Circuite integrate

6751MR / FAN6751 Fairchild db4 75%
6751MR / FAN6751 Fairchild db4 Circuite integrate
Highly-integrated Green-mode PWM Controller / High-Voltage Startup Low Operating Current: 4mA Linearly Decreasing 65KHz SOIC8. Cross Reference: 6751M FA6751B FAN6751MRMY .
20,00 RON
5,00 RON
6754MR / FAN6754 Fairchild ph4
6754MR / FAN6754 Fairchild ph4 Circuite integrate
High-Voltage Startup - PWM Controller 65KHz SOIC8. Cross Reference: 6754M 759551612300 FA6754B FAN6754MLMY FAN6754MRMY TC9AB-BMYH.
6,00 RON
6A01 / FE6A01 Fuji pb1
6A01 / FE6A01 Fuji pb1 Circuite integrate
LCD / LED Display Power Controller, IC SOP16. Cross Reference: FA6A01.
8,00 RON
6A20 / FA6A20 Fuji cb
6A20 / FA6A20 Fuji cb Circuite integrate
LCD / LED Display Power Controller, IC SOP16. Cross Reference: F6A20 FE6A20.
12,00 RON
6A21 / FA6A21 Fuji pc5
6A21 / FA6A21 Fuji pc5 Circuite integrate
LCD / LED Display Power Controller, IC SOP16. Cross Reference: 6C16N28 6N143BD F6A01 FE6A01.
12,00 RON
7382 / FAN7382 Fairchild tq
7382 / FAN7382 Fairchild tq Circuite integrate
Monolithic Half-bridge Dual High and Low Side Gate Driver MosFet and IGBT that operate up to +600V 350mA - 650mA, SO8. Cross Reference: 7382M 7382MX FAN7382M FAN7382MX.
9,00 RON
7391A / NJU7391A JRC pi2
7391A / NJU7391A JRC pi2 Circuite integrate
2 Channel Audio Processor with 5-IN 1-OUT Stereo Audio selector, 2 Band Tone / Volume Control with eala Surround, SSOP32. Cross Reference: JRC7391A NJU7391AV NJU7391AV-TE1 NJR7391A NJR New Japan...
14,00 RON
741C / uA741CD mg1
741C / uA741CD mg1 Circuite integrate
Single Operational Amplifier 3 ÷ 18V 1MHz 0, 5V/uS, SOP8. Cross Reference: 741C BA741D βA741CD A741D BM741 MC1741Cd LM741CD LM741CD uA741CD UA741C μA741.
2,00 RON
74AHCT08 Texas lb1 50%
74AHCT08 Texas lb1 Circuite integrate
10,00 RON
5,00 RON
74F164N Signetics rg 50%
74F164N Signetics rg Circuite integrate
8-bit Serial-in Parallel-out Shift Register, DIP14, equivalent: MC74F164AND MC74F164AN SN74F164AN.
2,00 RON
1,00 RON
74HC08 Texas gb5
74HC08 Texas gb5 Circuite integrate
Logic Quad 2-input positive AND gate. Cross Reference: 74HC08 74HCT08 74HC08D HC08 HC08A MC74HC08 MM74HC08 SN74HC08 SN74AHC08 SOIC14.
2,00 RON
74HC08N Hitachi fa3
74HC08N Hitachi fa3 Circuite integrate
Quad 2-Input AND Gate Digital Logic IC DIP14, equivalent: 74HC08AP 74HC08P CD74HC08E MC74HC08N NM74HC08N NTE74HC08 SN74HC08N TC74HC08P.
2,00 RON
74HC125D Philips bh1 50%
74HC125D Philips bh1 Circuite integrate
Quad buffer/line Driver; 3-State SO14, equivalent: 74HC125 MC74HC125D/T3mm74HC125D SN74HC125D.
2,00 RON
1,00 RON
74HC125N Philips jb4
74HC125N Philips jb4 Circuite integrate
Quad buffer/line Driver; 3-State, DIP14, equivalent: 74HC125 74HC125B MC74HC125N MM74HC125N SN74HC125N.
3,00 RON
74HC4052D Philips bh1
74HC4052D Philips bh1 Circuite integrate
Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer-Demultiplexer, high-speed Si-gate CMOS SO16, equivalent: 74HC4052 74HCT4052 CD4052 CD4052BM CD74HC4052 M74HC4052 MC74HC4052D MM74HC4052D SN74HC4052.
2,00 RON
74HC74 SMD Fairchild rg
74HC74 SMD Fairchild rg Circuite integrate
Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger, SOIC14. Cross Reference: 74HC74D 74HCT74 74 CD74HC74M HC74AP MM74HC74AM SN74HC74D.
2,00 RON
74HCT244 Texas rg
74HCT244 Texas rg Circuite integrate
Octal Bus Buffer 3-Sta, DIP20, equivalent: 74HC244 74HC244AP 74HC244B1 74HC244N LM0697 M74HC244B1.
1,00 RON
74HCT245A Fairchild sk 50%
74HCT245A Fairchild sk Circuite integrate
Octal 3−State Noninverting Bus Transceiver with LS/TTL Compatible Inputs, High-speed Si-gate HC-MOS device SOIC20. Equivalent: 74HC245 74HCT245D 74HCT245DW CD74HCT245 HC245 HCT245 MM74HCT245...
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
74LV14D ST® sk
74LV14D ST® sk Circuite integrate
Hex inverting Schmitt trigger Inverter, HC-MOS SO14. Cross Reference: 74LV14 AT74LV14D IC74LV14D LV14A SN54LV14A SN74LV14 SN74LV14A SN74LV14AD SN74LV14APW SN74LV14D TL74LV14D.
1,00 RON
74LVC244AD NXP eq
74LVC244AD NXP eq Circuite integrate
Octal non-inverting buffer/line driver with 3-state outputs, SOIC20 / SOP20 case. Cross Reference: 74LVC244 74LVC244A 74LVT244A HA245 LC244A LV244A LVC244A SN74LVC244A SN74LVC244ADV SN74LVT244A VT244...
3,00 RON
74LVC244AP Texas tq
74LVC244AP Texas tq Circuite integrate
Octal non-inverting buffer / line driver with 3-state outputs, TSSOP20 case. Cross Reference: 74LVC244 74LVC244A 74LVC244APW 74LVT244A AD244 HA244 HA244A LC244A LV244A LVC244A SN74LVC244A...
3,00 RON
74VHCT244 Toshiba tq
74VHCT244 Toshiba tq Circuite integrate
Octal non-inverting buffer/line driver with 3-state outputs, HSSOP20, TSSOP30 sau SOP20 case (specificati la comentarii comanda tipul de capsula pentru care optati). Cross Reference: 74HVCT244A...
2,00 RON
7550-1 / HT7550-1 Holtek cs
7550-1 / HT7550-1 Holtek cs Circuite integrate
5V 100mA ±3% LDO Low Power Voltage Regulator SOT89. Cross Reference: 7550-1 HT7550-1.
3,00 RON
7563B / TDA7563BD rg3 50%
7563B / TDA7563BD rg3 Circuite integrate
Intelligent high efficiency (class SB) quad BTL output with full I 2 C BUS Digital diagnostics (turn on, permanent, ac) and stand-by/mute input. DMOS Output Stage 4x 72W / 2Ω 4x 50W / 4Ω 14.4V, 1 kHz...
80,00 RON
40,00 RON
7576PS / LD7576PS je4
7576PS / LD7576PS je4 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage, Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OLP Delay Time SOIC8. Cross Reference: 7576G 7576GS 7576P 7576PS LD7576 LD7576GS. Daca doriti sa comandati acest articol...
10,00 RON
78L05 ST®
78L05 ST® Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 0.1A TO92. Cross Reference: 78L05 78L05ACZ 78L0SA AN78L05A DA78L05 LM78L05 MC78L05A uA7805A.
0,50 RON
78L05ACD ST®
78L05ACD ST® Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 0.1A SO8. Cross Reference: 78L05 78L05ACD 78L0SA AN78L05A DA78L05 LM78L05 MC78L05A uA7805A.
1,00 RON
78L05ACY ST®
78L05ACY ST® Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 0.1A SOT89. Cross Reference: 78L05 78L05ACD 78L0SA AN78L05A DA78L05 LM78L05 MC78L05A TS78L05 uA7805A.
1,00 RON
78L08 Tesla
78L08 Tesla Circuite integrate
POS-V-REG 8V 0.1A TO92.
0,60 RON
78L09A ST®
78L09A ST® Circuite integrate
POS-V-REG 9V 0.1A TO92, equivalent: UA7809.
1,00 RON
78L12 NSC
78L12 NSC Circuite integrate
POS-V-REG 12V 0.1A TO92.
0,80 RON
78L18 WSC
78L18 WSC Circuite integrate
POS-V-REG 18V 0.1A TO92, equivalent: KIA78M18 Samsung, SP105118 Thomson.
1,50 RON
78M05 ST® sdt
78M05 ST® sdt Circuite integrate
Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 0, 5A 1, 25W Input Voltage 25V DPAK, equivalent: 78M05C, AN78M05A KA78M05 KIA78M05 KIA78M05A L78M05 L78M05C LM78M05 LM78M05C MC78M05 TS78M05CP WS78M05.
2,00 RON
7W04F Toshiba Pb2 33%
7W04F Toshiba Pb2 Circuite integrate
High Speed CMOS Triple Inverter SO8P. Cross Reference: 74HC04 TC7W04F.
6,00 RON
4,00 RON
7W08F Toshiba dh2 25%
7W08F Toshiba dh2 Circuite integrate
High Speed Dual 2 Input AND Gate SO8P. Cross Reference: TC7W08F.
4,00 RON
3,00 RON
80011A Mitsubishi dg1 40%
80011A Mitsubishi dg1 Circuite integrate
EEPROM 1024 BIT (64 X 16 Bit) ELECTRICALLY ERASABLE AND PROGRAMMABLE ROM, DIP8. Cross Reference: M80011A M6M80011A M6M80011AP Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor.
5,00 RON
3,00 RON
8002A 8002B SMD ce1
8002A 8002B SMD ce1 Circuite integrate
3.0W / 4Ω (2.0W / 8Ω) 10% THD+N Class AB Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode, Supply Voltage 2.0V to 5.5V SMD SOP-8 SOP-XDDZ. Equivalent: 8002 80028 8002A 8002B A2636G3 CKE8002 CKE8002A CKE8002B...
0,50 RON
8015J / SI8015J Sanken Pc3 7%
8015J / SI8015J Sanken Pc3 Circuite integrate
Full-Mold, Separate Excitation Step-down Switching Mode Regulator. V IN 3 ÷ 43V, V OUT 1, 6V/1, 5A 16W TO220F/5. Onkyo Philips Pioneer Cross Reference: 22242082 1S18015-J 8015D 8015J 8015JF F8015J...
14,00 RON
13,00 RON
8050J / SK8050J Sanken ri1
8050J / SK8050J Sanken ri1 Circuite integrate
Switching Mode Regulator 5.0V, 3A TO220F/5, Sony. Cross Reference: 670081201 1S18050-J 8050J F8050J SI8050-J SI-8050J SK8050J SKF8050J SR8050J.
20,00 RON
8050SD / SK8050SD Sanken de2
8050SD / SK8050SD Sanken de2 Circuite integrate
Switching Mode Regulator 5V, 3A TO263/5, Sony. Cross Reference: 1S18050-SD 8050J F8050S SI-8050-SD SI8050SD SK-8050SD SKF8050SD SR8050SD.
20,00 RON
8A00 / FA8A00N Fuji lb1
8A00 / FA8A00N Fuji lb1 Circuite integrate
High Performance Current Mode Controller 65kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 8A00 8A01 FA8A00N-C6-L3 FA8A01N.
18,00 RON
903T63 / G903T63UF GMT
903T63 / G903T63UF GMT Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Regulator 3, 3V 0, 6A Uin 4V ÷ 6.5V SOT223. Made by Global Mixed-mode Technology.
4,50 RON
93C56 / AT93C56 SMD mem
93C56 / AT93C56 SMD mem Circuite integrate
EEPROM 128x 16 or 256x 8 bit SOIC8. Cross Reference: 56BM AT93C56BM AT93C56B-SSHM-T ATMLHxxx+56BM
2,00 RON
93C56N MYM
93C56N MYM Circuite integrate
EEPROM 128x16 or 256x8 DIP8. Cross Reference: 93C56 93C56J.
3,00 RON
93C66P CSI/STM Circuite integrate
Memorie EEPROM 4KBit 256x16 or 512x8 2Mhz 4, 5V ÷ 5, 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 93C66A-10PU 93C66AP 93C66BP.
4,00 RON
93C86 ST® smd
93C86 ST® smd Circuite integrate
Memorie EEPROM 2kx8 or 1kx16bit 3MHz 4, 5V ÷ 5, 5V SOP8. Cross Reference: 93C86WM 93C86WP.
3,00 RON
93C86A ATM
93C86A ATM Circuite integrate
EEPROM 1024x16 or 2048x8 equivalent: 93C86A-10PU 93C86AP 93C86P, DIP8.
4,00 RON
93LC46 DIP ST® 50%
93LC46 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM Serial 1kB 128x 8 or 64x 16 // 2, 5V ÷ 5, 5V 2MHz, DIP8. Cross Reference: 93C46 93LC46B.
2,00 RON
1,00 RON
93LC46 SMD ST®
93LC46 SMD ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM Serial 1kB 128x 8 or 64x 16 // 2, 5V ÷ 5, 5V // 2MHz, SOP8. Cross Reference: 93C46 93LC46A-I/SNG 93LC46BX.
2,00 RON
93LC46 SOT ST®
93LC46 SOT ST® Circuite integrate
EEPROM Serial 1kB 128x 8 or 64x 16 // 2, 5V ÷ 5, 5V // 2MHz, SOT23/6. Cross Reference: 93C46 93LC46B-I/SNG 93LC46BT.
2,00 RON
9697A / MAX9697E Maxim fd3
9697A / MAX9697E Maxim fd3 Circuite integrate
12-Channel Programmable Gamma Correction Reference System with MTP for TFT / LCD TV, TQFN-28 5x5. Cross Reference: 9697EE MAX9697ATI+ MAX9697EE MAX9697ETP MAX9697ETP+.
22,00 RON
973-120 Global ma1
973-120 Global ma1 Circuite integrate
4A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator with Enable, SMD SOP8. Cross Reference: 973-120 9731A EDS973 G973 G9731A G973-120 G973-120A G973-120AD G973-120ADJ G973-120ADJF11U.
6,00 RON
A1818D RFT sk-rg 50%
A1818D RFT sk-rg Circuite integrate
Rec/Play Audio Amplifier & Stereo Decoder DIP20, equivalent: A1818 LM1818 LM1818N.
2,00 RON
1,00 RON
A2030 / TDA2030A ST® ri1
A2030 / TDA2030A ST® ri1 Circuite integrate
HI-FI Audio Power Amplifier 18W 22V 3, 5A Pentawatt TO220/5. Cross Reference: A2030 A2030AV A2030H A2030V TDA2030AV TDA2030H TDA2030AH TDA2030V TDA2030VH.
3,00 RON
A232D RFT aa 33%
A232D RFT aa Circuite integrate
3,00 RON
2,00 RON
A241D RFT aa 33%
A241D RFT aa Circuite integrate
Video IF Amplifier + AGC, DIP16.
3,00 RON
2,00 RON
A250D RFT aa 50%
A250D RFT aa Circuite integrate
H-Sync+Osc. V-Sync. DIP14.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
A270D RFT mic 50%
A270D RFT mic Circuite integrate
Luminance and Croma Amplifier, equivalent: CA270 TBA970 TCA270S.
2,00 RON
1,00 RON
A290D / MC1310P kf2
A290D / MC1310P kf2 Circuite integrate
FM Stereo Demodulator / Decoder IC, use in Solid–State Stereo Receiver, DIP14. Equivalent: 1310P A290 CA1310 LM1310 LM1310N MC1310 MC1310P NTE801 SM8532 SN76115 ULN3810.
4,00 RON
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