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 Poze LM2902 Texas lg1

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LM2902 Texas lg1

Pret: 2 RON

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Operational low power quad amplifier, DIP14.


Detalii produs

Categorie: Circuite integrate

Produse similare

Octal Bus Transceivers with 3-State Outputs, equivalent: 74LS245N 74LS245ND DM74LS245N HD74LS245P SN74LS245N T74LS245B1, DIP20.
Synchronous 4-Bit Up/down Binary Counters Bi-Directional with Dual Clock And Clear IC, DIP16, equivalent: 74LS193N SN74193 SN74LS193.
1x 55W or 2x 15W BTL Class-D Power Amplifier SO32. Cross Reference: TDA8932BT TDA8932BT/N1 TDA8932T/N1.
14 RON
24 RON
PDP BUFFER BOARD DISPLAY DRIVERS for LG original Texas Instruments TQFP100, equivalent: SN755866PZP Pioneer.
60 RON


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