Circuite integrate

25FL064PIF Spansion® ac1
25FL064PIF Spansion® ac1 Circuite integrate
64Mbit CMOS 3.0 Volt Flash Memory with 104MHz SPI (Serial Peripherial Interface) Multi I/O Bus SOP16. Cross Reference: 25Q64 25Q64B 25Q64BV FL064AIF FL064PIF S25FL064P W25Q64 W25Q64BV W25Q64BVFIG.
12,00 RON
25L16 / 25L1606E MXIC pi1
25L16 / 25L1606E MXIC pi1 Circuite integrate
16MBit Serial SPI Flash Chip Memory SOP8L. Cross Reference: 25L16 25Q16 25L1606 25L1606E 25VF016B KH25L1606EM KH25L1606EM2I-12G MX25L1606 MX25L16 MX25L1606E MX25L1606EM2I MXIC TVRS862AB Panasonic.
4,00 RON
stoc epuizat
25L1605A Macronix pb3
25L1605A Macronix pb3 Circuite integrate
16MBit Serial SPI Flash Memory Chip Chipset (Never Programed) SOP8L. Cross Reference: 25L15 25L1605 25L1605A KH25L1605AM MX25L1605AM2C MX25L15 MX25L1605E MX25L1605EM2I 25L1605AM2C-15G MXIC Macronix...
4,00 RON
25L512 / MX25L512 MXIC di1
25L512 / MX25L512 MXIC di1 Circuite integrate
512kBit CMOS Serial SPI Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25Q512 KH25L512M2I-12G MX25L512E MX25L512EM2I MX25L512EMI Macronix International.
4,00 RON
25L8006E MX25L8006E jd3
25L8006E MX25L8006E jd3 Circuite integrate
4M x 2 8MBit SPI Serial PROM Flash Memory 1Mbit ROM 2, 7V SOIC8. Cross Reference: 25L8006EM1I-12G MX25L8006EM2I.
14,00 RON
25LV512 / Pm25LV512 tq
25LV512 / Pm25LV512 tq Circuite integrate
CMOS Serial Flash Memory 100MHz SPI Bus Interface. Chip Memory 512kBit 64k x 8 bit, SOP8. Cross Reference: 25LV512 Pm25LV512A-100SCE.
12,00 RON
25Q10BVSIG WinBond ji1
25Q10BVSIG WinBond ji1 Circuite integrate
1MB (128K x 8) Serial Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25Q10 25Q10T 25X10 25X10BVNIG GD25Q10T GD25Q10TCPR W25Q10 W25Q10BV W25Q10BVSNIG W25X10BVNIG W25X10BVSNIG.
6,00 RON
25Q128JVSQ WinBond ji1
25Q128JVSQ WinBond ji1 Circuite integrate
128MBit Serial Flash Memory, Dual and Quad SPI, SOP8. Cross Reference: 25Q128 25Q128FV 25Q128FVSQ 25Q128FVSG 25Q128FVSIG W25Q128FV W25Q128FVSG W25Q128FVSQ W25Q128JVSQ.
10,00 RON
25Q16BVSIG WinBond jj1
25Q16BVSIG WinBond jj1 Circuite integrate
16MB Serial Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25Q16 25Q16B 25Q16D 25Q16BV 25Q16DVSIG 25Q16BVSIG 25VF016B SST25VF016B W25Q16 W25Q16BV W25Q16DV W25Q16BVSIG.
4,00 RON
25Q32BVSIG GigaDevices kj1 20%
25Q32BVSIG GigaDevices kj1 Circuite integrate
Serial Flash Chip Memory, Dual/Quad SPI Int. 32Mbit (4M x 8-bit), 133MHz, 2.7÷3.6V, -40÷85°C SOP8. Cross Reference: 25032B 25Q32CSIG 25Q32BV 25C32C 25L32 25Q32 25Q32BVS 25Q32CVSIG 25Q32JVSIQ...
5,00 RON
4,00 RON
25Q32FVSIG WinBond jj1 20%
25Q32FVSIG WinBond jj1 Circuite integrate
32MB Serial Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25032F 25032FVSIG 25B32 25L32 25Q32 25Q32FV 25Q32FVSIG W25Q32 W25Q32FVSIG.
5,00 RON
4,00 RON
25Q64BVFIG / 25Q64CFIG ji1
25Q64BVFIG / 25Q64CFIG ji1 Circuite integrate
64MB Serial Flash Chip Memory Dual and Quad SPI SOP16. Cross Reference: 25Q64 25Q64B 25Q64BV 25Q64C GD25Q64C W25Q64 W25Q64BV W25Q64BVFIG.
16,00 RON
25Q64BVSIG WinBond eg2
25Q64BVSIG WinBond eg2 Circuite integrate
64MB Serial Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25064B 25064BVSIG 25B64 25L64 25Q64 25Q64BV 25Q64BV 25Q64BVSIG 25Q64BVSIQ 25Q64BVSSIG W25Q64 W25Q64BVSIG.
6,00 RON
25Q64CSIG GigaDevice ri2
25Q64CSIG GigaDevice ri2 Circuite integrate
64MB Serial Peripherial Interface NAND Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25064C 25064CVSIG 25Q64 25Q64CV 25Q64CVSIG 25Q64CVSSIG GD25Q64C GD25Q64CSIG W25Q64CVSIG.
6,00 RON
25Q64FVSIG WinBond ji1
25Q64FVSIG WinBond ji1 Circuite integrate
64MB Serial Flash Chip Memory SOP8. Cross Reference: 25064B 25064F 25064FVSIG 25B64 25L64 25Q64 25Q64FV 25Q64JVSIG 25Q64JVSIQ W25Q64 W25Q64FVSIG.
6,00 RON
25Q80CSIG GigaDevice jj1
25Q80CSIG GigaDevice jj1 Circuite integrate
8MBit Serial Flash Memory, Dual and Quad SPI, SOP8M 208mil 5x7mm. Cross Reference: 25Q80B 25Q80BV 25Q80BVSIG 25Q80C 25Q80CS GD25Q80BVSIG GD25Q80CSIG W25Q80BVSIG W25Q80CSIG.
4,00 RON
25Q80CTIG GigaDevice mg1
25Q80CTIG GigaDevice mg1 Circuite integrate
8MBit Serial Flash Memory, Dual and Quad SPI 120Mhz, SOP8 150mil 5x5mm. Cross Reference: 25Q80B 25Q80BV 25Q80BVSIG 25Q80C 25Q80CT GD25Q80BVSIG GD25Q80CTIG W25Q80BVSIG W25Q80CTIG.
4,00 RON
25X80AVSIG WinBond ji1
25X80AVSIG WinBond ji1 Circuite integrate
8MBit Serial Flash Memory, Dual and Quad BIOS SPI, SOP8. Cross Reference: 25X80 W25X80 W25X80A W25X80AVSIG.
5,00 RON
26VT06 Telefunken sk 40%
26VT06 Telefunken sk Circuite integrate
Hybrid Processor Thomson Toshiba 276TX2653 CRT TV. Cross Reference: 26V-T06.
10,00 RON
6,00 RON
27C256 / M27C256 Microchip cc 50%
27C256 / M27C256 Microchip cc Circuite integrate
256 Kbit (32Kb x 8) 120nS OTP EPROM PLCC32 ref. 27C256-120 27C256-15L M27C256B NMC27C256Q.
8,00 RON
4,00 RON
27C512-20 Texas sk
27C512-20 Texas sk Circuite integrate
OTP EPROM (512KB 8 Bit UV-Prom Erasable) 64K X 8Bit 200nS 5V DIP28. Cross Reference: 27C512-200 875919868 TMS27C512-20 TMS 27C512-20JL.
6,00 RON
2845B / UC2845BD ONS so8
2845B / UC2845BD ONS so8 Circuite integrate
High Performance Current Mode Controller 36V 250KHz SO8. Cross Reference: UC2845 UC2845A UC2845B UC2845D UC2845A UC2845BD1G.
4,00 RON
2904 / LM2904 ST® eq 50%
2904 / LM2904 ST® eq Circuite integrate
Low Power Dual Differential Operational Amplifier 1, 1MHz 3V ÷ 30V SOIC8. Cross Reference: LM2904D LM2904DG LM2904DT LM2904DR 358 358D 2904X BA10358D CA258D CA358D DBL358D HA17358S KA2904 LA6358D...
3,00 RON
1,50 RON
2936M / LM2936H M5.0 ST® cb1
2936M / LM2936H M5.0 ST® cb1 Circuite integrate
Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO Voltage Regulator 5V 50mA SOIC8. Cross Reference: LM2936HVMA-5.0/NOPB LM2936HVBMA-5.0/NOPB National Semiconductor.
8,00 RON
2A20118B Renesas di1
2A20118B Renesas di1 Circuite integrate
High efficiency PFC Boost Converter Control with Critical Conduction Mode, SOP20. Samsung Cross Reference: R2A20118B
28,00 RON
2PCS04 Infineon ba4
2PCS04 Infineon ba4 Circuite integrate
Standalone Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) with Input Brown-Out Protection internal fixed Switching Frequency (133kHz) SO8. Cross Reference: 2PCS04...
6,00 RON
stoc epuizat
2S110 / SSC2S110 Sanken de4
2S110 / SSC2S110 Sanken de4 Circuite integrate
Monolithic Power Management Controller IC, chip SMD SOP8. Allegro Sanken Cross Reference: SSC2S110-TL.
9,00 RON
30382 Bosch pj1 10%
30382 Bosch pj1 Circuite integrate
Automotive computer car engine fuel injection board driver chip for: Audi BMW Mercedes Nissan Seat Skoda Toyota VW / CDI DME ECU Engine Power Driver EDC15 Diesel Automatic Engine CRDI TDI and pertol...
28,00 RON
25,00 RON
30621 Bosch pc2
30621 Bosch pc2 Circuite integrate
Automotive computer board injection driven chip / Micro-Stepping Motor Driver / Interface with position controller and control / diagnostic interface for Diesel TDI, CRDI and pertol FSI, DME...
32,00 RON
3110A / SEM3110A pf5 50%
3110A / SEM3110A pf5 Circuite integrate
Dual Bootstrapped Mosfet Gate Driver / High voltage MOSFET Driver optimized for driving two N-channel MOSFETs, the two switches in a nonisolated synchronous buck - SOIC8. Cross Reference: 3110 3110A...
12,00 RON
6,00 RON
313A / MM3313A Mitsumi pg2
313A / MM3313A Mitsumi pg2 Circuite integrate
AC Input Detection and Power Supply Protection for AC Power Supplies Flat TVs (LCD, PDP). Uin 4V to 30V, SO8D. JVC Sony Cross Reference: 313AF MM3313AF-E MM3313AF-FE MM3313AF-W
28,00 RON
3140AMZ / CA3140A Intersil fa4 62%
3140AMZ / CA3140A Intersil fa4 Circuite integrate
BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MosFET Input/Bipolar Output. Supply voltage 4 ÷ 36V (±18V) 8mW 4.5MHz SO8 / SOIC8. Cross Reference: 3140AMZ CA3140 CA3140AM CA3140AMZ i3140 i3140AMZ ISL3140 Intersil...
16,00 RON
6,00 RON
3407F / FE3407F Fuji eh1 50%
3407F / FE3407F Fuji eh1 Circuite integrate
Y Main Scan-Lower Bufer QFP-128 original Fuji e-Front Runners, use in Samsung LJ41-05121A LJ92-01491A LJ92-01492A PDP Panasonic F65A chassis, equivalent: 3407F 3298F AN16389A E3407F E3298F FE3298F...
48,00 RON
24,00 RON
stoc epuizat
34B100 / NCP1234B100 prc
34B100 / NCP1234B100 prc Circuite integrate
100kHz Fixed Frequency, Current Mode Controller for Flyback Converters SOIC7. Cross Reference: 1234BD100 34B100 348100 34A100 NCP1234BD100R2G.
6,00 RON
34B65 / NCP1234B65 jd4 25%
34B65 / NCP1234B65 jd4 Circuite integrate
Fixed Frequency Current Mode Controller for Flyback Converters SOIC7. Cross Reference: 1234B 1234BD 34B65 34865 34A65 NCP1234 NCP1234B NCP1234B65 NCP1234BD65 NCP1234BD65R2G.
8,00 RON
6,00 RON
358 / LM358D ST® lc2 50%
358 / LM358D ST® lc2 Circuite integrate
Dual Differential Input Operational Amplifier 1MHz SOP8. Equivalent / Similar Replacement: 358 358D 2904X BA10358D C1251D A258D CA358D DBL358D HA17358S KA2904 LA6358D LA6358M LM358M LM2904 TL022CD...
3,00 RON
1,50 RON
3647 / FA3647 Fuji ri3 50%
3647 / FA3647 Fuji ri3 Circuite integrate
PWM Control IC with Light load Power Saving Function for Switching Power Supply Control , SOP8. Denon Marantz Cross Reference: 1D0xxxx 1H0xxxx 1H10 3641 3647 FA3641 FA3647P FA3647N Fuji Electric Co.
18,00 RON
9,00 RON
stoc epuizat
37t / LD5537T LeadTrend kb3
37t / LD5537T LeadTrend kb3 Circuite integrate
AC/DC Power Switch Green Mode Controller & Open Frame Switching Power Supply Management OCP/OPP/OVP IC SOT23-6. Cross Reference: 35A 35t 37R 37T 53A 537t 5537T LD5537 QpP37T SCt37T Rnt98 SDt37T - SMD...
6,00 RON
3845D / UC3845BD ONS so8
3845D / UC3845BD ONS so8 Circuite integrate
High Performance Current Mode Controller SO8. Cross Reference: 3845B UC3845B UC3845BD1G TL3845.
3,00 RON
3BS3LJ / ICE3BS03LJ Infineon ag1 25%
3BS3LJ / ICE3BS03LJ Infineon ag1 Circuite integrate
Power Management PWM Current Mode Controller, U IN 85-270V SOP8. Cross Reference: 3BS03 3BS03LJ ICE3BS03LJG.
12,00 RON
9,00 RON
3C1840DA9SM91 Samsung la4 50%
3C1840DA9SM91 Samsung la4 Circuite integrate
CHIP T&R Flash memo SOP24 for Beko C7/C8 chassis. Cross Reference: 3C1840DA9SM91, S3C1840DA9/SM91, S3C1840DA9/SMB91.
12,00 RON
6,00 RON
3DPF20V ST® bb2 50%
3DPF20V ST® bb2 Circuite integrate
Dual P-FET 30V 3A 0R009 SO8, Strip Power MosFet. Cross Reference: 3DPF20 STS3DPF2 STS3DPF STS3DP20 TS3DPF20V S3DPF20V STS3DPF20V, equivalent NTHD5903T1 SI6933D SI6933DQ.
4,00 RON
2,00 RON
3DS01L Infineon jg3
3DS01L Infineon jg3 Circuite integrate
Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 500V Startup Cell SO8. Cross Reference: 3DS01 3DS01LG ICE3DS01 ICE3DS01L ICE3DS01LG.
14,00 RON
3S111 / SC3S111 Sanken pa2
3S111 / SC3S111 Sanken pa2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic PWM Controller IC, chip SOP7. SMD Marking Code Cross Reference: 3S111 SSC3S111 SSC-3S111.
8,00 RON
3S121 / SC3S121 Sanken ph2 55%
3S121 / SC3S121 Sanken ph2 Circuite integrate
Monolithic PWM Controller IC, chip SOP7. Philips SMD Marking Code Cross Reference: 996590022762 35121 3S121 SC35121 SSC3S121 SSC-3S121.
40,00 RON
18,00 RON
3S211 / SSC3S211 Sanken me1 50%
3S211 / SSC3S211 Sanken me1 Circuite integrate
Monolithic PWM Controller IC, chip SOP7. SMD Marking Code Cross Reference: 3S211 SC3S211 SSC3S211 SSC-3S211.
18,00 RON
9,00 RON
4267G / TLE4267G dh2 50%
4267G / TLE4267G dh2 Circuite integrate
5V Low-Drop Voltage Regulator Constant Current Capability up to 400mA 40V, D2PAK / TO263-7. Cross Reference: TLE4267-2G TLE4267GXT TLE4267GAT TLE4267GT Infineon or Siemens. Features: Output...
20,00 RON
10,00 RON
4558 / BA4558D Rohm tq
4558 / BA4558D Rohm tq Circuite integrate
Dual General Purpose Operational Amplifier ±18V 3MHz SO8, Cross Reference: 4558D 4558C 4558CS BA4558 BA4558D BA4558F-X BA4558S JRC4558 LM4558 LM4558S NJM4558 POL4558 RC4558D uPC4558D TS4558 TSC4558...
2,00 RON
4560 / BA4560FVM tq
4560 / BA4560FVM tq Circuite integrate
Dual High Slew Rate, Low Noise Operational Amplifier & Fix Equalizer. Gain Bandwidth 10MHz. Supply Voltage ±18V or 36V, SMD SSOP8. Rohm JRC Cross Reference: 4558 4560 4560F 4560FVM 4560FM 4560FR...
2,00 RON
4580 / NJM4580M JRC cb1
4580 / NJM4580M JRC cb1 Circuite integrate
Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier 0.005% 15MHz IC ±18V SOP8. Cross Reference: 4580M 4580R AZ4580 BA4580 BA4580MD JRC4580 MC4580 NJM4580D NJM4580E NJM4580MD NJM4580LB UTC4580.
3,00 RON
4863G / TDA4863G bb3
4863G / TDA4863G bb3 Circuite integrate
Boost Power Factor Controller, AC/DC Step up Convertor 10 - 20V 500mA 30 - 300KHz, SO8. Cross Reference: 4863 4863G 4863-G TDA4863 TDA4863-G.
8,00 RON
48M025F Toshiba tq
48M025F Toshiba tq Circuite integrate
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator 2, 5V 0, 5A 1W TO252-HSOP3. Cross Reference: TA48M025F.
12,00 RON
4921QP1027Q LG kt
4921QP1027Q LG kt Circuite integrate
Y-SUS Hybrid Intelligent Power Module for plasma, equivalent: 4921QP1027QA YPPD-J009C. Refurbished, test OK.
80,00 RON
stoc epuizat
4921QP1047A LG kt
4921QP1047A LG kt Circuite integrate
Hybrid-IC modul for plasma, equivalent: 4921QP1047A-A 4921QP1047A-B 4921QP1047A-H 4921QP1053B YPPD-J016B YPPD-J016C YPPD-J016E.
170,00 RON
543352 / TPS54335-2 Texas eq
543352 / TPS54335-2 Texas eq Circuite integrate
3A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC High Power Boost Converter with Eco-mode. 4.5V ÷ 28V Input, QFN10. Grundig Cross Reference: 450441R 450572R 450063R 54335-2 54335A 710047 S43352 SN1710047DRCR...
12,00 RON
54335A / TPS54335A Texas ea5
54335A / TPS54335A Texas ea5 Circuite integrate
3A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Eco-mode, 4.5V ÷ 28V Input, SO8. Denon & Marantz Cross Reference: 54335A 919231102880S S4335A TPS54335ADDAR
12,00 RON
5501A / FA5501AD Fuji kb3
5501A / FA5501AD Fuji kb3 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction & Power Supply Control SOP8. Cross Reference: 5501A 5501AP 85501 FA5501A FA5501D FA5501ADU FA5501AN FA5501AND.
10,00 RON
5502M / FA5502M Fuji pi2
5502M / FA5502M Fuji pi2 Circuite integrate
Power Supply Control & Power Factor Correction IC SOP16. Cross Reference: 5502M FA5502M Fuji Electric Corp.
24,00 RON
5591 / FA5591N Fuji dh1
5591 / FA5591N Fuji dh1 Circuite integrate
Power Factor Correction IC SOP8. Cross Reference: 1D09010 1D13001 2A1050 2A10526 2A10536 2A16536 2A10D34 2A11D 2A12N 559 5591 5591AP 5591N FA5591A FA5591D FA5591AD FA5591AND FA5591ND FA5591N-A2-TE1...
6,00 RON
5696 / FA5696 SPC rf2
5696 / FA5696 SPC rf2 Circuite integrate
PFC Switching Power Supply Control with FET Driver 28V 1A IC SOP8. Panasonic Cross Reference: 5696 smd code, 6C14D01 6C160020 6C16061 C0DBBYY00058. Use in LCD / LED Panasonic model: TX40EX700E...
10,00 RON
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