TV9302B.
4,00 RON
TA7317P Toshiba lb2
TA7317P Toshiba lb2 Circuite integrate
12,00 RON
MC44608P75 ONS jd1
MC44608P75 ONS jd1 Circuite integrate
PWM Controller 75Kz, DIP8. Cross Reference: 44608P75.
5,00 RON
MCZ3001D Shindengen cs
MCZ3001D Shindengen cs Circuite integrate
Pulse Width Modulated Control Replacement Circuit, DIP18. Sony service refer. 6-705-810-01 670581001 IC601 MCZ3001 MCZ3001DA MCZ3001DB Chip Power Supply.
48,00 RON
MIP2H2 Matsushita rd3
MIP2H2 Matsushita rd3 Circuite integrate
IC for st-by mode DIP7, Sony Bravia Service Cross Reference: 670880101.
8,00 RON
NCP1200P60 ONS rb5
NCP1200P60 ONS rb5 Circuite integrate
PWM Current-Mode Controller DIP8. Cross Reference: 1200P60 NCP1200P60G.
6,00 RON
TEA1507P NXP ki2
TEA1507P NXP ki2 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Switched Mode Power Supply Controller, DIP8. Cross Reference: TEA1507 TEA1507P/N1.
6,00 RON
TL084CN ST® mf1
TL084CN ST® mf1 Circuite integrate
Quad Operational Amplifier, DIP14. Cross Reference: TL084 TL084C TL084N.
2,00 RON
KA3846 / UC3846 db2
KA3846 / UC3846 db2 Circuite integrate
DC/DC SMPS Controllers and Converters, from the PWM and Resonant Controller. Supply Voltage 40V. 500KHz Frequency operation. DIL16 case, equivalent: KA3846N KA3847 SG3846N TL3846 UC3846AN UC3846N...
8,00 RON
TDA7851A ST® df5
TDA7851A ST® df5 Circuite integrate
MOS-FET Power Audio Amplifier 4 x 45W SIP27. Kenwood Cross Reference: KD-R807EED-JVC.
36,00 RON
DM0565R Fairchild ma2
DM0565R Fairchild ma2 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Quasi Resonant Power Switch TO220F/6, equivalent: FSDM0565R FSDM0565RB DM0565R DMO565R.
6,00 RON
FAN7601 DIP ma5
FAN7601 DIP ma5 Circuite integrate
SWITCH MODE PWM CNTRL, DIP8, equivalent: LAF0001.
4,00 RON
STRW6750F Sanken bf4
STRW6750F Sanken bf4 Circuite integrate
Hybrid +115V for Samsung. Cross Reference: STR-W6750F STRW6750.
16,00 RON
TEA1532AT NXP cs
TEA1532AT NXP cs Circuite integrate
GreenChip Switched Mode Power Supply Regulator & Controller SOP8, equivalent: EA1532A TEA1532A TEA1532AT/N1 TEA1532T.
12,00 RON
LM7912 / L7912 ST® sdt
LM7912 / L7912 ST® sdt Circuite integrate
NEG V-REG 12V 1.5A 4% TO220, equivalent: 7912A 79M12 βA7912 KA7912 LM7912 L7912K MC7912C uA7912 uA7912UC.
2,00 RON
LA4285 Sanyo kh2
LA4285 Sanyo kh2 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 2x 7W SIL10.
4,00 RON
LA7840 Sanyo ac3
LA7840 Sanyo ac3 Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Output Circuit SIL7, equivalent: AZ661048.
4,00 RON
LM1117L3.3A SOT
LM1117L3.3A SOT Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Regulator 3, 3V 0, 8A Uin 15V SOT223, equivalent: LD1117-33 LD1117L33A LD1117 L33ANF LM1117-33V.
3,00 RON
TDA4865AJ NXP lc1
TDA4865AJ NXP lc1 Circuite integrate
Vertical deflection booster 70V 3, 2A 200Hz. Original NXP Philips Trident series.
12,00 RON
LM1117DT-3.3/NP DPAK
LM1117DT-3.3/NP DPAK Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Regulator 3, 3V 0, 8A TO252 or DPAK, equivalent: 1117-3.3 1117-3, 3SJ AMS1117DT-33.
3,00 RON
3S121 / SC3S121 Sanken ph2 50%
3S121 / SC3S121 Sanken ph2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic PWM Controller IC, chip SOP7. Philips SMD Marking Code Cross Reference: 996590022762 3S121 SSC3S121 SSC-3S121.
48,00 RON
24,00 RON
K9GAG08U0E-SCB0 Samsung pj1
K9GAG08U0E-SCB0 Samsung pj1 Circuite integrate
2GB (256 MB x 8 Bit) 3.3V 20-30nS E-die NAND Flash Multi level Firmware Storage Parallel Interfaces TSOP48. Samsung Cross Reference: K9GAG08U0E K9GAG08UOE-SCBO.
42,00 RON
3S211 / SSC3S211 Sanken me1
3S211 / SSC3S211 Sanken me1 Circuite integrate
Monolithic PWM Controller IC, chip SOP7. SMD Marking Code Cross Reference: 3S211 SC3S211 SSC3S211 SSC-3S211.
14,00 RON
IRS20957S IR fd4
IRS20957S IR fd4 Circuite integrate
High Performance Class D HiFi Proctected Digital Audio Driver Amplifier, SOIC16 package.
16,00 RON
IN1M101 / M101 / ST9S101-T6G pe1
IN1M101 / M101 / ST9S101-T6G pe1 Circuite integrate
Precision AC Brown-out Supervisor PWM Start Control for Flyback Converters. SOT23-6 package. Grundig Toshiba Sitronix Cross Reference Marking Codes: 1M101 ( IC902 DPS139AP ) IN1M101T6G IN1M101-T6G...
16,00 RON
TL431CDR ST® Circuite integrate
Adjustable precision shunt regulators 2% 2.495-36V 1-100mA SO8. Cross Reference: TL431 TL431A TL431C TL431CDR TL431D TL431DR.
1,00 RON
ICE 3BR1565JF Infineon eb4
ICE 3BR1565JF Infineon eb4 Circuite integrate
Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 67KHz 650V 125W, TO220F/6, equivalent: 3BR1565 3BR1565J ICE3BR1565 ICE3BR1565J ICE3BR1565JF.
14,00 RON
FAN7340 / SLC1012C pb2
FAN7340 / SLC1012C pb2 Circuite integrate
LED Backlight Boost Switch Inverter Drive with N-channel power MOSFET for PWM dimming V DDS =400V / 250mA, IC SOP16. Cross Reference: FAN7340M FAN7340MX SLC1012.
14,00 RON
VIPer53SP ST® bh1
VIPer53SP ST® bh1 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Converter 620V 50W Power SO10. Cross Reference: VIPer53ESP VIPer53SPTR-E.
18,00 RON
STK4152II PMC / Sanyo
STK4152II PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x30W, Bandwidth: 50KHz, 27V Split Power Supply. Cross Reference: STK4152-II STK4152-2 STK4152MK2 THK14152C2-2.
22,00 RON
LNK364GN PI me1
LNK364GN PI me1 Circuite integrate
6,00 RON
CM6800G CMC ea2
CM6800G CMC ea2 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction and PWM Combo Controller, 18V 1A 84KHz DIP16. Champion Microelectronic Corporation. Cross Reference: CM6800 CM6800GIP CM6800T+X CM6800TXIP, equivalent: CM6800A FAN4800...
8,00 RON
TAS5352 Texas ba2
TAS5352 Texas ba2 Circuite integrate
2 x 125W STEREO DIGITAL AMPLIFIER POWER STAGE Class D HTSSOP44 Power-Pad, Samsung. Cross Reference: 1201-002673 TAS5352A TAS5352AD TAS5352ADDV TAS5352B TAS5352DVR TAS5352DDVR.
38,00 RON
MP1498 MPS di1
MP1498 MPS di1 Circuite integrate
High-Efficiency 2A 16V 1.4MHz Synchronous Switching Frequency Step-Down Converter, TSOT23-8P. Cross Reference: IADUE MP1498DJ Monolithic Power Systems.
4,00 RON
A6159 DIP7 Sanken cb1
A6159 DIP7 Sanken cb1 Circuite integrate
Power Switching Regulator, 2.5A DIP7, Sony. Cross Reference: 671393401 A6159M BN81-05295A STRA6159 STRA6159M.
8,00 RON
ULN2004D / KID65004AF jd5
ULN2004D / KID65004AF jd5 Circuite integrate
Si-N x 7 DARL. 50V 0, 5A ARRAY, SOP16, equivalent: 2004A KID65004 KID65004A ULN2004 ULN2004A ULN2004AG ULN2004AD ULN2004ADP ULN2004ADC ULN2004ADG ULN2004D1 TD62004 TDG2004AD.
2,00 RON
LD1084-33CM TO263 tq
LD1084-33CM TO263 tq Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator, Current Limiting and Thermal Protection 3, 3V ±2% 5A 15W D2PAK TO263/3. Cross Reference: 1084-33 1084-33CM 1084-33CP AIC1084-33CM AIC1084-33PM AP1084K-33...
6,00 RON
CD4060BE Texas je2
CD4060BE Texas je2 Circuite integrate
Digital Binary Counter DIP16, equivalent: 4060 4060B 4060CM CD4060BC HCF4060 HEF4060 MC14060 MC14060BCP.
2,00 RON
FAN7621 Fairchild la5
FAN7621 Fairchild la5 Circuite integrate
PFM Controller for Half-Bridge Resonant Converter 300KHz 384W, LCD TV Power Supply SOP16. Cross Reference: 7621 FAN7621D FAN7621M FAN7621S FAN7621SJ.
12,00 RON
MR4030 Shindengen lb1
MR4030 Shindengen lb1 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Power Supply IC, U ds 900V (U in 180V-276V) 135W TO220/7, Sharp original. Cross Reference: VHIMR4030, equivalent: MR4030-7101 MR4030-7102.
16,00 RON
M51995AFP Mitsubishi ef4
M51995AFP Mitsubishi ef4 Circuite integrate
SWITCHING REGULATOR CONTROL for AC/DC Converter SOP16, equivalent: BA51995FP M51995AF M51995AS M51995FP.
12,00 RON
TOP245YN PI kg1
TOP245YN PI kg1 Circuite integrate
EcoSmart, Integrated Off-line Switcher TO220/6, equivalent: TOP245YAI TOP245Y.
6,00 RON
MC3362P Motorola ba3
MC3362P Motorola ba3 Circuite integrate
Low-Power Narrowband FM Receiver DIP20, equivalent: MC3362 MC3362AP MC3362DW.
10,00 RON
GM0465R Fairchild ag1
GM0465R Fairchild ag1 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode Fairchild Power Switch, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller and SenseFET 650V 4A 48W TO220F/6. Cross Reference: FSGM0465R FSGM0465RBWDTU.
10,00 RON
STV9379FA ST® jg1
STV9379FA ST® jg1 Circuite integrate
Vertical Deflection Booster Slim CRTs, 2App 90V Flyback Generator, TO220/7, equivalent TDA8179F TDA8179FA TDA8179FAST.
8,00 RON
KA2206B SAM mb1
KA2206B SAM mb1 Circuite integrate
Dual Audio Power Amplifier 2x2, 3W, DIP12+B, equivalent: S1A2206D01 KA2206 KA22062 KA2206CN KA2206N LA4182.
3,00 RON
IRS2092S IR eb1
IRS2092S IR eb1 Circuite integrate
High Performance Class D HiFi Audio Amplifier Driver with integrated PWM modulator and over current protection / 100 V ratings deliver up to 500 W in output power. SOIC16 package.
18,00 RON
UCC28600 Texas rd4
UCC28600 Texas rd4 Circuite integrate
Quasi-Resonant Green Power Mode Controller With Advanced Energy Saving Features 32-143KHz, SOIC8. Cross Reference: 28600 28600D UCC28600D NSZAA0TTY017 Funai.
10,00 RON
TD1507 Techcode cd1
TD1507 Techcode cd1 Circuite integrate
PWM Buck DC/DC Converter 2.5A 150KHZ TO252-5L. Cross Reference: 1507 AP1507 D1507 TD1507.
8,00 RON
TAS5142 SOP36 kf4
TAS5142 SOP36 kf4 Circuite integrate
100W Digital Amplifier Power Stage Class D HSOP/PSOP36 15.9X11mm original Texas Instruments. Cross Reference: TAS5142DKD TAS5142DKDR PTAS5142.
32,00 RON
LM1117D-2.5 DPAK
LM1117D-2.5 DPAK Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Regulator 2, 5V 1A TO252. Cross Reference: 1117D2.5 AZ1117D-2.5 DH17-25 LF25 LF25A LM1117DT2.5 TS1117DT2.5.
3,00 RON
STK4162II Sanyo
STK4162II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X35W 30-45V 18pin Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: 0ISA416220A-LG STK4162-2-Sanyo/Fisher THK14162C2-2-Thomson.
22,00 RON
ICE 3DS01 Infineon af1
ICE 3DS01 Infineon af1 Circuite integrate
Current Mode Controller for OFF Line Switch, DIP8, equivalent: 3DS01L FS3DS01L ICE3DS01L.
9,00 RON
STK403-090 Sanyo
STK403-090 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier Six-Channel Class AB 6X20W original Sanyo.
68,00 RON
STK2038II Sanyo
STK2038II Sanyo Circuite integrate
Stereo Hi-Fi Module 2x 50W SIL22 Sanyo Wafers . Panasonic / Technics Cross Reference: STK2038-2 STK2038MK2.
42,00 RON
LM324D ST® cs
LM324D ST® cs Circuite integrate
2,00 RON
4558 / BA4558D Rohm tq
4558 / BA4558D Rohm tq Circuite integrate
Dual General Purpose Operational Amplifier ±18V 3MHz SO8, Cross Reference: 4558D 4558C 4558CS BA4558 BA4558D BA4558F-X BA4558S JRC4558 LM4558 LM4558S NJM4558 RC4558D uPC4558D TS4558 TSC4558 Taiwan...
2,00 RON
AN7522N DIV kc2
AN7522N DIV kc2 Circuite integrate
Power Audio Amplifier 2x5W 13, 5V, equivalent: AN17821A AN7522 CD7522 CD7522CS.
3,00 RON
AN7062 Matsushita da2
AN7062 Matsushita da2 Circuite integrate
Predriver Audio Amplifier of 60W class Hi-Fi , DIP18. Cross Reference: AN7062N Panasonic/Matsushita Marantz HC108380R.
28,00 RON
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