Circuite integrate

NE612AN NXP ea5
NE612AN NXP ea5 Circuite integrate
VHF Monolithic Double-balanced, RF Mixer and Oscillator DIP8, equivalent: E612AN NE612 NE612A NE612N SA612 SA612A SA612AN.
15,00 RON
OB2263AP On-Bright ji3
OB2263AP On-Bright ji3 Circuite integrate
Current Mode PWM Controller, DIP8, equivalent: 2263AP LT2263 LT2263AP OB2263 OB2263CPA.
4,00 RON
AS15-U Allegro pj1
AS15-U Allegro pj1 Circuite integrate
T-CON 8BIT 14+1 Chanels Voltage Buffers and gamma corection. Screen Power Driver for TFT/LCD, equivalent: AS15U AS15HU AS15-HU EG5575-HU, SMD case TQFP48.
14,00 RON
TDA1517P Philips lc1
TDA1517P Philips lc1 Circuite integrate
Stereo Power Amplifier 2x6W 18V DIP18, equivalent: TDA1517P/N3.
6,00 RON
uPC1298V NEC kj1
uPC1298V NEC kj1 Circuite integrate
HI-FI Class Monolithic Circuit Driver 50-80W, SQL14. Wide Power Band width 90kHz THD = 0, 1% / 40W. Power Audio Driver Amplifier for: Aiwa Blaupunkt Kenwood Sanyo Sony Fisher Thomson. Disponibil si...
28,00 RON
A6069H Sanken ad2
A6069H Sanken ad2 Circuite integrate
PWM Type Switching Power Supply with Low Noise and Low Standy Power, DIP7 or DIP8 (specificati la comentarii versiunea pt care optati) . Cross Reference: A6069H STRA6069H STR-A6069H.
8,00 RON
PT2323 PTC cs
PT2323 PTC cs Circuite integrate
6-Ch Audio selector, DIP28, equivalent: BT2323 CSC2323.
12,00 RON
TNY264PN PI ki1
TNY264PN PI ki1 Circuite integrate
DC-DC CONVERTER, 9-23W OFF LINE POWER SWITCH. Cross Reference: TNY264 TNY264P, DIP7, original Power Integration.
5,00 RON
3845D / UC3845BD ONS so8
3845D / UC3845BD ONS so8 Circuite integrate
High Performance Current Mode Controller SO8. Cross Reference: 3845B UC3845B UC3845BD1G TL3845.
3,00 RON
PT2323-S PTC cs
PT2323-S PTC cs Circuite integrate
6-Ch Audio Selector, for Home Theater SMD28. Cross Reference: BR2323-S CS2323-S PT2323S.
10,00 RON
DM07652R Fairchild bc4
DM07652R Fairchild bc4 Circuite integrate
Green Mode Quasi Resonant Power Switch TO220F/6, equivalent: DM0765 DM0765R DM07G5R FSDM07652RB FSDM07652RWDTU FSDM07652R FSGM0765R GM0765R.
9,00 RON
TDA7293 ST® dd3
TDA7293 ST® dd3 Circuite integrate
100W 120V DMOS Audio Power Amplifier with mute and standby, equivalent: TDA7293HS TDA7293V.
16,00 RON
STRW6754 Sanken jc2
STRW6754 Sanken jc2 Circuite integrate
Flyback Switching Regulator 100W, DAEWOO PANASONIC, equivalent: STRW6754LF06.
12,00 RON
STRS5707 Sanken gh2
STRS5707 Sanken gh2 Circuite integrate
Power Switching Regulator 85-265V 150W SQL9. Cross Reference: STR-S5707.
22,00 RON
24C08 DIP ST®
24C08 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 1024X8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C08WP.
1,50 RON
KA 5L0380R Fairchild lc1
KA 5L0380R Fairchild lc1 Circuite integrate
PWM Curent Mode Controller 800V 3A 50KHZ TO220F/4, equivalent: KA5L0380R SAMSUNG.
6,00 RON
TEA6842H Philips bh1
TEA6842H Philips bh1 Circuite integrate
Car Entertainment (NICE) extended car radio tuner for AM, FM and Weather Band (WB) intended for microcontroller tuning with the I2C-bus, FM mixer for conversion of FM RF from 65 to 108 MHz to IF of...
32,00 RON
PT4115 PowTech fh1 50%
PT4115 PowTech fh1 Circuite integrate
High Power Switch Dimming LED Driver, 30V 1.2A Step-down High Brightness LED Driver SOT89-5. Cross Reference: PT4115B PT411589E PT4115B89E.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
TAS5342LA Texas ki1 50%
TAS5342LA Texas ki1 Circuite integrate
100W Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage Class D TSSOP44 Power-Pad, LG. Cross Reference: TAS5342 TAS5342A TAS5432B TAS5432DVR TAS5342LAD.
36,00 RON
18,00 RON
BA4558N / NJM4558L JRC rg 50%
BA4558N / NJM4558L JRC rg Circuite integrate
Dual Low Noise Operational Amplifier ±18V 10MHz SIP8, equivalent: BA4558N KIA4558S JCP02361 LA6458S LA6458SS LM4558 NJM4556 NJM4556AL NJM4558 NJM4558AL NJM4558D NJM4558L NJM4558LD NJM4559 NTE778S.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
MP3378E MPS lg1
MP3378E MPS lg1 Circuite integrate
LED Lighting Drivers 4 Channel WLED Controller with High-Efficiency Buck Converter 235kHz TSSOP28. LG Cross Reference: EAN64131801 EAN64131802 MP3378 MP3378E MP3378EGF MP3378G MP3378GF MP3378GY...
12,00 RON
25Q64CSIG GigaDevice ri2
25Q64CSIG GigaDevice ri2 Circuite integrate
64MB Serial Peripherial Interface NAND Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25064C 25064CVSIG 25Q64 25Q64CV 25Q64CVSIG 25Q64CVSSIG GD25Q64C GD25Q64CSIG W25Q64CVSIG.
7,00 RON
S3310 / SEM3310 ee4
S3310 / SEM3310 ee4 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode PWM Controller for Flyback Converter SOP7. Samsung Cross reference: S3310A SEM3310A
16,00 RON
FR9886 / SSY1920 cs
FR9886 / SSY1920 cs Circuite integrate
Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter 4.5V - 23V 2.5A 380KHz SOP8. Cross Reference: FR9886A FR9886D FR9886D-1, equivalent: MT2482 SSY1920.
6,00 RON
NCP1055C SOT jf5
NCP1055C SOT jf5 Circuite integrate
Monolithic AC-DC Converter 700V 680mA, SOT223/4. Cross Reference: 1055A 1055B 1055C NCP1055A, N55A - 44 KHz, NCP1055B, N55B - 100 KHz, NCP1055C, N55C - 136 KHz.
10,00 RON
MP1583DN MPS rc2
MP1583DN MPS rc2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic Power Systems, Switching Converters, Regulators and Controllers, Step-down Regulator with a built in internal Power Mosfet 23V 3A 385kHz SO8. Cross Reference: 0IMCRMZ001A LT26LC50BA MP1583...
6,00 RON
L6561D ST® af3
L6561D ST® af3 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction Controller 11-18V 30mA SO8.
4,50 RON
LNK304GN PI pb5
LNK304GN PI pb5 Circuite integrate
AC-DC Off-Line Step-Down Switching Regulator OCP/MDCM/CCM, 700V 120-170mA 66KHz, SO7 Power Integrations.
6,00 RON
LM741 / uA741 ri3
LM741 / uA741 ri3 Circuite integrate
Single Operational Amplifier, DIP8. Cross Reference: 741CN BA741 βA741N A741N A741JN AT3-741N MC1741C LM741 BM741 LM741CN uA741CN.
1,00 RON
A6252 Sanken lf1
A6252 Sanken lf1 Circuite integrate
LOW POWER OFF-LINE SMPS, DIP07. Cross Reference: A6252M STRA6252 STRA6252M.
6,00 RON
PT2399 PTC/WTE cs
PT2399 PTC/WTE cs Circuite integrate
Digital Audio Delay Processor + Echo Reverb. Generator + Comb Filter, 44Kb internal memory, DIP16. Disponibil si in versiunea made in Taiwan - WTE (Won-Top Electronics) la pretul de 3 lei bucata,...
6,00 RON
TDA7269A ST® bb5
TDA7269A ST® bb5 Circuite integrate
2x14W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute pop free and Stand-by feature / Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Overload Protection, ±22V 3A 40W Total Power Dissipation (Tamb = 70°C) SQL11.
9,00 RON
STRW6753 Sanken mf1
STRW6753 Sanken mf1 Circuite integrate
Flyback Switching Regulator TO220F/6 for Daewoo Panasonic Vortex. Cross Reference: STR-W6753.
9,00 RON
STRS6707 Sanken gh2
STRS6707 Sanken gh2 Circuite integrate
Power Switching Regulator 85-265V 140W SQL9. Cross Reference: STR-S6707.
14,00 RON
MR4040 Shindengen lb1
MR4040 Shindengen lb1 Circuite integrate
POWER DRIVER 180W TO220/7 original. Cross Reference: C0DACLH00001 0IPMG78439A VHIMR4040.
12,00 RON
TOP247Y PI ki2
TOP247Y PI ki2 Circuite integrate
Offline PWM Switch TO220/6. Cross Reference: TOP247 TOP27YN.
8,00 RON
UC3843B ST® so8
UC3843B ST® so8 Circuite integrate
Fixed Frequency Current Mode PWM Controller, SO8. Cross Reference: 3843B 3843D 3843AD UC3843BD UC3843BD1G UC3843D UC3843AD8.
3,00 RON
AN7591 Matsushita kh4
AN7591 Matsushita kh4 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 2X30W 30V 5A SIP12.
24,00 RON
24C16 DIP ST®
24C16 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 2KX8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C16N 24C16WP.
1,50 RON
LM7815 ST® sdt
LM7815 ST® sdt Circuite integrate
V REG +15V 1A TO220, equivalent: 7815 L7815CV KA7815.
1,50 RON
LM338T NSC sdt
LM338T NSC sdt Circuite integrate
Positiv voltage regulator 1.2-32V 5A 4% TO220. Cross Reference: LM338 TP+ National Semiconductor.
4,00 RON
NCP1606 ONS ra1
NCP1606 ONS ra1 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Controller SOIC8. Cross Reference: 1606A 1606B NCP1606A NCP1606B NCP1606ADR2G.
6,00 RON
LD7535 LeadTrend kb3 50%
LD7535 LeadTrend kb3 Circuite integrate
PWM CTRL HIGH VOLTAGE START-UP SOT23-6. Cross Reference: 7535B B P 35B KP 35B LBP 35B P1 35A P1 35B LD7535B LD7535BL LD7535BPL.
8,00 RON
4,00 RON
LD7576AGR Philips kb3 50%
LD7576AGR Philips kb3 Circuite integrate
Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage, Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OLP Delay Time SOIC7 or 8, Philips. Cross Reference: 7576GR 7576JGR 996510034776 LD7576 LD7576A LD7576AG LD7576JGR.
12,00 RON
6,00 RON
TL431CPK ST® Circuite integrate
Adjustable precision shunt regulators 2% 2.495-36V 1-100mA SOT89. Cross Reference: 43 43A 431 TL431 TL431C TL431CS TL431CPA TL431DCS.
1,50 RON
LM4558 / NJM4558 JRC ja1
LM4558 / NJM4558 JRC ja1 Circuite integrate
Dual High Gain Low Noise Amplifier ±18V 1V/uS 3MHz, DIP8. Cross Reference: 4558 4558D AN4558 BA4558 EN4558 JRC4558 KA4558 LM4558N JRC4558 JRC4558D NJM4558 NJM4558D RC4558P TJM4558C TS4558 YD4558
2,00 RON
3S111 / SC3S111 Sanken pa2
3S111 / SC3S111 Sanken pa2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic PWM Controller IC, chip SOP7. SMD Marking Code Cross Reference: 3S111 SSC3S111 SSC-3S111.
8,00 RON
AS15-HG Allegro pj1
AS15-HG Allegro pj1 Circuite integrate
T-CON 8BIT 14+1 Chanels Voltage Buffers and gamma corection for TFT/LCD SMD case TQFP48.
14,00 RON
NCP1608B ONS la2
NCP1608B ONS la2 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Controller SOIC8, equivalent: 1608B NCP1608 NCP1608BDR2G.
6,00 RON
BIT3251 Bitek ag4
BIT3251 Bitek ag4 Circuite integrate
High frequency PWM controller SOP8.
4,00 RON
MP3394S TSSOP jd4
MP3394S TSSOP jd4 Circuite integrate
LED Driver Step up Controller 4Channels 50V 10-200mA/string 1, 56W TSSOP16. Cross Reference: 3394S MP3394 MP3394ESF MP3394SGF by Monolithic Power Systems.
8,00 RON
TPA3110D2 Texas jc1
TPA3110D2 Texas jc1 Circuite integrate
2x 15W / 1x 30W Stereo Class D Audio Power Amplifier with SpeakerGuard TSSOP28. Cross Reference: TPA3110 TPA3110D TPA3110LD2 TPA3110D2PWPR.
12,00 RON
TL3843 / UC3843 ST® dip8
TL3843 / UC3843 ST® dip8 Circuite integrate
Fixed Frequency Current Mode PWM Controller, DIP8. Cross Reference: 339 90A922 UC3843A UC3843AL UC3843AN UC3843N TL3843 TL3843AN .
2,00 RON
6754MR / FAN6754 Fairchild ph4
6754MR / FAN6754 Fairchild ph4 Circuite integrate
High-Voltage Startup - PWM Controller 65KHz SOIC8. Cross Reference: 6754M 759551612300 FA6754B FAN6754MLMY FAN6754MRMY TC9AB-BMYH.
6,00 RON
TEA1533AT NXP cs
TEA1533AT NXP cs Circuite integrate
Power Supply Regulator & Controller GreenChip Switched Mode, SOP14, equivalent: EA1533A TEA1533AT/N1.
8,00 RON
L6386AD ST® jd5
L6386AD ST® jd5 Circuite integrate
High Voltage, High and Low Side Power Driver Series Dual 650mA 3÷600V 125R SO14, equivalent: L6386 L6386ADTR.
9,00 RON
24C64 DIP ST®
24C64 DIP ST® Circuite integrate
Serial EEPROM 8KX8 5V DIP8. Cross Reference: 24C64N.
2,00 RON
DDA001 / NCP1396 ONS mf1
DDA001 / NCP1396 ONS mf1 Circuite integrate
High Performance Resonant Mode Controller featuring High-voltage Drivers SOP15. Cross Reference: DDA001AG NCP1396AD NCP1396ADR2G NCP1396AG NCP1396BG.
12,00 RON
LA1185 Sanyo ka4
LA1185 Sanyo ka4 Circuite integrate
FM Front-end for Radio-cassette Recorder, Home Stereo Applications. Supply: 1, 5V to 8V SIP9. Contains: RF amplifier, MIX, OSC, AFC diode.
4,00 RON
LM358D ST® lc2
LM358D ST® lc2 Circuite integrate
Dual Differential Input Operational Amplifier 1MHz SOP8, equivalent: 358 358D BA10358D, CA258D CA358D, DBL358D, HA17358S, KA2904, LA6358D, LA6358M, LM358M, TL022CD, ULY7722, uPC1251D.
1,00 RON
KA386 / LM386 DIP ra5
KA386 / LM386 DIP ra5 Circuite integrate
Low Voltage Audio / Operational Amplifier 0.33W 6V 0.2% DIP8 equivalent: KA386 KA386B GL386 JRC386 LM386D LM386L LM386N MIK386 NJM386 RC386 YLM386.
2,00 RON
AN7522N Matsushita na4
AN7522N Matsushita na4 Circuite integrate
Power Audio Amplifier 2x5W 13, 5Vcc, equivalent: AN17821 AN17821A AN17821N AN7522 CD7522 CD7522N.
6,00 RON
STK3042III PMC / Sanyo
STK3042III PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x 60W THD0, 01% 15P. Cross Reference: STK3042 (2x 40W) STK3042II (2x 50W) STK3042-2 STK3042MK2 STK3042-3 STK3042MK3.
42,00 RON
L6598D ST® dh2
L6598D ST® dh2 Circuite integrate
Off-line controller resonant half-bridge converter SMD SO16, equivalent: DLA001D.
8,00 RON
203D6 / NCP1203D60 Motorola lb1
203D6 / NCP1203D60 Motorola lb1 Circuite integrate
PWM Current−Mode Controller for Off−Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection. Internally Fixed Frequency at 60kHz SOP8. Cross Reference: 1203D60 23D06 20306 203D6 230D6 230D6H NCP...
8,00 RON
STK2038 PMC / Sanyo
STK2038 PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier 2X25W 8ohm THD=0, 01% ±48V ZIP16. PMC Ltd. (Professional Monitor Company) Service Part for Panasonic/Technics, interchangeable equivalent, parameters carefully !!! >>...
32,00 RON
STK2028 Sanyo
STK2028 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 2 x 28W 8ohm THD=0, 01% ±37V Sanyo Wafers . Original Service Part for Panasonic/Technics ~STK2028B.
32,00 RON
STK4241V Sanyo
STK4241V Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2X120W 54V Sanyo Wafers ref. STK4241-V.
68,00 RON
TDA7265 ST® jh5
TDA7265 ST® jh5 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 2x25W + MUTE SQL11.
9,00 RON
STRX6759 Sanken pa4
STRX6759 Sanken pa4 Circuite integrate
Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulator TO247F/7. LG Cross Reference: 0IPMGSK021A STR-X6759 STRX6759N.
18,00 RON
OZ9966SN OZG ra2
OZ9966SN OZG ra2 Circuite integrate
PWM Controller for CCFL Inverter with dimming control, SSOP24.
6,00 RON
TDA8172 ST® mb1
TDA8172 ST® mb1 Circuite integrate
V-DEFL AMP 40V 2.5A IC TO220/7, equivalent: LM0604 STV8172 TDA8172H TEA8172.
4,00 RON
TL082C ST® lc2
TL082C ST® lc2 Circuite integrate
Dual Low Noise Amplifier DIP8. Cross Reference: TL082 TL082CN TL082CP.
2,00 RON
M62446AFP Mitsubishi mc2
M62446AFP Mitsubishi mc2 Circuite integrate
TON CONTROLLER SOP42 for Denon Kenwood or Pioneer, equivalent: M62446FP Mitsubishi HC108220R Marantz RCI6244001 Hitachi.
22,00 RON
LM393D ST® cs
LM393D ST® cs Circuite integrate
Dual LOW-PWR. ±18W SOP8. Cross Refererence: 393 393D LM393 LM393A LM393AD LM393D.
2,00 RON
BD93941FP Rohm ef1 50%
BD93941FP Rohm ef1 Circuite integrate
White LED Driver for large LCD Panels (4ch LED constant current driver and DC/DC converter) HSOP20. Cross Reference: BD93941EFV BD93941FP-E2.
24,00 RON
12,00 RON
YDA138-E Yamaha ma3 50%
YDA138-E Yamaha ma3 Circuite integrate
10W Digital Stereo Audio Power Amplifier. Cross Reference: YDA138E YDA138EZ, JVC Service Cross Reference: 0LTAW00138001.
28,00 RON
14,00 RON
TDA2050 ST® ab3 50%
TDA2050 ST® ab3 Circuite integrate
Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier 32W TO220/5, equivalent: TDA2050H TDA2050V DL70026.
12,00 RON
6,00 RON
6003A / PF6003AG NXP rh1
6003A / PF6003AG NXP rh1 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Power Switch Controller & LCD Management, Low Capacitance Bi-Directional Double ESD Protection Diode SOT23-6. Cross Reference: 996590023051 IC9101 PF6003A.
6,00 RON
UL26 ST® tq
UL26 ST® tq Circuite integrate
Very low capacitance ESD protection for USB high speed interfaces, SOT23-6L / SOT666. Cross Reference: USBLC6-2SC6.
1,00 RON
TDA8954TH NXP rc5
TDA8954TH NXP rc5 Circuite integrate
High Efficiency Class-D Power Amplifier, 1 x 420W 8Ω or 2 x 210W 4Ω ±12.5V-42.5V, TDA8954 HSOP24.
48,00 RON
TDA7563 ST® bb3
TDA7563 ST® bb3 Circuite integrate
MULTIFUNCTION QUAD AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER, MAX. OUTPUT 4x 72W / 2Ω, I 2 C BUS DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS, FLEXIWAT-27. Disponibile si versiunile TDA7563A TDA7563B , daca doriti specificati la "comentarii...
36,00 RON
AS34-G Allegro jj1
AS34-G Allegro jj1 Circuite integrate
TFT-LCD Reference Driver, ADC/DAC Buffer, 18V 100mA Output Current Rail-to-Rail Quad Operational Amplifiers, SSOP14, equivalent: EC5534.
12,00 RON
uPC1225H NEC jg3
uPC1225H NEC jg3 Circuite integrate
HI-FI Power Driver Amplifier 72V I CC(peak) 4, 1W / 25W THD=0, 5% typ. ( 30-50W / 8Ω 1-20KHz ) SIP12, equivalent: IG067100 for: Aiwa Denon Kenwood Pioneer Sony Yamaha. Disponibil si in versiunea...
22,00 RON
TB2926HQ Toshiba aa5
TB2926HQ Toshiba aa5 Circuite integrate
BTL Audio Power IC 4 x 45W original Toshiba, equivalent: TB2926AH TB2926H TB2926AHQ TB2926CHQ.
16,00 RON
STK404-130S Sanyo
STK404-130S Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 150W 64V Sanyo Wafers , equivalent: STK404-130 STK404-130A.
42,00 RON
VIPer12AS ST® bb2
VIPer12AS ST® bb2 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Switching Converters 700V 0.36A 9W 60kHZ SO8. Battery charger adapter, SMPS Power OFF-Line Primary Switcher. Cross Reference: VIPer12A.
4,00 RON
STK4893 PMC / Sanyo
STK4893 PMC / Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x 40W Sanyo Wafers for Akai Kenwood Onkyo Sony, equivalent: STK4853 STK4863.
32,00 RON
STRW6554A Sanken le1
STRW6554A Sanken le1 Circuite integrate
Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Flyback Switching for Panasonic, equivalent: STRW6554 STRW6554AF5.
8,00 RON
MC33067P ONS ab4
MC33067P ONS ab4 Circuite integrate
High Performance Resonant Mode Controller DIL16. Cross Reference: MC33067 MC33067PG.
9,00 RON
TOP243YN PI mb1
TOP243YN PI mb1 Circuite integrate
OFF LINE SWITCHER TO220/6. Cross Reference: TOP243Y.
8,00 RON
LM338K National st1
LM338K National st1 Circuite integrate
Positiv voltage regulator 1.2-32V 5A 4% TO3 metal, original National SemiConductor.
22,00 RON
TDA16888G Infineon ef4
TDA16888G Infineon ef4 Circuite integrate
Power combi controller SOP20 ref. TDA-168886 TDA-16888-G TDA168886.
12,00 RON
STK0040 Sanyo
STK0040 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid Darlington AF Power Amplifier 20kHz 40W 30-35V. Sanyo Wafers.
28,00 RON
STK402-070 Sanyo
STK402-070 Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier ±50V 6Ω, Power out 2X60W THT=10%-1KHz or 2X40W THT=0, 4%-20HZ-20KHz Sanyo Wafers . Cross Reference: STK402-070C STK402-070D STK402-070H STK402-070N STK402-070S, s...
22,00 RON
STK465 PMC/Sanyo
STK465 PMC/Sanyo Circuite integrate
Hybrid AF Power Amplifier 2x30W 28V 20kHz Sanyo Wafers .
22,00 RON
TDA8920BJ Philips ad1
TDA8920BJ Philips ad1 Circuite integrate
Class D Audio Amplifier 1x 210W / 2x 100W DBS23P. Panasonic Cross Reference: C1BA00000487 C1BA00000492 C1AA00000755.
28,00 RON
TDA8947J NXP kf3
TDA8947J NXP kf3 Circuite integrate
Audio Power Amplifier 50W (2X25W or 4X14W) SOT243 ref TDA8947 TDA8947J/2Y.
18,00 RON
STA540SA ST® lb1
STA540SA ST® lb1 Circuite integrate
Dual / Quad Audio Power Amplifier. Clipwatt 19 package. High output power capability: 2x 38W into 4Ω at 18V 1kHz 10%THD 2x 34W into 8Ω at 22V 1kHz 10%THD 2x 24W into 4Ω at 14V 1kHz 10%THD 2x 15W into...
14,00 RON
TEA2025B ST® mf1
TEA2025B ST® mf1 Circuite integrate
Stereo Amplifier, high channel separation, 2 x 2, 5W 15V 1, 5A DIP16. Cross Reference: CD2025 CD2025CD CD2025CP TEA2025.
2,00 RON
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