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GU50 Tube
GU50 Tube Bazar diverse
55 - 120 Watt Linear RF Power Amplifier and Oscillator on frequencies up to 66 MHz. Russian Power Amplifier Pentode Vacuum Tube. Cross Reference: ГУ-50 ГУ50, equivalent: SRS552N LS-50 LS50.
70 RON
TES112704A Peltier
TES112704A Peltier Bazar diverse
Thermoelectric Ceramic Cooler Peltier Module 30x30x3.3mm. Electrical Characteristics: 12V-14, 6V 4, 3A 36W, Max. Operating Temperature: 138ºC, Life expectancy: 200, 000 hours. Cross Reference:...
54 RON
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